Top 10 Fashion Designers 2016

Top 10 fashion designers of all time! UPDATE on Supreme Warhol / Ali drop and Supreme Air Max release etc.

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Top 10 fashion designers

1 Raf Simons // creative genius
2 Rick Owens // dark unique
3 Hedi Slimane // collections and art director YSL
4 Alexander Wang // everyday wear
5 Vivienne Westwood // classic look
6 Yohji Yamamoto // ninja futuristic
7 Van Dries Noten // the history elegant and mature
8 Haider Ackermann // jackets and Persian style
9 Julius // wavey trousers
10 Demna Gvasalia // new man behind Balenciaga // Vetements
the car we tried out last time for compatible version so nice this is hella for KFC gravy you know what I mean KFC so yo so I'm doing my a-levels it's not as Sam season shut up which means that it's really hard to like daily vlog and show you guys my life when I'm like revising on stuff I put together a list of ten of my top favorite fashion designers period some of you guys may disagree with me that's fine by me and let me know in the comments down below what your top 10 or top three fashion designers would be so I'm going to do it backwards because why I give away my favorite version designer die early okay so my 10th favorite fashion designer is dem nah and gooferz alia a finger say pronounce it is the new man behind Balenciaga he's also the founder and designer of vêtements or betterments if that's how you pronounce it but yeah I just love his work is amazing do this yeah man I favor julius he makes the way via Strauss's he is like another version of Rick Owens if you want to get trousers of high fashioned and check out julius is this is all men's fashion by the way but check out Judy's his work is amazing a Hyder Ackerman Kanye West used to rinse out his clothing line before he released his own line easy season 1 and so on so forth and he makes the wavy is Jackie is Persian style Prince of Persia looking close okay so my seventh favor I recently just discovered this person Fanta V's Noten if that's how you pronounce it yeah has this like elegant mature kind of look to it highly recommended I would put up higher but Yohji Yamamoto takes its place and synth because I love the ninja futuristic kind of look I love I love my ninja stuff I love looking like a ninja I always wear all black like a ninja number 5 my fifth favorite is Vivienne Westwood just because it gives this like classic I loved about it taking fourth place is Alexander Wang reason being nice everyday clothes like the clothes you could wear the sleep wake up the claims were just so comfortable to live in that was the whole purpose why I listen the one made his clothes with certain Cotton's and like materials so you could literally live in them and that's what he's achieved seriously you should save up and buy a t-shirt from Alexander Wang you will love it taking third now my top free my father would have to be Hades Lehmann if that's how you pronounce it sorry from like slow stirring these names but he is the collections and arts director of wire cell singer only she used to be cold and I loved seeing her on seriously spring summer 16 that clothing line is so amazing and beautiful I had the money I would Brooke only sailor on spring summer 16 but nevertheless my second favor I mentioned it earlier Rick Owen he is amazing he crazy dog unique futuristic coffee he kind of looks and I just love it it's just it's me he makes his clothes with me in mind the best designer in her wide world RAF Simmons he is a genius that's all I'm gonna say he's a creative genius like you can't top him nevertheless that was really hard for me to do because they're still like Jeremy Scott Neal Barrow and I'm gonna miss the Kanye West photo upload during the run so coffee of God like there's so many designers that I had to like throw out and make this list so openly some of you guys will find new designers you've never heard of and you check them out let me know in the comments down below what your top free fashion designers would be so like when he keeps him he goes like so car showrooms that's because my cousin's buying a car and I go with him and I sit in these cars and show you them and yeah that's why if you guys like wandering I'm not getting my first car from there I told you I'm broke why am I getting money for a 100,000 pound Jaguar like come on guys really today's shout-out goes on to DVD 276 was like David and it's got he of the David something like that yes I wrote to you for friends for support you want to show out and follow him and you know you know the chill now you see my other blog I had you can't see me I won't dog wait is that better now everything Supreme just to keep you guys updated because you guys sometimes rely on me so tomorrow it's the Warhol and hourly kind of t-shirt that's the most hyped item that's being released as well as I forgot names Betty has been released on the show but it's all on Instagram that's been shown that is what is dropping and also you guys like basically you know when I did a video like confirmed date on the release date of the air max supreme that lab shoes that was also filmed on April the first which is also known for April Fool's Day most of you guys got the drug but then there are people out there that actually believed me on April Fool's the shoes are only dropping exclusively online you can't go to Supreme they're not selling it in store no information about my collab but they are confirmed to be dropping online if they drop in made they dropping me that's what's happening but never done less hope you guys enjoyed this video somehow sorry was sure sorry it wasn't like a vlog also click the description down below it has the list of all the fashion designers as well linked to my look weird link to my social media suits with our Instagram snapchat get following me on all of them if you're new I tried to daily vlog fashion blogger yes stay tuned videos will get better I promise yeah peace ciao ciao

50 thoughts on “Top 10 Fashion Designers 2016”

  1. You are fucking up the pronunciation of every single name on this list! "Balenciago (Balenciaga), Van Dries Noten (Dries Van Noten).
    You should change Yohji to Y3 because obviously you dont know what Yohji Yamamoto actually designs. Y3 is the Ninja stuff (He doesnt even design Y3 anymore), Yohji Yamamoto is baggy, oversized, avant garde suiting.

    Learn your shit before you make a Youtube video about it because it makes you look bad. Just do some research so that you sound like you know what your talking about.

    People like you are whats wrong with fashion!

  2. My top 3
    1. Mathew williams (alyx studios)
    2. Alessandro michele (Gucci)
    3. John galliano (Margiela)
    4. Ralph Lauren (Ralph lauren polo)
    5. max vanderwoude (supreme)
    Bang bang

  3. I feel first place is hedi slimane as his strength as a designer was proven when he entirely rebranded ysl to slp which so many designers would be far too afraid to do, and it's such a classic and timeless style that he creates, also I feel gosha is incredible more as a form of art as his fashion shows show just a style that emphasises the context it was created for and really opens the eyes of streetwear followers into being more interested in high fashion

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