Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat, the Highlighting Pen! |Fumi Desalu-Vold

Touché Éclat!!!
My new Spring Fav! ⛅️
It’s all about YSL’s Number 1 Beauty product,…Drum Roll……..
The AMAZING Touché Éclat pen!!!
A Must, Must, MUST for every girl!
Why? B’cos it’s a multi-purpose functional pen that contours, highlights, illuminates, hides dark circles & sooooo MUCH More!

So sit back & enjoy this mid-week treat that I promise will change the way you highlight your face 4ever!

Happy Wednesday everybody.



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Necklace – Lanvin 4 H&M
Blue & White Kaftan from Lagos, Nigeria
Cocktail ring – YSL, Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ovale ring.
Nailpolish by Essie in as ‘Good as Gold’
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this channel is about fun and sharing everything it's my passion in buter world and yes yeah you invited hello everybody welcome back to food fashion and beauty today we are going to talk about beauty after so much fashion and red-carpet reviews the first up is wire sales number one beauty product to a club I love this product and I have been using this product for many years maybe about 15 years as far as that because it wakes me up I feel alive midday when I'm feeling a little bit blah my makeup is feeling a little bit down this just brightens me up and that's exactly what this is it's a highlighting pain before I start I love the packaging I love the gold I love the fact that it's something I love the fact that it's just something that you can just pump up put onto your face smart blend whatever and pop it in your bag it's one of those things that just doesn't make a mess and it's gorgeous when you pull out that is what I love about this it is so travel friendly it's sunny now it is not like I said a concealer no it is not it's a highlighter and it is a little bit of a brightener and it's also moisturizing it's one of those products that every girl uses in a different format but we place all of that with this because this makes you so what can we see it covers dark circles it highlights your face in the highlighting they can contour it's exceptional when you want to have that fabulous lipstick sharpened out you can use this you can also put it on top of your cubics bulb you also have your laugh lines right here and then you can control it down your nose above below your eyebrow your forehead now the two o'clock comes in various of colors it goes all the way from number one which is universal or Lagonda when I say universal it you can use it on any complexion you like what yes you can it's in the technique it's in the skill but it goes all the way down to one number one one point five between two point five three three point five and so on to five point five five point five is the darkest and it retails for twenty five pounds so it is affordable sand luxury brand excuse me to myself dollars so let us start yes okay so here I am I'm using the number one yeah now this is what I'm talking about you can well okay fine I do sometimes because I like to highlight my chin you can put it here yeah you can go underneath your mouth right here I like doing that you can also do it on the corner of your nose everywhere where you have deep increased lines light highlights it it brings it right up so it doesn't look so deep and that is what the highlighting paint does so you can have it at the corner here of my nose here you can have it down your nose right here I'm showing you here that's for the contour see whoa put it right up then you can have it on the inside of your tear duct right here do you see and that just weeks you right up let's put some more then put some on to your cheek right here this is where a lot of people get it wrong they go right underneath the eye thinking yes it's correct yes I wanted to consume no it's a highlighter is not a concealer it brightens up your face every part of your face where the light hits you can also contour because you've got your cheek bone right here so you can go all the way down there and then you can go above your brow your eyebrow yes and that just picks up your ground I love this and it's so clean and nice then you have here your forehead and then you just click make sure when you get your highlights of pain you click between 20 to 40 so that it can really pop off yes okay meme I think I've gotten a little bit too much in here then you just there you go and I find it out so what do we have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 then what am I going to do we're going to blend it out I love it just no look it's like a new visa just sharpens isn't it amazing can you see this side and do you see the Sun do you see the difference that's the magic of Toshiba it's as simple as one two three you can use this pin in so many different ways I love them and it is an essential pop it in your bag and just pick yourself during the day it's wonderful I think of all the beauty products that you should carry take your to Chez Club to take your to Chikara it's just amazing I can even use it I thought let me just try this I'm curious now yeah look at it I can even use it to highlight my lipstick it's such a refresher it's amazing it's the magic of to chakra so thank you so much guys I hope you loved it run run and go and get you to check my magic love it and of course before we go what do we have the quote of the week and this was deliberate I took this quote from Eve son LaRon I'm so he says the most beautiful makeup for a woman is passion but cosmetics are easier to buy and he's absolutely right I've talked about this a couple of times and I'm going to mention it again speaking from my experience I'm passionate about what I do I love making these videos I love makeup I love clothes I love parks I love her acessories I'm a girly girl I love being a TV girl and I see the light that comes from within Allah mentions if my friends family like oh my god forgot how excited you are find your passion and use to laughs – until next week my love's stay safe stay beautiful we're approaching spring I'm so excited and I'll see you next

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  1. Helo Fumi you make me discover something special i love it …..so special this pen thank you and i have got the number 1 perfect it's goes smoothly on my skin… i'm dark complexion

  2. Thanks for the video because now I know how to use it. I have #7 and it does really bring light to my areas of my face. I also use YSL liquid foundation, YSL blush and YSL bronze powder which make me look fabulous. I also use Oval makeup brushes that really use less product. Great video

  3. Hello Femi, it's my first time watching your Channel and it's very refreshing and I am hooked. The vibe, energy and enthusiasm is captivating. you got yourself a new subscriber.

  4. I loved your tutorial on this product Miss Fumi!! I learned so much from you today and I just wanted to extend my appreciation to you :-). Took your advice and picked up the universal shade online while watching your video lol!!! By the way, you are so stunning and I love your positive energy. May God keep you Blessed, always ♥️♥️

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