Hey Guys, in this video I wanted to review urban outfitters, talk about the store and also show some of the cool new items that they have. Hope you like this video and comment below what should be the next store review

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now we can get the walking shot like I'm all cool walking with my boots that might change hey guys how's it going welcome to another video today we'll be doing a much requested store review and one of my favorite stores Urban Outfitters survives that it gives is like hipster meets skater meets like street style wide variety of different styles of Urban Outfitters they are kind of like hippie a short hipsterish I guess if you would call it but still really great stuff some of their stuff can get a bit pricey they do have great sales and Urban Outfitters is one of those stores where you kind of have to go each store differs from the other one so my biggest advice would be to check out Urban Outfitters calm Urban Outfitters just like PacSun is a retailer that carries its own you know clothing but also features brands so yeah let's go and review Urban Outfitters it's led to try out the souvenir jacket from Suzy brand and it is super dope I love the colors of it them straight in the back so it came here's the back I love it has a tiger World Tour is there something new at Urban Outfitters you guys should check him out let's see what the price is so this is a hundred and forty nine dollars they're doing construction here but there's it's 149 dollars just a little bit expensive oh my god for a polyester jacket but it still looks pretty cool you guys remember me and Paul came here to try on this like purpose to her stuff but they didn't have it that day we came so I'm gonna try on this there's only pieces I really like from the whole collection has purpose door on the back snap on the front let's try this out okay so here is the purpose tour windbreaker my lucky because it has these little strings at the bottom so you can kind of like make it constricted and I got this in a medium-size and I'm sure you go to show you guys the back of it be honest $99 for plastic is just kind of craziness cool concept though so you guys can see here all the brands that Urban Outfitters has plus more but these are the main ones I really wanted to try on these new sweatpants that they have I saw last night and I don't know if I should go with pink I feel like the green one is more versatile so they're $39 which i think is a really good price so I'm gonna get a small in them great selection of these alpha industries bomber jackets too if you guys want I always get questions about it so these shirts are another brand that's really popular at Urban Outfitters I haven't heard really great reviews about them I think they're called feathers I'm not sure correct me if I'm wrong but I'm gonna try some one for you guys and see how they fit they look pretty cool I love how aged and extended they are so I think I'm gonna go with this orange this one looks pretty nice and I'm kind of obsessed with this color lately they have some like acid-wash these are Urban Outfitters brand this shirts pretty cool actually try it on as you guys saw in the vlog if you watched it Urban Outfitters says these cool like they've made them themselves Urban Outfitters hoodies and it's kind of like the fear of God ones so I tried this on on the blog on the try on this grey version right now okay so here's the hoodie as you guys can see if it's a little bit baggy I got a large size in it these are $39 so a really great price I feel like the fit is good but my favorite part as I said is this kind of like crossover neck it has but yeah I think this is a really great deal if you guys want a great buddy if you want it to fit like mine does then size may be to size up but then look at the sleeves so I might get annoying but I think they've been pretty true to size so all the story views that I go to I try to try on their light unique denim that they sell at the store so BDG is one but Urban Outfitters sells so I'm gonna try these acid-washed shorts make sure you guys check out their sales sections to like these feathers stuff always end up in the sales section so this one is pretty nice actually but good sales section to it this is a nice flannel I'm gonna try this song I am in love with base flannel that I found in the sales section this is like soul All Saint's slash I think they're all Paris style like I love how it's faded but guess how much this is this $50 in the sales section like what was it before this is wait what the heck I don't know if you guys can see but it says $49 original fight price and then on sale it says $49 what a tease I am in love with all of these flower holes flannels are gonna be super in for fall and winter especially fated ones like this so I love the combination between my army shirt and this I'm gonna try this out but this is a great panel this is from the brand called GPO provisions the pink one was from the same brand they make really great flannels they are a little bit expensive but I love them so here's the last final this is from Urban Outfitters brand this one is really cool too it's black and it has this kind of like yellow bleeding yellow style to it it's over so I like wearing them kind of oversized and loose and I'm gonna just start doing this adding like textures like army with final I don't know I like it is $54 and I like it but my favorite one has to be the those two actually jackets and stuff like tried outside they didn't want to bring it inside here but I decided to pick these things that really caught my eye that are new and then I recommend started do the outfit of the day and so I'm wearing it's like a sop Saint Laurent inspired outfit so army shirt from H&M I rolled up the sleeves this things are supposed to be actually a little bit with black jeans my suede topmen boots chain and then this kind of All Saints inspired necklace so yeah that's my outfit of the day I'm feeling this outfit I really liked it I don't know let me know down below if you guys like so I got a lot of t-shirts because I feel like the Urban Outfitters there is for love here one of their things is so the first piece that I wanted to try on was this so it's kind of like this thermal material it's got a curved and drop drop per pen and it's from Urban Outfitters own brand this is another new thing from their brand not their brand but this is the brand called narrows and it's just a really kind of roughed up raw edge distressed shirt kind of situation we have going here easy inspired I guess I also picked up this feathers brand I think