THE ONES TO WATCH. Our selection of the Most Promising New Faces for 2016. OFFICIAL Top 10 TOP BLACK MALE MODELS 2016.
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50 thoughts on “TOP BLACK MODELS 2016 – MALE”

  1. these are CHILDREN i'm not a pedophile. yall need a video male models under 25 and then another with older male models. These little skinny chest no experience in life dudes i can't even look at but good luck to them. BUZZ KILL orgasm KILL. ugggg. children. lil boys. some men like this but women want real men.

  2. Not trying to hate. The masculine models are more eye candy, these men were a little too skinny for my taste. How did Louis Allen not make this list? Handsome man right there, but these men were handsome as well. I liked the video :).

  3. Lloyd Dickenson (No3) should be at number one. He has the body that a male model should have and he is classically handsome. The others have the bodies of pre-pubescent teenage girls and are clearly watching what they eat to maintain that European aesthetic.

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