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This week, we’re taking our intern Mila shopping! We gave her $100 to pick out a few looks that she could wear to an interview or internship. What’s your go to interview or internship outfit? Comment below. Thanks for watching!

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today's video we have our intern Mila here Pamela welcome to the two of you and so we're at the Burbank Town Center and we're wait we always get asked questions about interview styles and internship cycles but we are gonna give you $100 to shop you get to keep this stuff but we want you to pick out like as many interview internship worthy items as possible and pick out and we'll show everybody to love I think you stuff okay so you better get chopping let's go that's very Lauren it's very we're waiting for Mila to try our first look and I'm excited to see what she picks I really think that you don't need to spend a lot in order to have a really good luck book for your interview or just for your internship so what a whatever sure you want it can be perverse we wanted to be more pepper but like get the stuff that fits you fast and don't worry about having to spend so much money because you really don't you can definitely make it all right let's see what me only picked up because somebody heard that gift so she's getting the waste years and we'll see if we dip the budget she's shedding the skirt which I feel like she can wear with everything and then a weight a black top I feel like she's gonna hit under budget [Applause]

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