What's In My Bag? (Fashion School Edition)

Here’s what I usually put into my backpack each day for fashion school!
I don’t tend to carry very much as I leave my sewing equipment at school, but I will bring it home sometime and show you the rest of what I use in class!

Thanks for watching!!

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hi everyone Brittany here the past weeks have been absolutely crazy but I'm now back at school my current issue is trying to figure out how to balance my videos and schoolwork at the same time the school of maintaining this year is not the same one as last year so the schedule is completely different so my current plan for the videos is that the Storrow recap is still going that's coming out every single week but the videos on this channel will be coming but they're more spaced out and are linked with the posting that I'll be doing more regularly on my vlog it usually takes this time to create blog posts so I'll compile all this information up I think the semester and turn it into a video series I've run the blog I'll be doing more regular posting about the fashioner zone purses and tutorials as I'm learning them in class it sounds a little confusing but we'll just see how it goes anyway this week I wanted to make a video about what's in my bag and what I take to fashion school each day the stuff will be listing here is very generalized and it's not everything you need in order to study at fashion school because what I've noticed going to two different schools is that they often have different needs and requirements for equipment at my first school they required us to buy all this equipment where is it my second school they gave it to us well just get started this is my lovely backpack as you can tell it's holographic and I'm just I love it so on here is a keychain and it's got my bus pass attached to it which means I can just swipe it and get on the bus right away it takes me an hour and a half every time to get to class and it sits in the front pocket we have earphones there rather tangled but they're not just used for music we often have to listen to tutorials and things on the computer then we have lipgloss and bomb you know always going to look fabulous this doesn't even have a brand on it so yep oh I love this it's a cute little compact mirror very cute and simple it's all unique drink photo unicorn tears don't worry it's just water I wouldn't make any unicorns cry one thing that you will need at least in the first week or so is a notebook or some way to take notes some people write them down others use tablets or laptops as you can see my writings really sleep that I to rerecord it later we'll have different ways of learning first you would definitely need something to remind yourself of all the stuff you're learning then there's my wallet it's nothing special not branded or anything well that's a very expensive sir then we have my beautiful shiny pencil case but it's actually a makeup bag then we have clearly very professional rulers use some for technical drawings some people say that you need the top quality best items in order to design properly but I think it's more of a case of it's not what you use but it's how you use it when it comes to fashion I use both purposes and sheers these are for paper and these are for fabric one thing about shears in particular please make them recognizable from a distance because if everyone's getting them from the same place or from the University they're all going to look the same and they're so easy to lose these were originally black but I painted white stripes so they could be easily seen from the other side of the classroom then we have drawing pencils it's nice to get a range of hardnesses which is from HB to 6b way they hide the number the dark of the pencil will be I use mechanical pencils as a more precise way of sketching or just before I'm about to anchor drawing my last classroom didn't have any conditioner sorry I call these blaming sticks they are used to soften our drawing so if you're doing a sketch with lots of depth you rub this on top and it makes the gradual tonal change a lot softer if you do a lot of sketching that these are very handy then we have these special pins which are used to ink drawings they come in a variety of prices some are quite cheap others are a bit more pricey it really just depends I use a combination of both I also really don't think that what is better than the other it's really good to get a variety of nib sizes though from point one point three point four and onwards I prefer outlining with pain because it makes the finer work a lot cleaner then just as an additional item for fashion school I have a binder the design of which is a bit different it makes a cool noise inside it just means that I can say print what I'm learning in classes and put everything into Europe at the end of each day one thing I haven't discussed is sewing equipment but I will in another video so I hope this was somewhat interesting and informative if you have any questions about the equipment I showed feel free to leave a comment below I have to go pack my bag again because I have class tomorrow so thank you for watching hope you have a great week and I will see you in the next video so bye

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