Why The Death of Sultan Bin Muhammad Al Qasimi’s Son Is Indeed A Tragedy

Why The Death of Sultan Bin Muhammad Al Qasimi’s Son Is Indeed A Tragedy

Sheikh Khalid bin Sultan Al Qasim age 39 was found done in London. Sources claimed that the reason for the death was a heart attack or overdose of Class A drugs. However, there are no confirmed reports on the cause of death.
According to the Sun Newspaper ‘There had apparently been a party where some guests were taking drugs.

The prince was born in Sharjah but moved to the UK aged nine where he was educated at the prestigious Tonbridge School in Kent.

He studied French and Spanish at Imperial College London before moving on to an architectural degree and art school Central Saint Martins, where he studied fashion and launched his menswear label Qasimi Homme in 2008.

Its flagship UK store opened in Soho that year, with his clothes now stocked across the globe and paraded at fashion weeks in London, Paris and the Middle East.

Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi came into power in 1972. This is the second of his children to die.

His eldest son, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Died of a heroin overdose aged 24 in 1999, The Independent reported at the time.

Sheikh Khalid bin Sultan Al Qasimi Death report

Sheikh Rashid’s Death Report


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all right the next news is about Sarge sheets son's death okay for those of you know that you know the solder shake his son died unexpectedly find a pretty young guy I mean he's hardly his age is just 39 Sheikh Khalid bin Sultan Al Qasim hope I got the name right he was found dead in London now the Arabic newspapers just said that he died they didn't state anything else obviously the curiosity was how did this young guy die did he die because of a car crash did he die because of you know heart problems or health issues so bad nothing was mentioned obviously the first thing that goes your mind is he died because of drugs did he die because of a fight did he die because of the assassination attempt which obviously they were to say but most probably it was drugs sex or some whites so daily meal code on UK stated drug orgy death I mean some fashion chain owner party he died you know so what happens is Daily Mail Online likes to put headlines which are pretty sensational and like big and passion so they they put it has okay a drug filled orgy but if you read the article it says the first disclaimer is toxicology tests may take two months and I doubt they would make this public but it seems that sources said a quantity of classy drugs were found in the penthouse flat in night's bridge where the body was discovered police have yet to confirm or deny this according to the Sun newspaper there have been a party where Chris we're taking drugs and having sex now these are my thoughts first is let me she'll be my cross now you know these drug field of parties they sound like old drugs and you know everyone's putting drops I found on the fees in the West where drugs is allowed where in some places where talks is legal or it's not legal people do bleep it's common it's common is smoking a cigarette it's common as whatever they snort or whatever they do alcohol drugs cigarettes you know so it's gone okay it's gone say it's not like oh it's so shocking only thing people don't talk about when you're talking of fashion when you talk of media when you're talking about celebrating life it's very very prominent I've had I have had celebrated clients who females even females who employed the services of getting guys for sex paid getting you know prostitutes male prostitutes for sex because they cannot find the right person or they don't want to be in a relationship these are very very common in some cases it goes to the extreme especially where powerful people are involved like many of them have fantasies of fetishes which are very extreme I've even spoken to some of them con share details because they are like premium plans no information when where what I've had even artists may call themselves artists or prostitutes who engage in these acts for money I've had if I remember this was in Dubai three years ago their online didn't meet face to face female or male female with no or and male with breasts or female with a dick whatever you can call it where she is to actually fly down Filipina but has an American citizenship used to get flown down to the Middle East especially Dubai where she was asked to shit his do all these stuff which is kind of called fetish for some people it's disgusting with powerful rich individuals for cash and the person just wanted to pain paid me money just to speak to me I was like you I'm a branding guy you want branding advice you want you know coaching no no no I just want someone to listen who I owe you can open up to sounds like a fine you pay me money remember this was three years ago so paid me money spoke me for one hour gave me the money whatever the sing charges plus a little bonus keep her shush and shared all this and even appear on video cam to show me yes I'm a senior so don't ask me what I saw but I saw okay so this is common only it's just that people don't talk about it in extreme cases people even have sex I don't know why maybe they like to push themselves to a higher level may they have sex with animals it's sad but in some cases they even have sex with underage children this is an industry that exists it's a necessary evil that exists and it's happening all across the world wherever rules regulations or it's not to modernize especially in poorer countries whether it's Vietnam India Thailand all these countries Cambodia where poverty is really extreme even Africa where people need money and these rich people have lots of it you know they push children into this trade and once a child is exposed to this well for them no values they are bringing is bad they just feel this is