Top 25 Best Shoes To Wear in 2018 + New Sneaker Releases!

Hey guys! Today I will show you my top 25 best & most Anticipated sneakers to wear in 2018. Everything from Adidas, Nike, Jordan to new luxury shoes like Prada. Hope you enjoy today’s video! If you do, please give it a Thumbs Up & Subscribe if you are new.

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1.Adidas futurecraft 4D
2.Bones Sk8-Hi Deacon by Blends & Vans
3.Jordan 11 in Red
4.chuck 2 waterproof mesh black leather
5.Prada Neoprene Sock Sneaker
6.New Balance 247 sneaker
7.Prada Cloudbust
8.Gosha Rubchinskiy x adidas Football “Ace 16 + Super” sneakers
9.Yeezy 500 Desert Rat
10.Adidas Prophere Trace-olive
11.Air Jordan Retro High Flynit shadow
12.Nike Cortez x Kendrick Lamar
13.acne studios Jimmy Cord Sneaker
14.Ugg Leighton Chukka Boot
15.Vans Surplus Nylon Sk8-HI Reissue
16.Off White Nike Air Presto
17. Off White Nike Air Jordan 1.
18.Travis Scott x Nike Air Force 1 Low
19.New Balance 574 – color ways:
21.Fear of God Vans.
22.North Face x Vans
24.AW Run Mid by Alexander Wang & Adidas
25.Black yeezy Powerphase calabasis

G r e y b o x – G o n g i n
W h e r e i s a l e x – p r o b l e m s
V e r z a c h e – a t t a c h e d
E m i n e m J o n B e l l i o n T y p e B e a t – W o r l d A l o n e

