What It's like graduating from Fashion School

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what is up you to kind of back up in here with another video today I have a discussion video this is a video I've been wanting to do for quite a long time it's more so the ending of my program at LaSalle college guys didn't know I go to a fashion school go to a fashion College like I said and I'm in the last bits of that I'm basically in the internship portion of that and getting the last credits of it though I just felt like I should double into what I learned while going to fashion school I did a part one of this type of video so if you guys are interested I'll have that linked as a card and also in the description if it doesn't into that so I've talked about kind of like what the program consists of what I learned up to that like a certain point and then the last year of it is what I'm going to be getting into now which is basically final project what they kind of gear us for for this whole year all the little classes that we have builds up to this point so final project internship are kind of like the two main things that this final year consists of which I'll be getting into right now just so that you guys are kind of like in tune with what it takes to like go inside of like a fashion school so hopefully I interests you so we'll get right into it what I want to get into is final project basically what final project is you have to come up with your own fashion related concept for me I wanted to start some type of brand a lot of people did apps etc I had an idea and I put it together with collective like seven roommates I want to say and one of them would was my friend Rapp he had another concept based on one of the videos that I made which is kind of like blending a social media marketing service alongside with the idea that I had to make our brand so we collected those two ideas together and formed this concept which is handled with care and that's what we made the name to be the whole process of this though because of all seven of us seven of us we are all friends we're all pretty like light-hearted were funny we're like all pretty much the same person so it was kind of hard to like actually treat this like a school project because our also like dumb with the so if that makes sense we're just like goofballs we'd never really take anything too seriously so when it came down to the punch like getting graded and everything I kind of got kind of lost in the sauce if that makes sense so yeah going forward of this you kind of have to check in with these people that are called tutors they are basically your professors and every week kind of check in on the status of where your project is going from front to back you have to basically plan how a business plan of why your business is going to work as far as financially the communication method everything marketing front end to back end past me plan and every week you're checking in with this tutor to make sure you're on the right track to make sure your business is going to be successful nothing would be up to par or up to the standard that they were expecting and week after week we're just falling through the cracks we're kind of slacking loafing to say the least and eventually we ended up picking it together there's like a semi final and that kind of gears you to make sure that you're getting into the finals and none of those are marked more so there is a market portion before that and then that's really what matters but we didn't do well on that at all like we actually got a really terrible grade but after that they kind of like kicked this in together be like yo we really have to pick our stuff up we really have to do something and make sure that we're actually showing an effort because I believe in our concept there's only like five other teams that are doing a decent job and we want to be a part of that top five to make like a relevant standpoint and on top of that a lot of the other teams are like cracking jokes on us the whole set like the whole semester like yo these kids don't do they don't do anything they're half-assing all the time they thought we're gonna fail a lot of us we always like to hang out go out on the weekend we're like cuz they're like the cool kids or whatever so like you never really got anything done on time so the whole school is laughing at us and then the semi finals come and we end up winning another thing that made this project even more difficult is that had to be within a seven-minute block you have to say all the information within seven minutes have to be all memorized we have to have a proud point that is correlated to the speech and the speech had to be pretty much perfect like a perfectly written shark tank style speech every week we would come in and nothing would be done so everything would be jumbled we'd be stumbling on words wouldn't know what we'd be saying or units and numbers wouldn't be adding up up until the day that we had our final grade on the project it still was a complete or up to par and we only got it together when it came to like the semi finals and we were even graded on semi finals but at least for that we ended up showing improving and into that which is like the most important part because then you get like the back bragging rights and stuff like that I care about crapping on everyone – ever didn't believe in me in that whole school because everyone's just like you know you're not gonna win we might have not won but we got to the top five so I know I was gonna tell you out like when are we gonna solidify this whole find a project think we're done honestly I didn't think we're gonna win but now we in the finals Shawna let me get back to you guys you have the two lovebirds Bryant and Justine every time I look away you guys are gone carne gave me this ring kind give me this ring I did tell you that HWC you're the brownness in a win it has it's made it for finals I'm Brian Lewis this Karen work to leave Boston China Dominguez spelled with an axe legs annex and Maxwell Johnston plus two members that we don't have a few members I'll shout them out special shout out to Cassandra black great I don't know personal last thing right it's our house it said okay I said the same thing she's shocked she is okay oh here it Rafael Sosa like Chief Keef boy it's my girlfriend and hello YouTube or wherever this is going I'm happy I'm ready to go okay I'm ready to go when we get to the finals we're gonna make it memorable for every single audience