Women's Fashion Rules : How to Dress for a Semi-Formal Event

Semi-formal events mean higher hemlines on dresses and skirts. Create the perfect outfit with the help of a professional model in this free video.

Expert: Wendi Braswell
Contact: www.wendibraswell.com
Bio: Wendi Braswell is a former model and actress, with more than 25 years of experience working in the fashion industry.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

Series Description: Women’s fashion changes rapidly, but these timeless rules still endure. Learn the secrets of women’s fashion rules with the help of a former model in this free video series.
hi are you going out on the town and you have an invitation for a semi-formal event I am Wendy brass well style and beauty coach I'm here today to show you how to get prepared for that semi-formal event now when you get that invitation semi-formal means a shorter dress easy if you get an invitation it says formal it needs to be longer so semi-formal you're gonna go up on your rise of your dress so we started with our model with a basic black dress you can't go wrong ladies I have one on as well I'm gonna tote tell you how to get this to a semi-formal status it's all about the accessories ladies and when you have a black dress you don't have to wear black shoes put him at allit put a little bit shimmer so that's the first place we're gonna start was with her shoes I love these I love sparkle her dress is plain it's simple so we added a little embellishment on her shoe a little bit of rhinestones the heels not so high so she can do some dancing so that's a great place to start for your semi-formal instantly it tech takes it up because you have a little bit of sparkle on her feet next we're gonna add a little bit of accessories let's start with the bracelet which is right on trend the larger the cup the better this one has some Sheen a little bit of embellishment a little bit it looks like jewels so instantly that takes a simple back black dress up to semi formal status next we're gonna add the necklace love this multi-layered still the trend ladies your statement necklaces multi strand you don't want to do just one strand you can do three if you'd like this is awesome again has a little bit of the sequins metallic that pulls in from the shoe the whole outfit is complete you're set for any event have fun have a good night out and enjoy you can find me on the web at Wendy brass well calm

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  1. Hahahahaha, Wendy you know nothing about fashion, sorry… watching this video was like pulling teeth..lol.. looks like I was watching someting from in the 70's..lol.. and that Model is creepy..lol..lol..

  2. she looks like a prostitute just being honest i am for showing skin on proper occasions its but she loos like a street walker or very close to one if a nice black blazer were to me added and a small channel bag then that's a sharp look

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