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hey what's up guys Jay Jackson here you might be thinking why I'm so far from the camera recently in my last few videos a lot of people been saying that Ivan just might have been too close to the camera so I just thought I would take a step back a couple steps back actually literally and you know start doing my videos from back here okay what is up everyone DeRay and reksai here how are you guys doing thank you all so much for tuning in to today's video okay so let's talk about makers the affiliate today I will be showing you the top 25 hottest sneakers to wear in 2018 now it's kind of hard because there's been so many dope sneakers that have come out in the last few recent months there's so much dope stuff coming out this year so this video is gonna be based off of my favorite 25 sneakers number one is the adidas future craft 4d now this is supposedly a diva's next big thing you know future Kraft is supposed to change the foot wear game you know take it to the next level and I'm me personally I'm super excited to get my hands on these this year by the way shout out to Gerardo Aguilar for actually showing me these shoes number two is the bones skate hide econ by blends and vans the white stitching is definitely my favorite version of the bones collection these specific ones just got released back in October but will be a great shoe to rock in 2018 number three we got who the Jordan 11s in red now the Elevens are my personal favorite Jordan sneaker of all time and to see them in this colorway is absolutely amazing pure eye candy next up is the chuck to waterproof mesh in black leather now if I was to buy any boots this year these wood will definitely be it hands down it has a Nike insole and the knee Prine in her sleeve just does it for me number fry fry number fries the Prada neoprene socks sneaker now I personally have not been a fan of this whole stock sneaker trend it's been a huge foot wide trend but I just have had nothing wanting nothing to do with it however the Prada ones are absolutely crazy if I was to put any cash towards a sock shoe this would be the one number seven the product cloud bust now you're probably thinking when is this ugly shoe trend gonna end well I'm here to tell you probably not anytime soon my friend dude that's totally just friend right here you got a running shoe with the luxury elements it is what it is is COO number 8 the gasha rub gin ski and adidas football a 16 and super sneaker here's another sock inspired sneaker this one I actually find really really dope um and a lot of celebrities have actually been found rocking these nine is the easy 500 desert rat you can pre-order them right now I believe they come in a bundle of three which means you gotta get like the shoes the hoodie and the shorts I believe that I actually already sold out so it doesn't give them anybody much hope number 10 is the adidas pro fear with the unique grace and all of colorway there it is I really dig the hints of pink not just on the soul but actually on the upper fabric throughout the shoe and yeah that's about it they're dope but I dig them number 11 is the Air Jordan Retro high-flying it in the shadow colorway I've always been a huge fan of the Jordan ones and to me this is one of the dopest colorways I've seen in a while and really feeling these number 12 is the Nike Cortez kendrick lamar in red these will be released at the end of january this is actually the best picture i can get because they haven't been fully revealed yet but as you can see their fire dude come on number 13 is the acne studios jimmy chords sneaker now me personally i really love the whole vintage running inspired look and with the brown corduroy and the red glossy panels that really just does it for me i really dig it number 14 is the latent chuck a beautifly ugh chuck aboot SAR definitely my favorite move to wear honestly these ones by ugh are classy rugged just beautifully made I mean to be honest I see myself picking these bad boys up for sure number 15 is the band's surplus nylon skate high reissue crazy story my dad actually used to be a professional skateboarder back in the 80s so you know you got vans skate shoes all the time I grew up rocking van skin shoes like my whole life but yeah um these high tops are crazy crazy dope in my opinion especially the dusky green colorway my 16 and 17 kind of go hand in hand mainly because they're both taken from the off-white in Nike collection or collaboration right here is the Nike Air presto and right here is the Air Jordan once both are extremely expensive you can make payments number 18 is the Travis Scott and Nike Air Force one Lowe's these are different because they actually let you customize the shoe with a set of Nike swoosh velcro patches and logo patches so shout-out to my dude miles Hampton for actually showing me these number 19 is the New Balance 574 's I've honestly never been a huge fan of New Balance – just recently these five seven fours that my dude Lancelot actually showed me are fresh there's a ton of different colorways of the 5 7 4 so I'll be sure to link them all in the description below so you can yeah check them out number 21 is the fear of God vans now here's another fans favorite of mine highly anticipated shoe back in November and just a great addition to any collectors collection number 22 we have another pair of vans this is the North Face and vans collaboration now you got the comfort style of a van shoe and the protection of North Face gear so you get the best of both worlds a craze shoe for winter in my opinion number 23 we got you guys ready for this are you are you guys ready for this 23 we got the new Shaq's no just play number 23 which is almost almost just as cool as the shacks is the co2 s now you guys knew I had to throw these in the mix and I will be honest straight up honest with you guys I dig I'm not gonna lie this yo twos are freaking sweet dude a little overpriced though just a little bit number 24 is the aw run made by Alexander Wang and adidas we got it truly truly beautiful shoe right here this collaboration between Adidas and Alexander Wang was a huge hit in my opinion and I really really wish I could just get my hands on these unfortunately I can't find my size but um you know I'm for sure gonna keep a keep eye out by the way shout out to Ben Simpson for actually having me check these out these are super fresh and last but not least number 25 is the black Yeezy power phase Calabasas so we've got another easy shoe right here this one just got delayed till spring I believe they got that vintage aesthetic with that low-cut design and honestly it's gonna be a great shoe for the springtime so there it is you guys I hope you all enjoyed today's video if you have any shoes that you believe would have made your top 25 let me know in the comments below I would love to check them out before we go for you know I'm guessing a lot of I'm gonna get a lot of new people watching this video today a lot of new sneaker heads and things like that but before we go I always end off these videos with the inspirational word of the day so with that said today I just wanted to take this time to encourage you guys just to do different you know if you want something in your life that you've never had you got to be willing to do something that you've never done if you want to take your life to the next level you know increase your whole life experience you know you've got to make adjustments you know it's crazy I see so many sad and angry people that you know don't want to give up listening to negative music they don't want to give up watching negative things or negative TV shows just things that are poisoning their mind they don't even want to pick up a positive development book they don't want to spend the time putting in the hours to actually better their life and then at the end of the day they wonder why their life is so miserable it's simple if you want different results then you've got to start doing different you got to start putting different things in your mind if you want a positive life you got to start putting positivity in start reading positive things positive development books start listening to positive music spend some time in the mornings praying or meditating so I encourage you guys and I encourage myself because even myself included I got to work at this stuff every single day the grind never stops so I encourage you guys and myself to disconnect from negativity and start connecting into positivity so again thank you all so much for watching today's video I appreciate it so much if you dug it please give it a nice big thumbs up subscribe if you're new hit the notifications button to be informed when I drop my next video but until then you guys will see you all very soon my name is Joe Jack slur Shaka brah I

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  3. Hey dre, I’ve been watching your videos for a long time, and you have truly inspired me to be a better me. Seriously if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have the totally dope hairstyle I have right now lol. One of my goals this year is to get totally shredded, so I was wondering if you could do a video on your normal workout routine, or just some more fitness related videos. It would really help, and it would be really awesome of if you could! Thanks!👊

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