VERSACE Spring Summer 2005 Milan Pret a Porter by Fashion Channel

VERSACE Spring Summer 2005 Milan Pret a Porter by Fashion Channel






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45 thoughts on “VERSACE Spring Summer 2005 Milan Pret a Porter by Fashion Channel”

  1. This same collection could be released today and it would be like "wow and wow"….this showcase of clothing still holds it ground today almost 15 years on..
    Btw, awesome show . High energy, high glamour…..Fabulous, sensational and stunning!

  2. I hate seeing comments about models' bodies, people here calling Gemma and Elise fat lol, bitch, they're still getting booked almost 15 years after this show, where the fuck are you? watching this shit while thinking that bashing top models' bodies makes you a super tasteful fashion mr. know it all. I'm not someone that thinks that everybody should be on the runway but watching dumbasses that ''love fashion'' treating models like hungry cokehead cows gets on my fucking nerves.

  3. If you watch this show in one ago, the bad walkers really stand out. Obviously, Julia Stegner can't walk at all because of her lack of rhythm. Then there's Heather Marks, who walks as if she's primitive. And then, the worst one, is Ekaterina Kashyntseva who looks like she's struggling with gravity.

  4. I don’t get why you guys are always bashing Elise. Have you seen Julia Stegner on the runway? She has NO rhythm, she moves her legs and arms awkwardly and exuberantly. Her mimic is even worse: she looks anxious and confused. Besides I don’t know what’s up with her face because she looks like she’s on drugs.

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