Vanessa Vanjie Comes For Ariel Versace on Livestream *SPOILERS*

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[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] confessionals they speak up it's the truth the iodine we had did those interviews in New York it's 15 girls for four mics if you can't fight your way to get if you can't fight to get into the interview and see that you do definitely gonna make it through the competition Jenna carrion suite everybody spoke that wanted to speak and when they had the opportunity to speak the one that was complaining once she had nobody gave a fuck about either but she had to say not a damn fuck so tag hung go ahead and record our lives so go ahead and tackle and put this on youtube I don't give a fuck bitch you could drink bleach for all I care and that's low and then everybody else that want to bury you from joycie let them bury you cuz I don't give a fuck about you and go drag [Applause] if you can't fight your way to get if you can't fight to get into the interview and feet that you definitely gonna make it through the competition [Applause] if you can't fight to get into the interview and feet that you do definitely gonna make it through the competition Jenna curious me [Applause] [Applause] you you

42 thoughts on “Vanessa Vanjie Comes For Ariel Versace on Livestream *SPOILERS*”

  1. Idk why everyone is so surprised at Vanjie being harsh with her words when drag race fans EVERY DAY are always leaving nasty, hateful, and even racist comments about other queens? How about yall do some self-reflection first? Plus she wasn’t even referring to Ariel with the bleach comment, but to the “fans” who are constantly trying to “expose” and antagonize certain queens by for simply speaking their minds especially on the show and being themselves. I don’t think it was right for her to say, but it’s clear she’s frustrated and many drag race fans have said the exact same thing or worse

  2. ariel deserves to be called out and fuck her for acting like the victim lmao makes her look stupid dumb, if u cant give urself the spotlight, no one gonna do it for youu thats just common sense but shes white she wanna act brand new and privileged on this season… girlll

  3. I don’t get how Ariel is being shady it’s the fucking truth the 4 bitches hogged the mic the whole time it was a mess vanjie needs to get off her shit i use to like her but she’s gone too far it’s very distasteful her and silky i loved going in now they have rubbed me the wrong way so i hope Ariel stays herself and honest and let’s these girls have it

  4. Jtfooo I love me some Vanji 😂😭❤️🥰… if y’all got a problem with what she said then to dam bad so sad .. shit y’all the reason the queens CANT be themselves now , bc they’re to worried about what the “Fans” will say 🙄.. i hope Akrira is in the dam final tho 💃🏻💞& Vanji

  5. I’m sorry but Silky is just as much as a try hard as Laganja, don’t act like it ain’t true. Nobody berated Bianca for talking shit about Laganja, at least- not of my memory…

    Silky will be iconic/is iconic— but right now she is being a try hard on TV. (I am a Silky fan, but it’s the truth come on now)

  6. Telling someone that you couldn't care less if they drank bleach is entirely different from actually telling them to go drink bleach. The way the comments are purposely misrepresenting what Vanjie said is disgusting. It's exactly what NPBFAG said in season 2, malicious gay faggotry. Only this time its not just us fags, it's also the fag hags who make the fandom toxic. The insanity of so much of the drag race fanfom is that they're either extremely racist or overly sensitive, with both purposefully mischaracterising queens to perpetuate stupid cancel culture. I'm just waiting for next week when a good majority of y'all do a complete 180 on your opinions.

  7. Does anyone else feel like this season just isn't fun? All this drama and hatefulness has made this season feel weird to me. I'm just not enjoying it like the other seasons.

  8. Why is everyone here pretending to be offended??

    Where were all of you when the Toxic White Twink underbelly of the fandom were calling all the queens of colour all kinds of "N" words and telling them to go kill themselves??

    You lot crack me up😂😂

    Vanjie said she could "drink bleach for all I care" and idiots here are turning this into "online bullying" and "suicide watch" fuck off you retards.

    As for anyone looking at drag queens as men in fucking wigs as as moral compass, maybe you should heed Vanjies advise.

  9. I’m surprised there hasn’t been more focus on the “drink bleach” comment. This is EXACTLY the type of comment they have been talking about messy fans making that are overboard, where you’re telling someone to harm them self because you don’t like something they said. It’s just uncalled for.

  10. Notice how the girls pressed over Ariels comment are the ones who talk too fucking much. They KNOW they messy thats why they’re so defensive.

  11. I lost all respect to all these bitches, they don't listen any criticism, they always have double standard to themselves and others, reality tv doesn't equal being obnoxious, disgusting.

  12. Damn y'all go on cancel sprees every week…you youngsters would've internally combusted by what queens said seasons 1-6. Sad that sensitivity is ruining the fanbase and show all around…

  13. Wow I am seeing comments like Ariel should get shot in her head, Ariel should drink bleach and slowly die…. Seriously? It's a flippin TV show. They're drag queens. Why?

  14. i mean is it that serious tho? yall were camera and mic hogging cuz yall love attention. no shade no lies told thats what yall were doing yall knew that. but why yall mad yall got called out on it? like it says more about yall being so defensive about it. I dont fuck with the white girl but she didnt lie LOL DEEEEEP THROATING THAT CAMERA HAHAHA

  15. Ariel wasn’t mad that they hogged the mic because SHE wanted to talk, she was mad that they were trying to hog the mic when other people were already speaking, like with Mercedes for example. That’s all she was saying. Mercedes had a moment to talk about her story and they felt the need to dismiss their “sister”.

  16. Vanjie misunderstood Ariel's tweet. Ariel was talking about the way Rajah took away Mercedes's moment, when she was asked about how it felt being the first Muslim queen. She even made a video on it.

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