Watch Jessica Nkosi Talking About Baby No2

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hi there welcome tune they would see bringing you the hottest tea that might burn your tongue but before we sleep today's tea make sure you hit the subscribe button and a powerful notification now let's sip today's tea tea squad you know that we ain't gonna stop at this video without me saying again thank you so much for 24 subscribers yeah unfortunately I cannot make so much miss because it's in the middle of the night as I'm recording this but here's guys I thank you so so much today we're talking about Jessica and kasi well just few days ago I reported that a lady teacher second cos the end ticket that may have broken up some have said that out the way married so I don't know if they're gonna be getting a divorce or what so none of them have come out to say something like they just mum about it but Jessica Cosima might have just given us a hint that perhaps they are better together as she is talking about baby number two giving me ll brother or ll system well I saw that on her Instagram story and take a look at the clip and do leave your comments down below and do tell me if you would think this might be a message to us to say that you know what I am so with my baby daddy and we are about to make another baby right here I mean she says is gonna make a baby right there meaning that she might be there with them you know so yeah do leave your comments down below I love you guys so much bye do you want to make a baby I'm gonna make baby them

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