What's Trending – Men’s Style Tips: Dress Up Your Casual Outfit in 10 Sec | The Creative Bent

If you wear t-shirt with jeans or shirts with jeans on a daily basis, these 4 simple tips can help you take your look from casual to casual chic.
a) Add Statement Sunglasses
b) Roll Up your Jeans
c) Tuck in Shirt and Add Belt
d) Button up your collar and tuck in shirt
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Meet Swati, the face behind The Creative Bent. She is a crafty DIYer who loves giving personality to both fashion & home products and believes in re-purposing & smart consumption. She also makes videos about men’s style as she absolutely digs a developed fashion taste in a man. What’s more, she will also share her own interesting styles, passions and matters that move her. So stick around – follow the channel and share as much as you like.
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hey everyone this is swathi and I'm a shoe and we are here today because we're doing a men's fashion video so what do you wear everyday hello Captain Obvious as in what clothes do wear I just pick out a random shirt or t-shirt fold any random pair of jeans so I think that holds true for a lot of people out there they all wear jeans and t-shirts and shirts so what I'm going to do is show you a few tips that you can dress up your casual outfit in like 10 seconds tip number one statement sunglasses that are I have one right here you can wear them I find it really funny when people wear sunglasses indoors but we're shooting today so I guess it's okay not that shooting shooting shooting but that's okay so anyhow I think for men's accessories sunglasses are really important and as well as your hair but this sunglasses right here they're a classic aviator just because they are mirrored so you know they're looking all statement so in West your time and money in your sunglasses now tip number two you need to roll up your jeans the thing is this tip works only for tapered jeans doesn't really work for straight like jeans but we can leave that for another time talking about fits of jeans right now he just needs to show off a bit of his ankles now for the next step I'm going to show you a combination for shirt and jeans will you mind changing for me yeah we're shirt the shirt looks nice yeah step one method giving me enough space on the camera take all the space you want say something say something now leave that will go on to tip number three so tip number three he's wearing a denim shirt and your jeans the jeans that he was wearing earlier all he got to do is put on a belt and tuck in the jeans now on to the final tip tip number four since you already have your shirt tucked in all you need to do is button up your shirt in the very end here I can do it myself I am letting you do it yourself yes might be a little uncomfortable but it looks rather dapper so I suggest you wear it without the belt this look and also it works really nice for plain shirts and also shirts with small prints on them and also if you have a little over ten seconds please don't forget to style your hair do you agree with me on that how do you style your hair max okay why is that it gives it a nice texture you know it doesn't hide them that much I hear oh nice so you got a free bonus hair tip as well now thanks for watching our video it's a wrap for us and it takes only 10 seconds to Like comment and subscribe so please do that I will make me pop you know what is this alien hair what is this populate how would be easy everybody gets it it's modeling's hard crown hot crown it's ok bye bye bye you

2 thoughts on “What's Trending – Men’s Style Tips: Dress Up Your Casual Outfit in 10 Sec | The Creative Bent”

  1. Hi Swati,

    I watched all the videos for men styles. Good work guys. One suggestion is, if you can make detailed video on a single topic, it will be more interesting (Ex: selecting shoes for formal style, how to choose a hair style etc). Currently most of the videos are on multiple tips.

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