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How long have we been together – 4years together 6 years BFF
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LeeLee And Gramz Love showing Love and making others laugh, as well as inspiring others to be true to themselves. Nothing in the world feels better than making someones day, and motivating them to go after their dreams. We Love to tell you guys stories, do silly challenges, and Prank each other. We love our Supporters and treat them just like Family. JOIN the FAMILY by subscribing down below and turning your Notifications on.
what up so much room yeah game gang of course is sugar leader yours truly and today I'm doing a video with Chuck I can introduce myself baby let me introduce myself the sugar Coco Chanel grams one and only let me put that out there yes this means that bitch oh yeah we call them I am doing this video with Coco for donation okay I'm being generous this is strictly for house all fund me okay it would be links it down in the description box anyway this video is sponsored by everything Eve today you guys we're gonna be doing an unboxing and before I get into this video make sure you guys smash that like button hit that subscribe button and coming down below let us know what you think also remember with Adam and Eve you can use the code lately and get 50% off almost any one item and is free shipping in the US and Canada okay all that means to me Eve will be down in the description box are you ready does it look like I'm trying to handle my business of course you need it young nigga bitch telling me all about y'all broke issues that's what he comes running with me first of all she's a she and she I told you she let I'm boxy toy let's get this tell you guys once we get into the box it comes with you know these coupons it comes with a list of everything that we have in this box oh my god love the right for me and you'll never beat me sweet amiss color purple midnight you guys I cannot wait so this is a babydoll dress I'm pretty sure with the matching purple thumbs they sent me this in the size the 1x oh it's a queen one side so there's only one side it's a size 1x – 3 X can fit this it feels so good and it's don't succeed oh ok what is the next item more like you're right we don't have y'all ready for Valentine's Day part 2 for me a bag I know my baby wanna see me in natus oh my gosh this is so sexy so this is the rent one the same exact thing as the purple one this is going to be so sexy on Valentine's Day I don't know if I wear the red or the purpose for my baby what do you guys think which one do you like on me better and I'm showing you right here over this is mine alright so the next item is a lace set in baby dog blunder racing this is nice you really like a vice too bad you can't see and this is in a size large so I can't wait to show you guys what this looks like the material is so freakin sexy are you doing this video or not you just make sure you show this video to my next page and this time with the message phone it's the wheel please alright so we've got to turn me on the charge full of bullets okay it's cute let me see what because the other ones that mean and yet we know war banner is off today so I'm glad this is a rechargeable where we don't got to keep running out so this wants to get new batteries grams is mighty disease because y'all know nothing and y'all have not done anything and those are not oh oh yeah okay let me see what this says I don't know how to turn it on my own you press them five-year warranty it's got to turn me on rechargeable love bullet and it's definitely one controlled adult suitably so somebody else can control this who is the wireless remote control grab range bullying a solo nightstand classic also great for couples fun one button control started suits unique vibrating speeds and functions wavy texture with stimulating pleasuring of bullet made from body-safe silicone and durable ABS plastic controller made to triple-a batteries not included in the controller so that's why it's not working the bullet is 3.5 inches long this this thing is powerful open so you just hold it and it turns it off and they also has this string on that so I hope you guys I'm a picker that's home with me in case if I think y'all some using it I'll turn it right off girl please alright the next item oh my gosh you guys know that I love bondage type things so this is a baguette bondage key is a fantasy kid and this is super super sexy so basically it's a different type of workout that's what I say on this box but I can open it up and show you guys what's out in here I don't think grams use something like that before with anybody else I definitely would be the first the first okay show us how to work first of all you don't know what's really used with me Graham thank you the nothing with you because we've done so basically inside of here you have a mesh which is going to be super sexy for Valentine's Day especially the Hat this face if you messing with a monster you don't want to see them maybe you good to go last day is – he's got a rope in here to tie up on Blake ankles check lock that monkey down and go okay of course you will want to put this on me because I can see the future coming okay this is frosted cupcake flavored lubricant and by desserts I'm skip depressing it's this way and I know what you want to taste it no you take no you beginners you open it but your guinea pig holds all the guinea pig you Lapine that's what y'all nigga bitch so that's right because whatever he wants to try we don't try basically a frosted cupcake flavor and lubricant this is really nice why would we think that it's just gonna be okay that's the first time yeah the solids get a lot [Applause] she bengi oh they need and we won't Brown stinky crayons if you want to miss maybe but no I've been over in the world cuz I've been raising our kids our family you know I'm saying I'll be home please wait if you ain't seen the video when she came to my house talking about scheana had these kids back um Graham the video is linked down below so go watch total of breathe the camera rolling onto the next one we have the Adam and Eve rechargeable magic massage it to massage your favorite color alone it's my favorite color if y'all don't care what these massages you need to use it pupa called Lele to get me to cut off any one item and I will definitely be using it for this item because y'all know these massage are not cheap but when I said when I this one is remotely I mean heartless yes it's a rechargeable oh my god of course you know how to control them in a charge you oh my gosh I came so you're gonna give whatever blew up in the life out of there oh yeah this thing is so strong Oh getting makeup on they stay away from my stove I'm trying to open my last one this last one the system I'm not with that good shit I ain't with that gay stuff come on I linked you by accident but come on don't return the papers over here I don't know what you would my nigga bitch bitch new one go ahead the intimate curves rechargeable one y'all oh my gosh massage the ones are really good because you can use both each both these are can be used a lot of pleasure so they want to give some oh this one is really nice feel that this one pretty sure it's silicone it's all v10 intense vibrations from vibration functions and cool to speed plus an ultra smooth silicone glides on the skin like I stated tan fixes to target your hot spot okay so this right here flexes me all right this part right here has the waves on it so you know that's gonna make an extra sensation in this will evaporate I really do because I'm good at this this is latex free it's Wanek waterproof and fully submersible rechargeable USB cable included I really like to whip that our charger ready because you know we don't got time to be running out of batteries and batteries dying everywhere this is 2019 so no more dead batteries okay this can fit inside the nightstand this can fit inside of your purse actually if you want to go especially if you got like a good Louie Gucci bag something like that put this in there baby go in the bathroom when you change the clothes when you out when you in the car which I'll go in the carbon shell boom pull this out you know what I'm saying and y'all can get it poppin you feel me I can't wait to ground me at home so we can try out all this stuff I hope you like the try own version of these don't forget the loo use the cold lately to get 50% off anyone's item and it's free shipping in the US and Canada certain exclusions may apply ok you have even to me is mine


  1. Omg Omg u Guy's are so Silly and Cool I love watching that video and I love both of u Guy's look on that video and Erica is so goofy omg This Video for my Favorite u Tube Family is u know Thumbs it up πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ˜œπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ‘‘πŸ’

  2. Baby when I tell you I'm loving coco look!!!!! Gorgeous is all I can say. I don't really comment like talking about it but I've been watching y'all videos for a while and I must admit y'all are on of my top favorites.

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