member every single judge and we're gonna win the okay for them brave on phone line is made the line is built with the durability of classic Americana garments as well as Japanese inspired silhouettes this line is an essential basic collection that offers it know that offers everyday styles that will elevate a fit seamlessly within any wardrobe a sir baby secondly third second I'm here hwc we value the process and the artistry behind each and every product that we make with that being said we decided to create the real work will be working with the control based supplier surtex there'll be no the now we'll be able to purchase 50 from their 50,000 pound load of secondhand clothing you said it right but for this next part instead of saying that they're gonna curate it for us yeah we should say that that they're gonna set aside clothing for us that we're gonna be able to curate a problem because like what I was saying to us in the meeting prior to our presentation she was saying that it seems like if they're gonna curate for you then how we like like how can we be so sure that they're gonna be the nicest pieces I mean so we should make it seem that we're gonna curate the pieces ourselves you yeah you can just quickly say like they said like just a little switch a word sub like like we curate not they curate like through our like we curate our garments that are put aside yeah for our for our use or whatever you know whatever you say leave it aside say we carefully curate items I want to put aside for our upcoming collection or whatever remember in your original thing you said our account will allow us yeah you should say our account will allow us to curate from there from an assortment that surtax has put aside for us by just like something I got this all right so now you guys got a grasp of the whole situation so basically we had so much time to work on his project probably like I'm not around like a year so we had to separate full classes of this whole project so we had the first semester which we worked on like the whole back end of that the whole thing working on the whole concept are gathering the whole team working on the small details and then the second semester is more like putting it into effect learning how we're actually gonna implement the whole thing that was like the more tedious part of the whole project so now I I didn't want to really film like the nitpicky stuff for you guys like the whole year because honestly we weren't really like strategic with the whole thing like we were super sloppy three people out of a whole 17 a whole seven-man team would meet up for this whole thing so I didn't really think we were gonna meant when like honestly we're pretty like loaf when it comes little things like this it's a whole team of like people that are like like me we work like on our own time my own basis we don't really like follow like consumer guidelines or whatever so like like the team kind of worked out in this one favor like that bro my lips are dry so I got some Vaseline up in this bitch or something I believe for you luckily for you hello it's better bro – it's better look at all the moisturization that's me mini Vaseline can I have the bathroom ooh I wish this is alright let me tell you what this is what the garden buddy do you see you can you zoom in on this way SPF berry come on come on other product you know you can put on your lips out of your boot so you trying to get me the monetize part of the top five teams to get into this but we got to the top five a lot of people didn't really expect that but we ended up doing that and I have basically this whole video to like show it to you guys they ended up documenting it it looks super professional I have that all available for you guys here so you guys will watch that took around a 15 minute clip it's super interesting to see like it's kind of like a shark tank method you're pitching a concept to a panel of like five judges that are in the industry and they get to like antique poke holes into your concept and you kind of like figure out why it is important to like really see all aspects of a company because that's what makes a company fluid and work so well like seamlessly so I really like this idea of a project hopefully you guys do too so I'm gonna jump into that footage right now and hopefully you guys like it I'll see you guys in a couple minutes after you guys watch this I'll get into the other portion which is the internship first oh it's hard to get don't need another bad class McGee honestly come on laughs yeah get one more drink Oh none of the teachers even really believed that we were gonna pick up our and actually really do this because every teacher was like yo you guys are gonna fail yo you guys are gonna do this you guys gonna do that and then we ended up making it into bottles cuz like there's only five teams that make it so I was very surprised I didn't even really believe it a lot of teach like a teacher came up and like hug mean it like spilled champagne all over me cuz we're like yo I honestly thought you guys were like either gonna fail or like not make it at all so like no one had any belief in us but we ended up pulling through and I have the footage to back it up hello everyone my name is max and when I started LaSalle college I had no idea what to expect by new I wanted to create a brand coming my final year at La Scala space at a very tough decision do I go in and form a team or do I stick with my friends today I'm proud to present with my friends Bryant Cassandra and Talib our dream handle with care' panel with cares immense where's Brian that courage to unique lines as well as a complimentary service through our research we've seen the growth within the Canadian menswear market and its effect on global streetwear products the person we want to target as a striver a Shriver someone who is trendy and fun-loving they use shopping as a social activity as much as a way to show off their purchases through this we want to speak we want to speak to the person who goes on Grail til 3 a.m. every night looking for their next piece the person who eats kraft dinner and ramen for a week just to sign up for the next big job and a group of people who wait overnight for the next big shoe release our location was difficult to pick but some discussion we unanimously agreed that Sam Henry read the perfect location for HW to flourish with attractions such as a telly a new regime Arthur's vintage frames a Domino's Pizza the letter breath and so many more our presence will