White Modelling Chocolate / Candy Clay and Methods of Colouring

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Let us now see how to make white modelling chocolate.

I have used 200 gm of white compound chocolate and 100 gm of liquid glucose. It is better to weigh your ingredients rather than using a cup.

First chop your room temperature white chocolate.

Take it in a bowl and melt it wither on MW or on a double boiler until the chocolate is smooth without any lumps. Use low heat as white chocolate is so sensitive and may sieze on high heat.

Heat the liquid glucose / corn syrup until warm.

Add it to the melted chocolate and with the help of a spatula, gently mix it.

Make sure that the glucose is totally incorporated in the chocolate before the mixture begins to thicken.

Once the mixture is thick, stop mixing immediately. Overmixing will cause the oils in the chocolate to ooze out.

Place the chocolate in a cling film, wrap it up and set it aside for one hour.

By the end of one hour, the chocolate will be hard at the sides and a little soft at the centre.

Remove the cling film and press the chocolate together with your fingers. Do not knead it vigorously.

Once the chocolate comes together as a soft and smooth dough, wrap it again in two layers of cling wrap and store in an air tight box for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, the clay would be stiff and if you break it it will break into an uneven block. DO not panic. Just press it together to form a soft ball. Again do not knead it too much.

At this point you can use the chocolate for any decorations or for covering the cake.

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welcome to godrays cook spot I am dr. Kumar and today I will show you how to make white modeling chocolate and various methods of coloring it you can see the recipe at the description box below and for more interesting recipes visit my blog gayatri's cook spot.com first let us make the white modeling chocolate I am using white compound chocolate to make the modeling chocolate make sure that the chocolate bar is at room temperature then slice it up white chocolate is very sensitive to heat so while you melt the chocolate in microwave or a double boiler make sure that you use low heat to melt it it should be lump free after melting hit the corn syrup or liquid glucose until it's slightly warm and added to the melted chocolate and with this part Ola mix it until the glucose is in incorporated in the chocolate at the stage you should have over mix the more than chocolate otherwise oil will goes out of the mixture once it starts thickening transfer it to a clean shade and wrap it up it takes an hour to cool down and starts thickening until then you just let this sit on the counter see it now harder remove it from the cling wrap and slightly press the modelling clay you shouldn't need it very vigorously just press it together and if there are any hard lumps you can soften it by pressing it like this keep on pressing until it becomes a smooth dough do not over need it so now it's relatively smoother so again place it and cover it with cling film place it in a airtight box and let it mature for 24 hours so after 24 hours the modeling shuttle will be harder if you try to break it say it breaks like this but no need to worry again it can press the ball and slightly need it to make it softer instead of working on the whole batch you divide it into three or four portions and then knead it that's it your modeling chocolate is ready always keep it covered inside of twinkle [Applause] now let us see how to color the model in chocolate if you need a larger buck batch of it to the corn syrup or the liquid glucose add liquid color the amount of color you are depends upon how dark you need the modeling chocolate heat it for 10 to 15 seconds and mix it well until the color is incorporated into the glucose now add this to the melted white chocolate and mix it with this part in love the procedure is same as the white morning soft let let it sit for another then knead it and again let it mature for 24 hours then you can use it in any recipe or for decoration [Applause] see how bright the color is now let's see the method – you can color a very small batch using this I'm using gel color for this map – already made white morning chocolate add little bit of gentle air and mix it wife morning chocolate should be handled very carefully like you can't vigorously need it just pinch the dough and slightly needed until the color is completely incorporated now the whole batch is ready see how smooth and thought the chocolate is next week I'll show you how to use this with in covering these cakes I hope you enjoyed this video and found it useful if you liked it please give a thumbs up to the video and here are some dos and don'ts while handling the modeling chocolate you and my ebook is available on Amazon are given the link in the description box below please take a look and subscribe to my channel to receive updates thank you

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  1. Hi. i tried this recipe it's really nice. Thank you for sharing..

    How do I store it and how many days can it be stored? If I make figures from them how can I store them? Please help.. thanks

  2. Mam one more doubt pls don't mind,I have a non convention microwave at my home,where I don't have direct temperature settings,I have only low ,medium,high like that,if u know can u pls let me know the mode of temperature and duration I should bake for a cake

  3. Hi mam I tried modeling chocolate but when i add little warm glucose then in under 30 seconds chocolate thick and glucose not mixed well with chocolate what goes wrong with me please suggest and thanks for sharing recipe

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