Work Stories – Clothing Store Retail Job

Work Stories – Clothing Store Retail Job! Here are some funny stories from when I worked a summer retail job back in high school. Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe!

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just wanted to point out couple weeks ago I mentioned making pull pork in the slow cooker and you can actually see on frame right now that I'm making it again that has nothing to do with the rest of the video I just wanted to point that out you know like ruffle my feathers a bit so YouTube is my job now is my full-time job and hopefully it will be for quite a while and hopefully entertainment of some kind is my job until either retirement or death but like most other full-time youtubers I had other jobs prior to YouTube being my job I never had any permanent full-time positions since I'm doing full-time YouTube static challenge but I did have several summer jobs in the past most of them pertain to the oil and gas industry since my family works in oil and gas and therefore I lived in places where oil and gas was very prevalent I still do but there was one summer job where I did not work in on in gas instead I worked in retail more specifically a clothing store in a mall I thought it would be fun to tell you guys some stories from when I worked there so now I'm going to regale you with tales from retail the story worked at was an air apostle which is a clothing brand that is very similar to Abercrombie Hollister and American Engel you know those clothes that nobody wears is there like over the age of 17 except their apostle tends to be substantially cheaper than the other two three I said three now before I get into this story there's something that I have to tell you about air apostle it's not pronounced air apostle it's pronounced Aeropostale after a month of working there I was informed that it is pronounced arrow puts stalled which sounds like you fartin up a bathroom real bad because you got to air up the stall but they told me this now it's just like I reject your reality and substitute my own and I continued pronouncing it an apostle and then I was corrected a lot so I just at work I was just like I'm just going to not say the name of this store now the thing about working at a clothing store is that they really want you to wear their clothes when you are working they want you to wear outside of work they care more about you wearing them at work this would be fair they did give you a very sizable employee discount it was like it was like 30 40 percent something like that so it was it was pretty solid however that summer because of that employee discount and the pressure to wear their clothes I bought far too many air popsicles including but not limited to cargo shorts which I did not know weren't cool until I got to college so I don't wear them anymore or pretty much any of the clothes that I got that summer so a bit of an amusing story related to them wanting us to wear their clothes is that toward the end of the summer it was back-to-school season and they really wanted us to push selling jeans because so we have this special outside of store hours employee meetings for all of the employees where we go over like you know when you're talking to a customer be sure to push the jeans here all the different styles that they can get and stuff like that and during this meeting they wanted to have several of the employees try on some of the air possible jeans as a way to like model them for the rest of the cup I almost said the cat they're not the cat the rest of the employees so I figure alright I mean I'll try a pair of jeans on you know maybe I'm maybe want to get some new jeans so I try on the loosest fit jeans now I don't mean the biggest waist size jeans come in like skinny where they like really tight against your legs straight where they're like less tight against your legs and then there's like bootcut there's several different styles of jeans and I tried on the loosest that air apostle put out because I have very large size I have genetically large size even if I don't work out my legs they stay big and it's all muscle so I may have been TMI but that's important information for this so I try on their loosest possible fit I think it was relaxed fit but I'm not positive and these jeans are skin tight on my thigh and loose from the knee down they looked ridiculous it's probably the xx silliest thing that I've ever worn the other 19 well I've worn a lot of silly things in my life so I come out of this fitting room and they're like oh yeah it looks good and I'm like guys I can barely walk they're like no you should totally get some jeans they look great and I'm like I am never buying jeans from Aeropostale and they were like okay now other than the store manager and the assistant managers every employee had the same position it was the store associates however when you were actually working there were several different roles that people would fulfill there's being a cashier which is easily the worst of all of these there was manning the fitting rooms were you fold clothes and something needs to get into a fitting room you unlock it for him there was the greeter which was also really annoying like you have to say hi to everyone who walks in the store there was general recovery they called it recovering where you just kind of go around and the clothing display if you like fold them and make him look nice after people screw him up and also like offer to help people find things and try and sell them more clothes stuff like that and then finally there was working in the back room sorting clothes in the storage room away from where the actual store was over my couple months of working there I did all of those roles at some point or another cashier like I said easily was the worst because you're there you got this long line you're trying to scan things and like take off the little C pin er well I don't even know what those things are called but you've seen them before you gotta take those off and you got to scan things in credit card you're trying to go fast so people don't get annoyed in the line and then if you make a mistake like you closed the cashier drawer before like getting in there change manager has to come and fix it and everybody gets all angry and it sucks this video is not intended to be a rant it's just the the cashier was easily that that was the worst part of this job hand Sam the greeter was an annoying position because while you were doing general recovery like the rest of the store you also had to say hi to everyone who walked in and pretend like you cared that they were there general recovery was also okay but I was really bad at it like I can't fold clothes when I say it can't fold