normal and yes I have seen a small clip of man approaching engaging with this girl in the slums it was so you know I was curious because when I was young I never saw it and when I did see it it was so disturbing for me so disturbing I cannot explain and from that day onwards I was like no way I'm gonna see I haven't seen scat videos please be very very very careful before you google this scat it is where a person defecates shits in a person's mouth or whatever it's very disgusting I have seen very beautiful women get this done to them I just I just for me at least I can understand how they would like something like this how they would enjoy something like this people pay to do this to them and some people pay for it to get done do that so I I just feel this is a mental or emotional I don't know some sickness that they have but for some people they enjoy this so I have seen all this this exists in the world and it's shocking inside it's very disturbing for me what I saw I don't know it would say 10 years of 15 years ago where I saw this the only version of child pornography as you can call it it was hardly I don't know how long the video is but I just saw I just forwarded faster and I was like I don't see it I just can't see this I was a young man I was curious you know like so I was like so I've seen scat videos I have seen these in the dark where there you see having sex with dead bodies or mutilating cutting chopping inner stuff it's very disturbing it's very very disturbing and at some point you're like I just just don't want to see the in fact on YouTube itself you get videos where they pull out you know if you just type in on YouTube pulling off from the nose you'll see stuff which is like so long so long being pulled off from the roads is this one thread hanging and it's when you pull it out it's like so long I don't know how did we go from here where did it go so they pull out stuff they pull stuff from the earth have you even seen videos where a dog where the person not many blossom squeezes the flesh it's slightly rotten and bones actually come out worms so there are some of these disgusting videos there are even videos where they show how they have a sex change they cut a penis and they make this into a vagina flap and even put a penis as a plastic surgery so these are adult based video okay so I've seen all this so the point I'm trying to make here is there are these extreme cases people have extreme fantasies like my fantasy was to have a threesome two girls and one guy so which I did it was not that great anyway so people have the UM find to see some speak about it some don't speak about it okay so in this case in where this article is concerned I don't see where the Sheik has done anything so bad so shocking he seems to be a really nice guy okay I saw meat leading on him he seems to be a really nice guy a guy was monitory moved to the UK at the age of nine educated at the prestigious Tunbridge school in Kent studied French and Spanish at the Imperial College of London got an architectural degree move to the asshole science of st. Martin's study fashion launched his own menswear label cost me home home of Omiya whatever 2008 so Sudan Ben Mohammed alphas and Kozma came into power 1972 and he is the father and this is one of the second children to die so it's not me hating on him it's not me saying haha very good you did fucking to know shaykh hassan ii the ruler of Sajha is a very very very nice man very educated very religious spiritual I've never heard anything controversial about him never sadly however this is his second son was died his first son died of early road Odo's at the age of 24 in 1999 the independent newspaper reporter that was found on the bathroom floor in East Grinstead surround by cylinders it's very sad you know it's I mean today if you have a child the child is exposed to alcohol cigarettes sex dangerous even even speeding human driving faster it's really sad and in 2015 year not the trafficking where Sheikh Mohammed son Sheikh Rashid at the age of 33 died falsified that and it seems that he also was having this high life so what I have to say through this article is it's sad to see such gifted such talented such incredible human beings lose everything okay I don't have anything bad to say about shake a Cosme son or even shake mom and son because being a father watching your children grow in front of your eyes you'll never want anything bad to happen to them so today I have a daughter I wouldn't want anything bad to happen so in the same way I'm not looking at them as a ruler and a ruler son I'm looking at it from the point of view that it's a father and this is his son so nothing but heartfelt condolences and it's sad it's sad to see such a gifted such a talented such a happening creative guy you know Louis's life and I think this is the problem with many creative Restless rebels you know they live a life like this and specially in today's day and age where sex drugs alcohol fun pleasure is so available even playing games online can prove to be dangerous even gambling where you can lose everything so it's not a bad guy you know anything bad it's just that one of his vices killed himself nothing but heartfelt condiments you

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  1. man i felt like throwing up when you just talked about coz i have seen it before .. my friendwas joking with me like saying hey ill show you a good video and he when he showed me it was a girl shiting on another girl and it was worst than a horror movie

  2. He died of a cocaine overdose. His older brother 20 years ago also died in similar circumstances. Their lives are sordid behind the PR crafted for them. In Dubai the ruler there killed his own son cause he was a drug addicted and homosexual (Rashid bin Mohammed Al Maktoum). Don't take my word for it. This was in a Wikileaks cables by US diplomats

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