it's feathers that was a orange posture to gold's looking more on a chance see how they fit these are a little bit pricey $34 for a t-shirt which you know you can take it or leave it but it fits great it might be worth it a lot of t-shirts guys the next piece is this like this one is like heavily beat-up I probably wouldn't buy or wear this but I just want to see how it looks on because it's like a bunch of holes super distress this is from the brand us rags for the last shirt I thought I guess wasn't full enough to come with a hanger but I think it's super dope is this one it's a black shirt it's been bleached with the pattern on it as you guys can see in then it has this kind of like fabric band going across it so I thought that would look cool now as I said the outside EDG is a brand that manometers carries a lot of their stuff and one of the most prominent things is the jeans that they have and I love trying jeans from different stores so I want to give these a chance it's the first time I saw them the price was good and the energy there these sweatpants joggers and I feel like for fall joggers like this are gonna be in and I love the cream drawstring okay so let's try these items on and see what we think about Urban Outfitters what's doing for you guys so here is the holdup shirt this is intense like I feel like someone who shot me with like a shotgun or something I would not be able to wear this in school every one of my professors would be like white okay guys I love this shirt this all my favorite shirts that I've seen recently I love that it has the curved bottom the sleeves fit really great I don't even need to roll them up for the perfect fight and that I love that it the Scott Monsieur kind of breaks up and has this alas there is $39 $34 which i think is worth it for this shirt because it has like the extra effort and I would pay $34 for this I got this in a medium size ok so here's this feathers t-shirt that's really famous here and now this one was I always forget the pricing and like dementia this one is $34 soon and I think if you can afford it you have the extra money you should invest in these I like these shirts they fit really nice actually I love the neck it's just really effortless if you have this shirt in your collection you could just you know hang it where it I don't know about the washing goes along someone let me know down below if you tried these feathers shirts watched it and they become ruined but out of the store I feel like they did really great I love how it fits actually okay so I decided to try on this bdg jeans I'm wearing it with the whole shirt and I'm not a big fan guys like I think they were trying to get like a 90s fit to it but it just fits really horribly as you guys can see I rolled it up I don't know if it's like the bit that I got and it wasn't really clear because it's like straight so it's supposed to be slim but there really isn't anything slim about them but I think they were meant to be kind of like 90s as you guys can see if you tuck it in but I don't know I don't think I'm of it I've never been a big fan of them actually know that I remember the vgg breath so I don't like them okay so here's this the thermal kind of shirt I love how this one fits also again I forgot the price 1044 so a little bit pricey but they paid great I love the color and with these I thought that was like the animal coming up yeah with these jeans they don't look that bad if these were a little bit lighter I think they look cool but yeah here is the Heather shirt I recommend these as well so again I'm telling you Urban Outfitters that's great shirts if you like pants wise here's the joggers they fit huge like this is small and like it's huge but I they I think they're good if they have like a extra small I would get that and I would get kind of fitted but I mean if they were they just don't fit me right but they're not bad quality so I guess you know nevermind I don't like this I really like this shirt with my own pants see how important pants are guys like literally this may doubt that right now before it was just like weird and weird I was just like super cool so yeah yeah and here is a really dope piece another really great item so this is a great way to do a hole so I'll have it subtle just like to hear maybe a few on the collar but this is just like overboard but I love this as well this one is fifty dollars actually I literally just check sorry this is $38 I think it's worth it for $38 they also have this in a pink version and a green version those are really nice too this is kind of like the cream dark creamish color but again with black pants it would look cool with jeans blue jeans so I highly recommend this if you guys want to see more of these types of shirts that I tried on check out my vlog channel I'll actually link it down below I tried all more pieces from here there so check that out ok guys so I hope you enjoyed this video and I reviewed urban outfitters to the best of my abilities I showed you guys the new stuff more the story is for me in my opinion stinking jackets shirts you know putting tops I feel like Urban Outfitters does a really great job with having variety shoes are really great here as well they carry a wide range of shoes again each store varies check out Urban Outfitters on online as you guys saw they carried backpacks they carry backpacks they carry our skincare novelty items books is just a huge story it's great to like spend a day on a date but just to spend some time and you have fun you learn new things you see fashion so I highly recommend it one of my favorite stores items I picked up and the jacket and everything so let me know what's the next or review I think I'm getting a water investment not lately has been letting me down in terms of being creative high fashion and everything professional ball if you guys we want cotton on I will do it but yeah let me know that below like this video thank you for watching until next time you


  1. Why I'm I just know seeing this lol! I love urban outfitters… I really miss working there 😭 anyways, like always awesome video! Keep it up! Oh and thanks for always taking the time out to listen to us and do videos we request it means a lot! (:

  2. As a former employee from UO I've owned a dozen of feathers tee and my experience from them is to air dry them after putting them into the wash cause they will shrink! and BDG jeans are new for men so they are still experimenting with them because they only used to sell them for women, but most products by BDG are usually on point with quality and look.

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