Vivienne Westwood MAN – Autumn/Winter 2015-16 – Andreas Kronthaler's Mountain Gorillas

Our AW15/16 MAN show is a matter of days away, and as always, it is not just the clothes that count – there is an important message behind every show too, and this season is no exception.

For this show, Vivienne and Andreas have chosen to support and draw attention to the Virunga National Park in the Congo, and the dangers its mountain gorillas are facing.

The park – one of the oldest in Africa – is a World Heritage Site and home to some of the world’s last-remaining mountain gorillas which are under threat due to drilling for oil.

A cause Vivienne and Andreas feel passionately about, watch our pre-show film to hear more from Andreas about the Virunga National Park and why it is important to raise awareness for this campaign.

so hello hello everybody trying to get used to talking to a camera but there are people around me there was a lot I want to say this season not sure where to start but maybe I should start anyway where again in where we are in factors in London still enough against the 13th of January 2015 I'm glad there is a new year anyway but them we are going to show menswear on Sunday in Milan and I'm trying to use this opportunity again to talk about a few things the first one is just to maybe i don't know if you remember that last collection we were talking about a lot about his pic pledge I don't want to go on about that again but it's just please do keep it in mind and they are making great steps and anyway so just to remember your what it was about last season what we tried to highlight through the last menswear collection this one is got strange enough again something to do with enemas and it isn't long ago a couple of months ago where we were invited to a film filming in on the kingsroad of it was called it was a feeling documentary was a fantastic piece anyway and you should all go and see it if you have the chance it's called the hunger and it's about the mountain gorillas in in the Congo in a national park in Congo I think it's in a central north of Congo it's a national part which is very I think it's founded in the beginning of the last century I think around 1910 or something a very very old Park where there are the only wild living mountain gorillas still in the in the wild living and since a few years there the face incredible problems with people trying to get into this some into this park to to drill for gas and oil again and to exploit it and of course these animals are in great danger they made this documentary there are people looking after this part and tearing there are real heroes dis people and anyway it's it's I'm just going to hold that up again because that's you know the back of the invitation and that's what I'm talking about the wrong girl please check it out sit it's incredible what we are up to here again you know as people and just for greed and channel and not thinking yeah and the one more thing maybe one more thing happy New Year to everybody out there and yeah 2015 saluted

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  1. Once again I applaud Vivienne and Andreas for using fashion not only as a platform for creative expression but also to send messages to the wider community about issues that affect the world around us. I think if more designers used their voices to speak about issues like the endangerment of animals or the climate issues we face, I think a lot of these problems could be solved.

    I will be eagerly watching MAN FW15 and thanks for teaching me about something I didn't know about!

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