Why is Runway Fashion so Weird?

Why is runway fashion so weird? To me, this confusion stems not from the strangeness of fashion itself, but from the assumption that fashion should be “wearable” off the runway.

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14 thoughts on “Why is Runway Fashion so Weird?”

  1. It is a growth economy where shocking and extreme sells . These designers an models get paid thousands and millions of dollars where artists mostly all died poor and starving. Real artists , advanced thinkers and cutting edge people are shunned not paid millions for making utter abominations.

  2. Art is not an excuse to let everything slide. Just like with the modern art industry, its more about status. People dont buy expensive art or go to these events because they particulary like the art or the fashion. Its a statement. Look i have that expensive piece of Art, i have this dress by that famous designer, i visit runway shows in Paris. And for fashion designers its a way to go batshit crazy and create whatever they like and maybe compete with others who has the craziest and most extravagant ideas. Clothing has always been a way to show off. Just look at 17th or 18th century fashion for nobility. But at least it was somewhat wearable. Im pretty sure that barely anyone, except the fashion designers themselves, honestly likes this kind of fashion.

  3. Yeah, except sometimes the designers can’t even put together colors and textures that are harmonious or good looking in general. Like DAMN, didn’t they study color theory and a bunch of other things to perceive this career??
    Fashion is weird, but it should be at least a beautiful type of weird and not a trash can type of weird.

  4. The problem with fashion is it's a statement about what society should be. Paintings and video games make no such claims. So when fashion designers parade their dystopian vision for the West on stage, the natural reaction is revulsion.

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