Vera Wang for Men Cologne/Fragrance Review

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Verlaine for men was released in 2004 lasts about 3 to 5 hour hours you can wear all year it's got quite subtle projection you can wear any time and it's very casual and I'd consider a woody green fragrance the top notes are green Mandarin leaf and yuzu the middle is nutmeg leather and anis and the base is sandalwood and tobacco this fragrance is quite subtle it has a green citrus fruity opening to it and then there's this leathery and nutmeg smooth quite quiet kind of middle to it it is quite practical and it is pleasant it's not original though the dry down is very subtle as well with the woody tobacco scent in it then if it were amped up a bit more this fragrance would definitely be a winner it is a very likable fragrance it's very easy to wear on the daily but it's not really unique there's just something in this fragrance it's kind of missing or like hiding away that if it were added like this stuff would have been huge the stuff is very understated with like with that being said it's not like a huge seller or anything I don't think but I really think that this woman just had something that was just missing and then if added it was just so great maybe it's time for a beer or wine to maybe like make out a flank make a flanker of this one make another version of this or or make another fragrance for men maybe yeah flanker of this maybe fix what or add what's missing cuz I really think that this fragrance had like a lot of potential and well I do still recommend this fragrance I really enjoy the fragrance just yeah I think there was just something missing but I really I do like it don't get me wrong I mean it doesn't last very long it's very subtle but it's very elegant and a great daily scent so definitely smell this one out you guys and I will talk to later take care bye bye

24 thoughts on “Vera Wang for Men Cologne/Fragrance Review”

  1. I just purchased and received this cologne. I really like it. It is pleasant and very warm and comforting scent. Just wish it lasted I do think it smells kind of unique in its own way. Just different from all the rest! I'm hoping they come out with another version or a better one in the future as well. Thanks for the video. I enjoyed it.

  2. this fragance have a elegant, charming and peacefull mood. Perfect for closer work places, airplane and first Dinner Date.
    / a beige Camel chino trousser and and a gorgeously ironed white shirt.

  3. I am searching for a scent that is crisp, clean, masculine, good for warm weather. Preferably something that has some staying power w/o being overwhelming…recommendations?

  4. It is funny that I wore this in 2005 and not I can get if for dirt cheap. It may not be for scent heads but I always get complimented by women. What a deal as a signature scent for work.

  5. Thank you for your reviews, I really appreciate them!  Although, I don't know much about colognes, I know what I like, and I respectfully disagree with your review in aspect to the comment that it is not original.  I think is has its own unique sent that is, like you commented, light and fresh, but yet it is very masculine without smelling gaudy.  It is not at all overpowering, which many colognes tend to be.  With many of the other colognes, I find they smell like a 20 year-old hitting a club… this one is very "elegant", as you stated, and very sophisticated.  Now would Vera Wang produce anything but elegance?  Pure, simple elegance.  It drives me crazy when my husband wears it!  With that said, it's a winner in my book! 🙂 

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