clothes I fold clothes it's just I can't do it in a way that's going to be this nice uniform perfect stack that looks nice like I'm not kidding I would finish folding a stack of t-shirts and then I would go to work on something else and then look over five minutes later and see another employee fixing my stack because apparently it wasn't good enough also it was extremely frustrating to have to like finish a stack or something make it all look all nice and then less than ten minutes later a customer's just like Oh where's the medium now eventually the managers kind of picked up on the fact that I do suck at folding clothes so toward the end of the summer I was more often put into the back room on my shift sorting clothes into different bins for bringing them out onto the floor later and that was easily the best possible role as this job because you get to just hang out back there talk about whatever you know toss shirts into different bins have fun with it and you don't have to talk to any customers if you have not worked in retail or food service before you may not realize how big of a deal this is but after working in retail for this summer made me realize customers are like the worst people on the planet the customer is always right is easily the biggest load of crap phrase that is said by people on a regular basis other than maybe I have read and agree to the terms and conditions because nobody reads that customers at this store were awful for multiple reasons like I mentioned before they would mess up clothing displays which really were not hard to keep from messing up like if it's a stack of shirt they've got the medium or size stickers like at the end of the stacks you can just kind of look other it is lift it up pull it out put it back down but it will just like toss them to the side haphazardly and it's like come on also on more than one occasion customers were rude to me or my co-workers even though the people that are being rude to had no role whatsoever in whatever problem they were having also this sorted get pretty frickin crowded on weekends and crowds make me pretty uncomfortable like I don't have claustrophobia or anything but I don't like crowds and so being in that store that was super crowded just made me like resent everyone in there I just think to myself why are you people here what possessed you to come into this store and pack yourself in sardines for mediocre clothes of course I am generalizing since there were people who came into that store who were perfectly fine and polite and nobody had any problems with it's just they didn't stick out as much because there's the whole negativity bias psychological principle thing so work or the most part sucked I would never want to do it again but I did have some pretty good times when I was working there one positive was that pretty much everyone I worked with was really nice really friendly so for one of the assistant managers he was a douche but when I told them about my youtube channel they thought that was really cool and really interesting and keep in mind this is before I had grown any of my channels whatsoever I had maybe a hundred subscribers at the time and so they thought that was really cool and they watched all of the original racoon man series it was a big hit with several of them for some unknown reason but the manager the store manager really nice lady liked her a lot she thought it was hysterical but she was also super thirsty for employees because back-to-school season was coming up and it was going to get a lot more crowded that she was like hey your friend in the video tell him to come work here she was of course referring to my buddy David who is my co-star in the raccoon man series so I mention it to him and then like two weeks later my co-star has become my coworker and whenever David and I got to work together on something made the job way more fun we would just horse around we would get the job done kind of but we would just chat it was a bunch of fun one occasion I remember specifically is that prior to the stores opening we were bringing bins from the back with all the clothes sorted and stuff like taking them out of their plastic wrappers and putting them in the shelves and stuff and there's one plastic wrapper but I could not get for some reason so finally I go her room and it's like mcboot and I'm like throw the shirt like across the entire store we just we laughed hysterically at that was that good unfortunately the managers realized that when David and I worked together our productivity substantially dropped so that only happened a couple times and it didn't happen very much after that that was here eventually I did quit the job at the end of the summer because I had no desire whatsoever to keep working this job during the school year because I really didn't need the money as much and also the first semester my senior year was stupid busy I had school being the school mascot editor-in-chief of the yearbook Student Council and applying to college there was no way I was going to deal with a retail job in addition to all of those other things which I'm glad I didn't because all of those things worked out well so well my retail job wasn't a particularly enjoyable experience for the most part of it I think it was important that I had it several people say at some point in your life you should work a retail or a foodservice job so you gain an appreciation for people who work there because then you kind of realize wow these people are working hard at a job for not very much pain like they should be respected and I completely agree with that if you are currently working in a retailer foodservice job or something similar to that I have a lot of respect for you you're doing hard annoying work for substantially less pay than you deserve so I respect you fist bump so that is going to be the end of this work stories video thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed it be sure to let me know down in the comments below what you thought feedback is greatly appreciated also don't forget to leave a like and if you've watched this far into the video and are not already a subscriber definitely be sure to do that also don't forget to check out my content on other places I live stream on Twitch with Jubilee on a very regular basis also my main Pokemon channel that's another thing that most of you probably already watched and also I have a patreon so if you would like to support me on a month to month basis and earn some cool exclusive content perks as well definitely be sure to check that out so that is going to be the end of this video the outro time the outro where I ran zve idiot ran to the video where I end the video at a random point however I think it's going to be more plans this time