be added to this list of destinations within the first year from the moment you walk into our location you'll be taken through our trifecta of offerings starting with the first floor an open-concept retail space that allow you to shop comfortably between both of our lines following you will be brought to our second floor well we will have our in-house Atelier photo space and worthwhile a creative and informative service where you can learn build and create like Brian said previously our Mentos and Brad consists of two lines the main line and the rework line firstly the main line is our primary source of income that will account for 65% of our annual revenue our goal with this line is the compensate for the lack of affordable luxury Schriever products in this fast fashion driven industry this line is made with the durability of the plastic americano guard and built with inspiration from Japanese style silhouettes our garments are made with organic Cotton's and manufactured locally by the montreal based company white walls in order to reduce our environmental footprint this line is a central base collection that offers everyday styles that will elevate and fit seamlessly within any wardrobe secondly pair hwc we value the artistry and the process behind each and every product that we make with that being said we decide to create the reworked line this is projected to account for 10% of our annual revenue this upcycle capsule collection consists of rework in secondhand clothing in order to make 24 101 pieces each and every month just like this I'm wearing right now we will Harless all college design students as well as other local designers on contract to build these pieces in house at our atelier located at the HW c flagship store will be also working with the company surtax which is a supplier of secondhand clothing they receive 15,000 pounds of secondhand clothing every day also our relationship with the company will give us access to a carefully curated assortment of secondhand clothing and reserved solely for our use this line caters to the fashion for an individual that cares about the story as well as the ecological factor behind recycling clothing both of these lines will be available in-store at our flagship location as well as online via our website now I'd like to introduce you guys to the third and final offering within handle with care' the aspect that makes us so passionate about this brand will be offering worthwhile a creative and informative service with subscription-based benefits that will allow our clients to further develop themselves through in-store styling social media content creating weather for themselves or for a brand as well as to meet with professional individuals that can help them get closer to their dreams this aspect of what handle with care' will make up 25% of our annual sales now let's talk about the money our year one sales are calculated at six hundred thousand dollars it'll be made up in a split of 45% in-store and 55% online in addition our growth rate is at a steady pace because we want to make sure every single customer that comes to the HWC flagship store is given an experience that's incomparable our year two growth is that a 10% and the following year will be at 15% we want to make sure that we can make our presence known and the only way we know possible do an organic growth by show of hands how many of you guys look at your Instagram within the first hour of your day I see no has that I know a lot of you do if you're anything like us Instagram is a means of inspiring expressing and keeping up with the fast-paced world around us that being said we'd like to use this trend so make our presence known on Instagram and YouTube we've chosen to work with some of the best micro influences in today's age of social media they're not only our friends but they are successful in their endeavors in both social media platforms that's why we've chosen to use them as our brand ambassadors just continuing right saying with our communications plan we decided be best to introduce our brand to the market with a launch of our flagship location this way our community can really see the diversity between our clothing brands as well as the service we offer in store we'll also be hosting our first panel that night with experts from the industry that will really be able to pass on that knowledge that we're promising to the community will be having live music as well as an open bar to really get that that he's laughing that good flow going this will really bring the community that we're looking for in our bread pakora handle with care in koh panyee kaha eat cats if she convenient are for who's intimately classically artistic to talk of her worth while our service company motor evictees infamous also is a speculative a promotional DJ's also CEO I just want to thank everyone for coming out and listening to what we have to say and honestly none of this will be possible without my teammates to leave Lawson cassandra blog rave we have Ryan Lewis over here my teammates off the stage we have sana Dominguez come on have Santa Dominguez Rafael Sousa Chiron Warwick this is my team thank you guys so much thank you and Allah care forward judges any questions Frank Oh God first of all I thought you guys were great at what's most important which is your product really looks good like whatever the design is great job my issue my question really is on the logo so when I first got to the logo here you chose not to put your name on it but and my first thought was Scotiabank and I looked at it and I'm not sure whether without your name next to it you would own that signal so I just like to speak to ask you about your logo choice yeah well simply because well we also we obviously have alternative logos and we just submitted this because I we think for our brand or like we're kind of like I think it just matches who we are as people and we just want to present our logo there and for example like our logo it just represents us and because everything we make we handle with care and we want you to handle with care because this take took a lot of effort and work from our side our teachers and everyone who helped us and to be honest we think it just represents us perfectly thank you any other questions Oh Vito Vito Cascio Michael Kors Congrats on a really beautiful presentation I'm gonna go back the slide went by really quickly so I didn't really get to see the entire idea behind the membership concept so I know that a lot of people like I'm