Why study Textile Design at Birmingham City University?

Find out more about studying BA (Hons) Textile Design at Birmingham City University.

Hear from our tutors, current students and alumni for an insight into the specialist skills and industry awareness you could gain on the course and examples of where this could take you after graduation.

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what's special about Texas at PCU I'd like to think is that we develop a really strong relationship with each student we're a small sort of friendly team we we really go the extra mile for each of those students because we are so passionate about the subject ourselves and we really want to sort of make sure that they are sort of learning as much as possible from from an experience within the team to be prepared to go and find out where they belong in the industry I think students entering onto our course should be really outward-facing they need to be really informed about what's going on in the world and that feeds creativity and what attracted me to study at Texas at VCU in particular is definitely the enthusiasm of the tutors and the brilliant facilities we have in the studios they're really incredible for me the most interesting and exciting things I've learned on the course has definitely been all the different hand embroidery techniques because I love being in the studio and working I feel and the availability of opportunities to be part of different exhibitions and alive projects has been really good and really exciting to work in terms of different client briefs and different timeframes have been really successful course itself has shaped me to express myself as an individual with all the support that have had during my time at VCU has actually shaped the body of my work and how I work and how I react to situations students on this course go into all sorts of creative roles not just design they'll go into styling they go into trends they're going to retail jobs really there's there's all sorts of scope for them to be using their creativity out there in industry the thing that's special about our textile VCU students is that they are surrounded by a very creative community here Parks so we have so many different workshops and so many different programs going on this course contributed to my career because it gave me the skills and knowledge I needed to start really it gave me the core principles of textile design that is just needed the course really helped sort of set out my career path and it opened up doors for trend forecasting and showed me what I was interested in and it helped me build a lot of skills that I've now been able to implement in turn my career and all the different modules kind of helped me within different parts of my job so every different part of my job I think is helped by the things that I learned at Enoch

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