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Hello! My name is Reagan gresh. I am 19 years old and living in Colorado. I make Christian based videos for girls. I do bible study videos, as well as fashion and lifestyle videos. I am also a Young Life leader. Make sure to subscribe to stay up to date!
oh my friends we were in my living room next to the fish that I killed what was a collective effort to kill the fish but the fish is now deceased today I actually leave for young life camp in four hours and nothing is in a bag because I wanted to show you what I packed because these videos tend to be helpful for people for some reason this is different than the one I did a few years ago because now I'm actually a young life leader so I'm bringing a lot more stuff and it looks absolutely ridiculous this is like not including like snacks and things I'm bringing for the the children actually but this is just clothes and the reason why I'm bringing so much for a 7 day camp is because I want to make sure I have extra stuff in case one of the girls forget something and yeah so that's why I have a ridiculous amount of things but it's fine so it's literally just all sprawled out on my ground and we're gonna go observe it yeah I'm kind of in denial that I'm gonna be on a bus for 20 hours not 20 that's dramatic it's like 17 but we're going to cast away at Club in Minnesota and I live in Colorado so that is a stretch but it's fine oh there's like oh I'm so excited about this at the REI garage sale Fiasco I got this osprey spray spree whatever backpack for like 40% off so that's just new I haven't shown you guys that oh and then over here I have all my hair stuff in a bag and I have sunglasses because we're going near water which I'm so bad at so help and then I have all my toiletries in there I'm not bringing that backpack so welcome to the madness we're doing Christmas in July so I have three different Christmas options in case someone doesn't bring anything for a lot of activities you have to have long pants so I'm bringing actually three pairs of leggings and Kate once again I might wear these on the bus and then those are the ones I plan on wearing but I'm also bringing my adidas sweatpants in case someone forgets to bring long pants and then my messy outfit I'm wearing another shirt in case someone doesn't bring a messy shirt these are like my tops that aren't t-shirts that I'll wear while at camp in case I want to feel like an actual person and then I'm bringing like 70 shirts one for every day yay but I'm gonna fall asleep in like two of them so okay maybe I'm not bringing that many things maybe I'm just over being overdramatic and then I have jean shorts a bundle of socks I have lots of different shorts because I sleep in athletic shorts oh my god I thought that was literal mold but it's a penny um so I have athletic shore it's just old Navy shorts and then I'm bringing a rain jacket I'm not bringing my hiking boots and then I'm bringing my Mellie and then another sweatshirt in case someone forgets one and also it's good to have another sweatshirt and then okay I slept I slept in this last night but we're just sitting on a bus so I might stay in it mmm and then I'm bringing a trash bag to put my dirty clothes in which is really helpful during the week to not just pile them on the ground to have a bag and then they smell in there oh and since we're going to a lake I'm bringing two bathing suits one of them is my roommate she let me borrow cuz I have to wear one-piece as a leader and then one is this one from Target which is actually really cute and then I'm hoping it's all gonna fit in there and then I put fun stuff in there yeah so that is what I'm bringing I'm leading the cabin by myself I don't really nervous I mean it's always nice to have another person like just in case but I know all the girls really well except for like two of them so I think that makes it a lot easier if I didn't know any of them I would definitely want another human but it's gonna be okay um yeah so I gotta go put that all in the I hope you guys enjoyed this I don't know how you would but who's to say


  1. Can you make a video comparing your camp experience as a a camper verse a leader?!!!! I’m really interested in becoming a leader and would love to hear more of your experience

  2. Hey Reagan,I’m Arpi from Young Life Armenia.
    Just wanted to say you should try and come to Armenia next year with Young life Expeditions,would love to meet you and be friends with you 😊

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