Top 5 Summer Essentials & Trends 2019, Men’s Streetwear & Fashion Trends

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yo sup guys it's the voyage from Sweden and welcome back to a brand new episode and as you can see guys by the title today I'll be going through the five top the schenzel pieces or items but you should wear for summer nineteen even usually some guys do not forget to subscribe button down below because I give me a positive feedback that you guys are really into my channel and you really into my items or items about my content basically as I just mentioned for you guys today I'll be going through the items but me personally I do think is essential for summer 19 or just summer in general so I do have five pieces / five items but I'll be showcasing food to you guys and I hope you guys like it because this is something I truly keep near to my heart when it comes to summer so hope you guys like it now the first piece but I truly believe is something but you need for summer is actually a pair of you guessed it right guys sunglasses now some words it is something that you can choke on regardless were you wearing if you've been summer winter autumn I do not care for me personally these are actually my to go sunglasses visage from the swoosh brand cold eye which is basically a eye but also stands for eye as in you know I and these actually do meet up for say 60 or $70 somewhere there and these ones are a bit more expensive they I shouldn't go for I would say $400 and it's actually from the Spanish band called Oscar Magnuson so these are actually too expensive if you ask me but they are like I am on these girls are sick and you can actually feel how the material and they actually believe they are actually in Italy so Shelton PR agency that should hook me up with these ones sunglasses or something but you should consider wearing during the summer me personally I just hate like heaven I contact with people on them in in the morning sunglasses is something a chicon like in the morning Justin you know skip these eye contacts is like this annoying I contacted people you don't need to know or people but you do know but you don't want to talk to them basically but anyway sunglasses something that I do recommend so check out your local stores sunglasses is it must-have for summer normally we do have shirts of course shirts is something that you do need so actually just before recording I was actually thinking about showing you one shot but just go through my shirts you know I just realized that I do have different kind of shirts so I just wanted to showcase to you guys what kind of shirt Bambi styling / wearing for summer 19 so let's go into the first shot and the first shot is actually from the Korea brand called cruffin now the main reason I do wanted to add this shot and this list is basically because of the hyper print I actually had this shot when I was in Spain last year and like a random older guy just came up to me and asked me for a picture and if I'm not mistaken I think Picasso is from Spain so I don't know if he wanted to take a picture because of I had a shirt with because of painting on it or he just thought about was wavy I'm not sure many ways main reason I do have it every oversized and it doesn't have like a sizing tag but if I would guess I would say is like a doubling so I'm in the public so yeah a double XL oh yeah yeah I would say it is double XL since it is oversized it's kind of perfect because it's not so fitted and it's a wig ball breathable for summer and yeah I really do like it it is kind of cool and as I said it is really cool with the painting on the right side of the shirt really cool piece this is something I would consider you guys were know exactly this one but white shirts in general perfect for summer bring a boy as well and when it's hot outside white is something you should I'm a next show we do have is from the Swedish brand sorry Szechuan Korean brand called Jean um I don't know if I'm pronouncing it right guys so this show was actually something they sent to me but tag oversize title says L like lodge but it does fit me like a media here's a cool piece I haven't wanted that much if you guys are pretty interested just let me know I would just make me send it to a random subscriber or something but yeah short sleeve shirt form the brand cold fusion arm and the next piece we do have in the last guys is actually a pair of ripped pants why I do have a pair of pants on this list it's basically corazon when it's hot outside I promise you that you will love and also appreciate if you have a pair pants are a bit more breathable so if you have pair pants that has holes in it holes that sounded kind of mad anyways if you have a pair of skinny jeans but has holes in it there will be a bit more breathable also a bit more fashionable and also a bit more summery yeah I don't know if that's even a word checkout girl even like Facebook groups nearby you and see if you can find like high-end pieces for cheaper but I rather pay pre-owned pair for 160 even going for a whole new pattern for like six maybe up 700 so going into the next piece guys we do have scoffs now scoffs it's actually something I would consider women unlike even though it's winter autumn I do not care because in past elevate your style coming easily you don't need to be fashionable from the top from top to bottom like scarf can do be talking for you so the main reason I do have the scoffs is because of it puts a bit more attitude into your outfit giving into your daily style so when it comes to scarves I would consider you guys to actually invest in a pair because this one orange one is actually from a Sudanese brand called hope a boy when I come to crowns which is like ten dollars or something and these two are actually four gauge in them and both of them I think about each of them for like eight or nine dollars like really cheap so if you guys are really into scoffs check in local stores even like hmm and Asus as well do you have any Q a bit more premium check out silk scarves and the last item on this list actually accessories now accessories for me is everything from rings to necklaces to even bags I don't know if I would consider bag as an accessory but it depends on who you ask so if you ask me this is something I really do recommend so me personally I do love sober because silver stands out way more better than gold on my darker skin so silver is something you guys should Oh actually depends on what kind of skin tone you have but personally if you have a darker skin tone like me I would say silver something you should go with and also the loss accessories I'll be showing you is as I said banks so bag is something oh this is actually more like a clutch but doesn't really matter but yeah this is actually a bad girl from a very close friend of mine and a clutch so you can wear it like this how fashionable you ever want to wear it and it does really help with the outfit as well so if you guys are really into like being a bit more fashionable well I just having something just to go with on a day-to-day basis it's a great proof so I think I just run for everything but I need to go through and you didn't hope you guys like it this is actually a new setup and you can see I'm actually moving my brother to a new apartment so we just left the nest like a couple months ago two to three months ago so that's also and that's also like the main reason I happen didn't do YouTube a regular basis but yeah hope you guys like to set up and yeah this is my room hope you guys like this video and I'll see you guys in the next video so take care I'll see you guys in a couple days or maybe even a week or so so peace out I'm standing out and I'm saying peace

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