41 thoughts on “Work Stories – Clothing Store Retail Job”

  1. Today at work some dumb old lady is calling corporate on me and my manager because we were talking about the damaged items protocols and her situation is what brought it up. She basically assumed we were talking shit about her when we were just talking about how we can’t sell damaged items for a Lower price 😀 bitchhhhh

  2. You have to have a special kind of patience to work retail. I've worked in all kinds of retail for 10ish years and i hate it. Hate. It. People suck. People looking for clothes suck, hungry people suck, people buying gas suck.. everyone just sucks when they are on the paying side of the counter. My hatred for these folks are the main reason i am so pleasant when i am in a store or restaurant.

  3. Have you had chicken noodle soup after it being in a slow cooker from 8 am to 6-7 pm if not GET ON THAT. Side note: chicken and pasta seem like the same thing and the β€˜soup’ doesn’t have much liquid

  4. I work at a non-profit as a cashier… WELL tonight my co-worker got a customer who was VERY irate that someone screwed up and didn't give him his senior.. So she calls the assistant manager (we can't do anything like that it has to be a PIC) and she gets called incompetent idiot who doesn't know what she's doing, all while she is saying WHY we can't do anything. It ends up it was me that forgot the senior and once he saw me he stomped over to my register, threw the receipt in my face saying rather loudly that I had forgotten the senior on the most expensive thing and that he demanded a refund arguing with me and the other person as to WHY we can't do it RIGHT THEN…. FINALLY the PIC comes out and we realize that he made such a damn fuss OVER .70 CENTS! My PIC looked at me after he left and said it was only .70 cents! what is the hell was his problem? I found out while he was talking to her he called both of us (my co-worker and I) incompetent idiots who don't know how to do their jobs.

  5. i worked there for the christmas season, they called me in for three shifts in total. years later when i worked at teavana i was talking to this girl who recognized me when we both worked at aero. She said it was so horrible that she didnt work in retail for two years

  6. I also have big thighs and it's so hard to find good pants cause the thighs are thicc but the calves are thinner and the waist is squishy. Whatever fits the calves and the waist is too small for the thighs. But what fits the thighs is too big for the waist and the calves. I wear a lot of belts.

  7. Yes girl! Retail is crazy. So I do makeup at a department store. Some customers are awesome and so sweet, but then -_-.
    Okay, so a woman comes in and wants her makeup done… cool, let's sit down. I start cleaning her face and black shit is coming off. She smelled bad, her pores were insanely clogged, blackheads, and just nastiness.
    Jesus christ, so I cleaned her face and started to move on with the makeup.!! She smeared everything, questioned my every move, and started taking products off the shelf and putting it directly on her face without cleaning it. She said she was "allergic" to my makeup cleaner, but it was only alcohol.
    I gave up, let her finish and didn't charge her a penny. She looked like a hot f-ing mess.
    I gave up because people are going to see me around her and think "ew, that girl did a terrible makeover"… No. That does not represent me. lol…retail

  8. I work retail. Yeah everything you say is true. I hate disrespectful customers. And more importantly, SICK CUSTOMERS COUGHING WITH MOUTHS UNCOVERED AND ALL OVER THE CLOTHES. It's disgusting.

  9. I worked in retail for a month before I quit. There was no set schedule. I was a cashier and it would annoy me when I was the only cashier there so a bunch of people would come into line. The customers were okay with me. I didn't get yelled at so no problem with customers. The most that happened was this asshat who gave me a $100 but it was fake. This happned on my first day. On my last day they wanted me to stock a lot of stuff while working as a cashier. I had to put it all up before I had to leave. I didn't have a problem with it at first. But Wednesday was a day when Senior Citizens get discounts so I didn't have time to put all the stuff up cause I was the only cashier. What really pissed me off was when I have an 8 hour shift, they only give me a 30 minute break. But when the big bosses from corporate came, they decided to give me an extra 15 minute break. Glad I quit. I have another job working as a cashier in a bowling alley in the same time as working retail.

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