Yves Saint Laurent "Elle" EDP Fragrance Review

A sexy night time scent that feels glam to me. One of the best by YSL. “Yvresse” being my favourite. This is for the woman who wants to dress up and be seductive. Love it.
good evening from a very sticky hot and humid London some has finally arrived and yeah I won't complain about it because I know us Brits are very ups weather obsessed we've only if it's too cold man if it's too hot right now it's way too hot but I'm not I'm just going to appreciate it anyway on to this review this review is yet another request from nkotbsb UK girl when I said she went to ATAR I'm coming your perfume bitch I'm not worthy whatever you say I do I don't know what's wrong with me sure you like this anyway this one's for you and thanks for the suggestion because this one I've kind of been putting off because I do find it it's kind of difficult to describe it nevermind so this is L by YSL and I'm reviewing that odor puffs on version it does come in Eau de Toilette as well and there are actually kind of seven other variations or flankers of it which I sometimes find bit ridiculous it's like why do you need to keep making so many generations of one thing just make something new spend that time doing something new but I guess I suppose if you've made something that's a hit why not try and appeal to that mass but I like new things all the time so that's believe yr simple so it's a floral woody mask it's 2007 that it came out and two people created this fragrance I can't member their names but that's not really important to me anyway I just want to smelly and yes so as I said it's another puff um this one is this is actually I got it in a swap it's a lovely little bottle actually it's a there you go if you can't see it already obviously you can but just to show you a lovely kind of deep purple bottle that excuse me hay fever always gets me and yeah it's got a plastic lid and it's kind of gold and star square and that's it but I know there's kind of there's an intense version I think there's a summer version there's even a few versions that are I think the same fragrance just in different kind of bottles have like an orange e1 look too much about it I just like this one so I stick to the original so the notes are the top notes are lemon light Chee and peony the lucky in some countries is called lychee than if you know it like that but I know it is like Chi and the heart notes are freesia rose pink pepper and jasmine and pink lip is a really really nice note it's not in a few things before and it's yeah it's kind of cool it's not like black pepper at all and then the base is kind of dark it's got the vetiver patchouli cedar and then ambrette which is ambra ism a seed as far as I know and it's it's also known as musk mallow it's used to kind of substitute natural animal musk and it's a kind of very sweet musky note but I don't think this perfume is really sweet anyway it must just add to the kind of sexiness because it is sexy so what does it smell like it's been drying here as always and I'll spray it here it's it's quite strong when you first spray it but I mean most fragrances are really aren't they the real true character comes out when you've let them develop it for a while and so what I always kind of try and say what I described the overall smell or feel of this and what I wrote down cuz I've been writing stuff down for a little while is that it feels to me more fruity than it is floral and even though it's only got two fruits in it it does it feels like black currants to me it feels like a kind of modern twist on a glamorous floral blackcurrant blackberry smell and it does to me this is not the power of suggestion it does kind of conjure up the image of this color it's almost like dark berries but there's a bit of feminine girliness in it and not going this I should say womanliness because it isn't in any way girly it is more modern kind of I would say the older woman glamorous not classic glamorous in election or number five or some really you know really beautiful go Elaine fragrances or girl fragrances this feels glamorous and sexy and nighttime but it's warm it's very modern smelling and I think that's what they were going for and I think they've done it really well with this and it is as I said many black currenty but it's floral blackcurrant it's peony is a really really kind of gorgeous on losing my worth today it's a very complex kind of almost sweet fluffy fizzy flower and this has a slight effervescent nurse I use that word a lot but some figures do have that when you split up close it has a slight fizziness and a slight spice which comes from the pink pepper and it's I would I would call it high-pitched and when I say high-pitched I mean something that is kind of veering towards the sharp side as opposed to soft it's definitely more sharp than it is soft and it's as I said it's very modern and feminine and kind of nighttime saying this isn't an everyday thing it's not fresh and fun this is definitely more let's get dressed up and go out kind of fragrance and and yeah that's that's that's the stuff I wrote down now I want to talk about the patchouli in it because it feels like it's veering towards a fruit chili fragrance it's I've got midnight poison by Christian Dior and this does no matter how much people might disagree it does remind me of that that is a very kind of dark Rose patchouli fragrance and so is this but this isn't veering towards more feminine where I think make my point poison if you ever smelt it there's two the masculine side so I really like it it's really strong and on me it doesn't really develop so much over time it doesn't really completely change its tune it pretty much stays the same apart from it does get that kind of slightly more patchouli budget but with patchouli in this isn't earthy and dark and dark and dark and dark and masculine the Petula is kept at the right level where it's it's still kept very not subtle but not heavy if that makes sense although the overall fragrance is heavy the patchouli itself isn't something that completely takes over like it does in say something like angel by Tony nuga and see how that's it really is my friend wears this and she got in I got in her car one day and I immediately just you know I thought wow that's really really nice it it's I would say it's probably a head turner because it's not something that's really that usual and I think it definitely goes on the modern glamorous side and flaws as I said there high-pitched and veering over to sharp but not in an unpleasant way and I think of something like because your door by Christian Dior I don't have to reference other things but sometimes I just have to if it's not that that to me is quite a screeching high-pitched floral and this is just kept kind of towards the darker and earthy side because you've got veteran patchouli and woods in the base so it's just kept very modern glamorous and lovely and I really really like it and because it's very fun this one does last on me quite a while I'd probably say if I were out for an evening like 8:00 I would still have to smell it when I got home I would say it's you know monster 24-hour longevity it's got a moderate cyllage as well so it does go out quite far um but yeah but I would definitely give this 7 out of 10 because I think it's something really interesting and if you haven't smoked mid my poison and you have to melt this try that because it's I would say it's kind of like a different take there are kind of sisters in a way so yeah that's my view of El by wire cell I'm just about to review prior to candy as well tonight I'm going to do it I always say that and then I just don't think that was doing it but I'm gonna do it I'm seeing here I'm just gonna do it right now somebody asked me to do it a long time ago and I didn't I didn't have it but now I have a song so thank you for watching and I'll see you guys in a minute

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  1. Thanks for the great review. They had a tester bottle in Boots Oxford Street, so I tried it out. Wow it's gorgeous, It didn't last for long on me, only for about an hour or so. I would still purchase it though because it's a winner for sure. I'm beginning to think that poor longevity shouldn't really deter us from the fragrances we like. I've written off so many because they don't last but I'm going to build up a collection of one hour wonders!

  2. Hi. Do you prefer this over Mugler Alien? I believe even they are not similar, both are strong and have sambac jasmine notes as heart. Just wondering your preference (and to justify myself if wanting to buy a backup lol) Thanks in advance and have a good day.

  3. this perfume is so powerful and smells better at night but never overbearing. one time a family friend stole my mom's elle, he denied it but the scent speaks too much from this perfume.

  4. lovee you'r reviews and chanell!
    i've been watching you'r videos and really enjoy them 😊 (i know this video is pretty old) wanted to ask u about this perfume, u said it reminds u the dior midnight poison. you know "cacharel- amor amor tentation"? i've search the internet for a dupe, and seems like dior midnight reminds it, so i thought "elle" would too.
    wish u a nice day 🌼

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