talking about customer retention because it's so important these days and how is that whole membership tiered process gonna relate back to the apparel and making your customer purchase are you offering them additional discounts are they getting free shipping on product what what exactly is the membership gonna entail so basically our membership comes in three packages starting with bronzed after your first purchase you will be given access to basic stuff like a newsletter discounts in-store events will be sent straight to your email afterwards if you'd like to continue on with our service it will be taken to silver where you'll be able to pay one hundred and fifty dollars a month it's a little bit steep but you have access to a lot of things such as in-store styling when you need it you'll be able to take photos professionally or for yourself or your business and then it'll go to gold and the list of amenities will just continue to grow with business the business shoots super shoots we're gonna be doing a lot of work within the community yeah so just to add in so basically I like worthwhile as a creative service and it's aimed to offer like some basic a purchase individual like on an hourly rate as well so like Brian said we have bronze silver and gold and basically we just think that not like no other store has is offering so we have like two different unique product offerings and and it's they're both different in their own sense for different consumers and like nowadays with Instagram and stuff for people of our generation this service will help you brand yourself personally and just help you create your own image that sometimes it's not easy to do especially for me when I started this program I did not know what to expect like I said before and for us who just if we if you find access to something like that when I was younger I think it would have helped me maybe find out what I want to do earlier in my life and maybe got God my career in more of a direction that could help me in my future hello okay just add on to what he said basically in whole the worthwhile service is basically to help people find self-expression people that don't know how to wear or they don't know like there's certain styles so will help them find their style help them curate their Instagram and find that a look that will look perfect for them so basically we just want to guide people into finding their self-expression and being able to be comfortable in the clothes that they wear which is not available by any brands that I know of so it's a very unique service that will offer sure that's my first thing the clap because all that song from Kevin Kisner yeah it was the second team congratulations on your presentation it was amazing my question is in regards to the online shop so we paid a lot of attention to the brick-and-mortar and what it's gonna do for you guys but the online shop represents 45 percent of your cells can you tell me a bit how you're building this online shop are you partnering with any service providers how are you doing so we feel like in this day and age especially with street wear 55% represented into the Atelier is very important to us because with the whole service and everything implemented along with it we feel like it's very individualized and very important but with the online street wares of global appeals so we feel like it's gonna be catered to a whole bunch of individuals I know myself and my whole team we all shop online it's gonna be very important to us being able to like look at sites like Grail look at sites like Supreme when they do a drop all these things we're always attached to our phones and Instagram so we feel like with 45 percent being a split for online is is a fair judgement yeah and also just adding like micro influencers we have like actually like personal connections with them and they're abroad in like London and a lot in the USA so we just feel like through that and now in Instagram everything so globalized it's pretty easy to attain sales a throw online growth or whatnot thank you for the questions judges we got to go to the public no for a question did you guys think about your questions because I pasti I will kiss you no pull handle with care she went back see best wind up to handle name okay Thomas no click okay so I just wanted to ask you guys where do you guys see handle with care' in five years so less from the kind of revenue or profit point of view but more for the brand itself yeah okay so basically we showed our three years sales projection so we kind of a three year sales plan I'm not talking about sales but we planned out more organic growth and grow our business through word-of-mouth especially like we're in st. Henry you just want to have the local community build upon us and just like we said we want to build upon working with our customers and just making sure they have the best experience possible and for a future growth you want to move into going to like Osheaga and other festivals would like worthwhile like to help you like planning your outfit for the festival you know stuff like that and so basically festivals moving into that and then maybe expanding more like we said internationally yeah going off of what Mac said international appeal is very important to us so festivals such as rolling loud which is filled of all of the entertainment that we listen to today on the Billboard want top 100 it's all rapping RMB so we feel like attracting people to our clientele such as people are rolling loud doing these pop-ups there is gonna really benefit our business globally thank you go ahead in five years I think that people will come to our flagship location and us being the people that are going to be working there as well as other sales associates we're gonna be able to see people come in and know them by name basis we're gonna be so in tune with our community that people are gonna come in and be like hello max what are you looking for today how can we help you and we want to really step into the material community and make it not just about shopping about expressing yourself for the best way you can Thank You Hannah what care you took we took the El but you know what it's okay this is our team leader I love you okay looks like six nine team captain your name we took the El but we still take the W maybe you know max is a Newton as he stood it is no kept up and on that honesty like I'm the tea house the team leader that means nothing to me personally but I just want to say that like this is such a