Versace Haute Couture 2012 Spring/Summer

ヴェルサーチ 2012春夏 オートクチュール
Fashion week collection in Paris France (Défilé de mode)
Défilé Versace Haute Couture collection Printemps/Eté 2012 à Paris

20 thoughts on “Versace Haute Couture 2012 Spring/Summer”

  1. The Moldes are:
    1. Karlie Kloss (STUNNING)
    2. Daria Strokous
    3. Maud Welzen
    4. Jasmine Tookes
    5. Kati Nescher
    6. Kendra Spears
    7. Josephine Skriver
    8. Lindsey Wixson
    9. Kate King
    10. Arizona Muse (Stunning)
    11. Sara Blomqvist
    12. Karmen Pedaru
    13. Sigrid Agren
    14. Kasia Struss
    15. Ros Georgiou
    And Donatella Versace

  2. the collection was very impressive, but even though the stairs was a fantastic idea, it wasn't as incredible in real life when the models couldn't even walk on it, had to look down every two seconds and were shaking in those shoes. BUT I'm going to disregard even that because I'm so impressed with the collection! she did such an amazing job! but then again, versace never fails to impress.

  3. The stairs draw attention to how incredibly impractical the shoes and skirts are. How is a woman supposed to make a dazzling glamorous entrance into a room if she can hardly walk? If a designer can't make women look good without immobilizing them then what's the point?

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