1. I really, really want to hear what you have to say, but the background music is too loud and competes too strongly with your narrative. Please consider turning it down a bit? Otherwise, good video with good content.

  2. Designers are designing cloths for the male to female transgender body type, long and skinny. Clothing for a true woman's body type doesn't exist on the runways of fashion houses, their stores, or in the fashion magazines, the designs are for the MtF body type. It seems ridiculous to me when a true woman goes into a designer's store and all she can fit into is a pair of shoes and maybe a hat. Designers do not design for real women. Women, size 12 and up, are about 65% of the market and they are ignored by the major fashion houses and fashion magazines. Who are the idiots running the fashion business? If I was looking for a business to invest in it surely wouldn't be the fashion industry, because of bad management. A business that ignores 65% of its market is a terrible investment.

    Luke, I thoroughly enjoy your fashion commentary. I just saw your fun and informative video about hair designers you made with your charming friend, and I shared it with all my friends. Your use of fashion wigs was genius. I'm hope you and your friend do more videos together.

  3. See i wish u just stuck to fashion as a subject which is something im totally ignorant of and curious about. Your video is so incoherent and your points weren't made clearly as they lack political awareness. What I got from you is fashion needs to be "ethical" and adapt to the new plus sized requirements and that's what differentiate the fashion now from back then. Weren't there plus sized women in the past? How didn't fashion in the past fail as they were lacking these ethical standards and it s failing now? And above all you missed the point of the arising fast fashion that serve the masses unlike high end designer houses that serve a certain class. So the question is who, in your opinion should bear these ethical standards. Are the masses,including plus sized, capable of affording good clothes? Has it ever been in the past were majority could afford good clothes and now they can't? Are you saying fashion is failing from an economic point of view, ethical point of view or political point of view? I am really lost.

  4. You are so ahead of your time. I hope that you are one of the people who comes in and changes the fashion industry one day. Your vision is superb… Keep trying.. keep fighting.. be it in fashion or any other field we are hear with the mentality of change and it is our responsibility to make that happen. xoxox all the way from Puerto Rico . Good luck.

  5. Where do people wear the Haute Couture clothes? Not on the streets of NYC or San Francisco, and not in the high roller areas of major Las Vegas casinos. I guess some people wear the clothes to polo matches, but not at the Kentucky Derby. I guess the $100,000 + gowns are worn at private parties only. Can you tell us where else to look for the Haute Couture fashions other then the runways?

  6. i care about fashion but i feel sort of like an outsider, or like i don't have very "fine taste" because I take interest in items of high quality in styles that (I think) will not fall out of fashion. Effectively, I don't think I'm fashionable. I appreciate style, but I don't want to compromise on pragmatism in my pursuit of style.

  7. I came across your channel by accident and loved your roasts and your sassy but very smart commentary on runway shows, but I must say that I also enjoy your thought pieces as well. Despite being a gay man, I have never been that much of a fashionista, but I do enjoy and appreciate visual art and that kind of spills over into appreciating fashion… But then at the same time, I never really fit into the typical gay mould, being tall, stocky, bearded and hairy… Most men modelling menswear look like emaciated rock stars fresh into rehab or perfectly sculpted Ken dolls, I don't look like that and I never will. There is very little to identify with (maybe except for Walther van Bierendonck SS 2010 collection) and then even if you would like to invest your hard earned cash into a classic piece – they are not even in your size or they cost an arm and leg… I also find the idea of buying heavily branded clothing for 'clout' purposes tacky and utterly disgusting. It reeks of "I'm better than you, because I can afford a black Givenchy hoodie with a box logo for 600 euros or an ironic Balenciaga fanny pack for 400 euros" attitude. I find it wasteful, superfluous and disenchanting. It is not about supporting craftsmanship or quality, it is about showing off and nothing else…

  8. This video was so empowering and inspirational. A lot of people laugh at me because of the fact that I care so much about fashion and material objects. The thing is is I know it is if a company is not doing well financially and if they’re just simply not catching my attention, who are they reaching? Again people just think that I am being high maintenance but in reality I worry about these companies regardless if it’s a luxury car brand or a fashion house. I worry because I have that innate sense of style and grace.. Not to mention that I do reselling for a lot of these brands so it’s important that they do well so that my business succeeds But I’ve seen the shift happen right before my own eyes. People would rather buy throwaway fashion than actual fashion in a minute. And I am perplexed by that. Why? It’s whatever. I have to lean towards whiat people are buying this minute versus what I think they should be purchasing. It’s so complicated. They would rather buy things that unravel at the seams after a wash versus things that are going to last you a lifetime due to craftsmanship and ingenuity. But that’s just what they want to buy. #SoSad

  9. SSOOO. I'm 2 minutes into this video, and as 32 year old I've been really perplexed by how basic some younger women dress. People were punk and goth or like brocade dandies when I was 20ish. After a while I just assumed millennials were tired of being called special snowflakes by older ppl who ruined the economy and are taking the nail that dosen't stick out approach. I kind of appreciate younger ppl being less narcissistic. I don't think fashion will every stop, it's one of the most empathetic arts. Something almost every human uses.

  10. I totally agree with you 100%, except that tbh today a lot of people are looking for the brand name. Like Gucci, LV and fendi for example… but they aren’t looking towards the craft and beauty of a designer piece, I’m sure most people who buy Gucci for “clout” don’t even know who Alessandro Michelle is and what are his characteristics designs. I feel like this era needs a new Alexander McQueen during the 90’s, where it’s really art mixed with clothing, and autobiographical, every piece tells a story… and people cheer and clap after every outfit being shown because of the love of the designer, lines of people waiting reaching the end of a street to get in the boutique and buy everything you can afford… i don’t think the era of Chanel and Dior making these dresses ended, but we just need some creativity… and like how you touched on 2010 being a confusing time for fashion, I agree… I just think that after every tragedy, positivity and creativity arises just like how you explained how fashion houses dominated after WWII, and it was honestly probably at its peak during Cold War-90’s

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