great experience for me and I just want to thank my team especially hopefully you enjoyed that portion of it I just want to let you know that handled with care yes it was like a mock up concept it's not really real but if you guys do mess with the idea and if there is like 25 of you we did like poll where this same hoodie this handle with care' hoodie I'm gonna hit up some of the teammates that were with me in this concept if they want to put the money forward it is like up to 25 of you that are willing to buy that hoodie they're gonna be available for pre-order so I'm gonna like make a list if you guys want to DM me if it gets up to 25 I'll end up making the hoodies if not that it's whatever that only weekend but if you guys are interested in that definitely be making it available to you guys how geo TSW yeah G if you want to hit me up on Instagram if you want to make that hoodie yours definitely hit me up in a DDM so yeah so point being with this final project I would not be anywhere near complete with the project with this project without the people that are my friends that made this whole concept possible so like Shanna dominguez max Johnson Raphael Sosa Brian to leave Lawson like Cassandra all these people are in my team and they made this concept possible so if you guys are glad to support that hoodie that I was talking about before if you really been a lot to us we put it in a lot of work into this project so if you guys want to support me and all these other like creative ass kids then definitely let us know because that hoodie is pretty fly and it's like a memory of like this whole journey and final project and everything so if you guys rock with that let me know for sure and these memories of me and my friends are like some of the most vital things for me because it might not be the education itself that I learned from the program but more so the experiences that I learned through college through that four-year block a lot of things really change for me I think if I never went to college I probably wouldn't have met those certain people in my life relationships that accumulated during that time I could never duplicate those experiences ever again so I definitely value everything that I learned during that whole time for and it made a huge impact on my life so I never would change anything forever like all my friends that I made during that time everything I learned I would never change a thing so I definitely feel like it was worth the money it was worth the time and effort that I – this whole journey yeah I feel that having it documented was like probably the best thing for me because this whole thing on this channel is that I want to document things that go on in my life that's all I have been doing with anything on YouTube when I went from like BMX in skating to like stuff now when it comes to fashion everything's about documenting so having something like this that's such a big part of my life which is college I like graduating from college I feel like documenting that documenting the people that were involved in my life at that time it's like important for me mentally I don't know what it is but I'm happy to have it all in one video here so I could go back to it be like family this is what I did during this time so hopefully you guys enjoy it because I know I did getting into a last part of this whole thing internship right now I'm a super menswear head ass right now in a different environment than my normal one and that is because I'm in LA currently I am in silver league you guys are probably heard of this place before it is Fernando's business pretty sick a bunch of archived clothing our content a streak going on behind me but yeah I'm working with Jacob and Fernando out here in LA we're just helping them out doing whatever I can to like help out their businesses and eggs etc I felt like that was a better thing for me than doing anything in Montreal not to discredit any other Montreal brands but I just felt like coming out here networking in LA doing a bunch of stuff out here is way more valuable than me being stuck in Canada doing anything so I felt like that was a better alternative for me but for a lot of my other friends and internship they're doing like whatever they want there's some people that are working at st. woods some people that are working at new regime etc there's like a bunch of different amazing brands I'm happy that I'm able to do it out here in LA for sure cuz I'm not here for a month I'm enjoying my time my time I'm learning so much and I'm just working on not only helping them out but I'm also working on my own stuff which is something that I'm very proud of and I'm just like working on myself as an individual and also my own personal brand that is what I value in this whole internship concept so it works for my school it works for myself and I feel like it'll just be an overall great thing in the future so hopefully that answered all your questions about this whole fashion college thing if you guys do have any future questions I will be doing like a question and answer style with some of my classmates that are in the school currently to have an extra year so they could get their perspective on the whole thing and then also mine so I'll have like kind of like a group conversation when I get back to Montreal so that'll be very interesting hopefully you guys are down with that if you are make sure to let me know in the comments below but it's not from that that's all I have to tell you guys about today I should have go follow me on my Instagram geo tswv ige that's where you can stay up to date with me more frequently and I'll be putting out more videos I'm not here in LA baby side note I need something going on like this and once you are this pretty fly I need a little rap go like this okay thank you guys for staying tuned me more videos coming out here in LA I'm going to be doing some stuff with fernando jacob for sure if you guys want to see that let me know in the comments below also make sure to leave a like comment subscribe all that

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  1. That was a solid presentation kyron. There really are no brands that marry social media, creativity and fashion together. Ya'll should seriously trademark that worthwhile service lol. If you built a team with social media professionals and tech savvy people that could create the infrastructure…you'd have a really dope business on your hands. Much respect!


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