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In the fashion industry, expertise matters more than education does. I’ve worked with many garment manufacturers. In all but a few cases, the first thing the interviewer said to me was not “Where did you go to school,” but rather “Let me take a look at your portfolio”. There are always going to be exceptions to this, but the vast majority of fashion industry employers care more about skills than they care about educational background.

The necessary skills can be acquired in a variety of ways. While it is true that design school is one of the easiest ways to learn how to become a fashion designer, it is not the only way. Sign up to our online classes, and receive fashion design lessons and mentorship, from Joel Human.

welcome to Fashion hostage calm my name is Joelle human and i am a master design that is nothing i can't design there's nothing I can't draw I i can do it all I've been doing it for 14 years for a lot of the big companies ok now I'm going to show you everything I know about fashion design graphic design illustration product design inventions patenting trademarking everything ok so check this out all right now you don't have to be an artist to design okay the way it works now is you don't draw your garment and get a big sewing machine and so you don't it doesn't work like that all you have to do is have a recently purchased computer okay a mac or pc will do and have the adobe programs adobe illustrator and photoshop you can download those at adobe com get a trial version or purchase the whole program and i'm going to show you how to use that from scratch by the time I'm done with you you're going to have all my 14 years of experience in a very short time right now i'm setting up semester one from September 17 to December 13 so that's 13 weeks I'm uploading new tutorial videos from monday to thursday so make sure you sign up where else you going to get this information there's a lot well when i first started there weren't that many websites showing you how to do fashion design and start some clothing line but now there's a lot of them but they're not showing you what i'm showing the program step-by-step how to create a line sheet how to design your cat how to design your graphic how to do your line sheets in the program like you could go on youtube and look for sporadic videos here and there but no one's going to do it and show you step by step from beginning to the end okay by the time I'm done with you you can get a fashion job a very good paying fashion job you can start your own clothing line and the income from that is endless depending on the amount of work that you put in or you can freelance and just chill and work from anywhere I take my laptop with me wherever I go and I can do graphics and you know set up an invoice on paypal and I can make money wherever I go so this is an investment when i'm showing you definitely going to make your money back a hundred fold okay now let me just say this one last thing college is twenty-two thousand dollars a year 250 thousand dollars a year for a good fashion school you can do that you'll get a mountain of debt and you have to wait four years by the time you you come out right who wants the wait all that time who wants to accumulate all that I'm going to show it to you we're going to move all that crap out away to college teachers you and I'm going to get straight to the heart of the matter and show you what you need to know to get up and running get started and make money so come sign up now it's 2999 a week if you want to pay weekly or you can pay for the whole semester outright and save about eighty dollars for doing that so we're on semester 1 now I'm starting in September but if you happen to watch this video in this october or november or even december anytime after you can still pay and watch the videos because they'll be there and you can play catch-up all right so come check us out once again my name is you all human thanks for checking us out peace

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