Top 10 Best Cheap Fragrances for Men

Best Mens Fragrances under 30 Dollars Inexpensive Sexy Colognes
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buenos dias Senora your soy Jeremy I am learning to speak Spanish guys because I got a lot of stuff planned with my upcoming fragrance brand and of course Spanish is one of the most important languages on the planet que bonito sauce tienes que hora s let's go today we speak about the best cheap fragrances I constantly update this list here you have hardcore sexy long-lasting great compliment getters from the cheap side and the $30.00 range we're gonna start off with the number 10 spot CK 1 shock this one starts off fantastic like a super cool guy but can't keep up with its performance with its super first impression that he has on a girl and then suddenly he's not so cool like the girl thought he is that's exactly what you get with this one smells gorgeous it's a mass appealing Oh gorgeous tobacco fragrance gorgeous tobacco fragrance the opening one of the best openings that we have in the fragrance world the first one hour is fantastic it's a cheap price CK one chunk number 10 spot number 9 spot is the wolf of wallstreet fragrance this is Salvatore Ferragamo F black pour on the thing with this one is it's gorgeous one of the last creations by Olli we polish the superstar performer now in house performer off Chanel and he made this one it's a peppery fragrance and it's apples peppers and apples is what you get with this one Authority is what the screams performance is what this screams some girls are offended by it if they smell it too close the less I put on with this and just a little pinch of it goes to the girl that smells it I get much more compliments then forcing this fragrance on me and forcing the compliments it's much cooler with this one this is one of those that gets you compliments less is more when you apply number nine so I'd F black salvatore ferragamo pour on my number eight spot Wow this went down the list guys the fresh fabric softener with a sweet raspberry touch how fantastic is this one Mont Blanc individual what have we been through guys what have I been through with this fragrance what have I through with Mont Blanc individual it's a fresh fabric softener with a sweet raspberry touch number eight spot individual number seven spots one of the favorites from Lara still not very popular Jaguar pace and this is by one of those car company fragrances and what do we expect from car company fragrances nothing much we expect generic mass appealing fragrances with average performance this is a mass appealing fragrance generic but it has better than average performance and the scent character is more than medium if you ask girls this is one of those shower gel fresh out of the shower fragrances it does have a bit of a peppery masculine but but generally it's your typical shower gel fragrance you will be impressed how much girls like this one Jaguar pace number six spot guys Halloween man shut if this would have twice the performance that it currently has it would be a serious contender in the top ten most complimented list this one has not a clear identification how it smells you could say it has powdery elegant of Valentino Alma intense mixed with a playful attitude by Paco Rabanne Invictus you could explain it this way but it does have a nice unique vibe impressing ladies reactions with this one but the performance could be better clearly that's why it's not in the top three but Halloween man shot is a great fragrance number six but Sean John unforgivable fall of you that love creep militiaman pre all you have to get this one put this fragrance in the fridge but not too cold but put this thing in the fridge it's super high heat outside evening or even daytime you get it out of the fridge you spray it and it will be a fantastic cooling experience spread this thing the very first time and I was so freshened up by that cucumber melon fresh unidentifiable freshness of fruits and natural scents it was very good for the price you pay for Sean John unforgivable you have to get it especially if you already love Melissa Minh period or don't want to blind by Melissa me I'd rather blind buy this one and you have a good idea on how that one smells very similar also in the performance section number four spots Cristiano Ronaldo legacy private edition this fragrance is just more than fantastic this is currently the best coffee fragrance on the market if you go for ladies reactions if you only want coffee and fantastic performance price value proposition is great then go for pure tonka by teary moogly great one as well but this one is the go-to guy if you want a cheap fantastic coffee fragrance that ladies like obviously this is for fall and winter nothing for the spring and summer this is Cristiano Ronaldo private edition legacy three fragrances left it's one guys mom blonde legend spirit for all of us that love Invictus aqua 2016 very similar which means this Invictus DNA but more it's more citruses inside which makes it more interesting not to synthetic like there ones that I just mentioned but in exchange you get less performance less synthetic less performance still it's not bad and we have to know the 2018 version of Invictus aqua is not so good like that one it's also more expensive than this one so this is my favorite if you want to have that sweet bubblegum Invictus DNA aqua fresh for summer fantastic gift if you look for a nice gift for a teenager Wow for the spring/summer Legend Spirit is the one to go for great one great one great one great on number three number two spot unbelievable unbelievable fragrance this one is called black leather by Marisa dispense the Storch auto housemate series Benz controls of Jesus person by owner in Blanc this fragrance in fact smells great don't be afraid of the term black leather you think it's overwhelming strong it is not overwhelming strong like a good old thing or like a Tuscan leather it is a pinch of fresh nice car seat leather and then you have this dolce gabbana the one DNA which we all know is unbeatable if we come to average fantastic ladies reactions in terms of it's very safe everybody likes it for you teenagers or mature men as well for the evening leather jacket time this is a great alternative to CH men TV which is more dark and the number one spot bugatti aqua mala this fragrance is the strength of the ocean it is clearly clearly the strength of the ocean and impressive fragrance it does have all kinds of crazy notes we speak in words and in pictures it smells like the strength of the ocean strength of the ocean is the codename for aqua Amalia Bulgari no further questions needed love it impressive compliments it gave me even when wearing formal suits so this is not a casual only fragrance it's suitable for everybody that dares to be bold because this does not smell like Invictus aqua that is hey I'm a teenager sexy time this is strong Jason Statham event to sleek masculine but for 30 dollars 30 euros that price range number one spot fantastic one of the best summer fragrances thank you very much for watching SOI SOI SOI jeremy but you have to say something else what does that go I don't want to say SOI Jeremy this SOI Jeremy I'm learning Spanish now alright thank you very much for watching love you peace

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  1. Soy Jeremy… y estoy muy contento por compartir este momento 🙂 In truth, your English is much better understood than the Spanish of others! Thank you for your diction, your comments and experience, your elegance,image quality, humility and perseverance. Greetings from the Basque Country

  2. CK one shock has been one of my go-to fragrances for awhile now, BUT good luck finding it now days…. supply has been drying up like crazy on that one. last year i bought the last two bottles on the shelf because its not being made anymore….

  3. Guys please check out CJ Black from Rue 21. It is a compliment BEAST! Smells so great $10 !! It is incredible in every aspect. It is a oil based fragrance, infused with citrus, grapefruit, tart bergamot, and mandarin! It is simply STUNNING. I would put it up against Aqua Di Gio Profumo "in a way" they both have that sexy musk smell. Can't go wrong for $10

  4. Some Spanish idioms Americans think natives- at least here in Mexico- use:
    Welcome to my house(Jeremy's)/ welcome to casa de jeremy : Bienvenido a mi casa
    Want to drink margaritas and bang senioritas: quiero emborracharme y coger mujeres
    Vaya con Dios -often used as a way of wishing good luck and saying good bye to someone: adiós y que Dios te.
    😂😂😂😂😂😂 Buena suerte con aprender español.

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