Touring the Fashion Blogging Scene in Bahrain

The blogospere is growing all around the world and Bahrain is no exception. The blogging scene has blossomed here and all around the GCC in the past couple of years and Georgina went to find out what it means to be a blogger in this region.
what have you been doing online today did you tweet your latest news perhaps you've popped a couple of snaps on Instagram or maybe you've been catching up on your favorite blogs online well I'm here today a green diamond and seif mall to celebrate the first anniversary of one of my favorite blogs Arabella logs are now big business and the blogosphere is growing all around the world did you know that in the time it takes me to say this sentence bloggers around the world will have added over a thousand posts to their pages and Bahrain is no exception the blogging scene has blossomed here and all around the GCC in the past couple of years so your blog is a mixture of Bahrain and Saudi what's the what's the blogging scene like in Saudi people are right now are trying to understand what blogging is a lot of young people right now business owners support Saudi bloggers and which is amazing we're trying our blog to focus on Arab Beauty and Arab fashion we supports a lot of Arab talents and local talents and national what's the best thing about blogging best thing about blogging is knowing many people we get more interest and we get many confidence about ourselves you're on online you get international support from different people and readers around the world which is amazing is this the first time that you've organised a birthday party for a blog yes it is the first time we organize an anniversary birthday party for a blog we have all the fashion bloggers if any were invited anyone who's like fashion boutiques or anyone who fashion suggests and basically anyone who's friends of the blog friends of the boutique supporters local people we invited all of them and of course we invited the press we have some events we had like makeup station where people were decorating these faces with makeup with actual real makeup so it turned out to be really nice and then we had like a address here decorate your bag station where people decorated a shopping bag and then of course we had by sketching we have some free cartoon artists that are actually sketching the guests okay so first of all Mara I love your blog electric Firefly how have you found today if you had a good time today yeah it's been really nice arabela turned 1 and it's been a fabulous event it's nice to see that bloggers are bursting in battery now because it's it's still at its infancy and it's like to see the boutique green diamond is actually taking the initiative to encourage bloggers and holding an event at their storage it's a nice concept and do you follow Arabella I do yes yes and I know Munir from since she first started so yeah it's nice to see how they're growing and it's just fun to see how they're gonna be evolving over the years it's a very joyful event I mean getting the fashion scene and everyone from the fashion scene here in the Middle East and behind to be specific is an amazing thing to do I mean we rarely get support in this in the Machine I hear in the Gulf but it's really nice to see that people are willing to make such an effort so if you like what you've seen here today visit Arabella dotnet or pop into green Dimond here at c4 I'm Georgina for my the frames or anything

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