Tips for Screen Printing Kids Apparel

While all fabric, styles and colors in our new BELLA+CANVAS Kids collection are found in our adult line, there are certain things that are important to keep in mind when screen printing kids apparel. Learn more on our blog, Beyond the Blank:

We teamed up with our friends at Shirt Agency again to go through a list of do’s and don’ts for decorating on youth blanks.

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BELLA+CANVAS recently launched a kids collection, where they took some of our top-selling adult styles and made them available for the whole family!

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About this video: In this video, BELLA+CANVAS will give you a list of do’s and don’ts for screen printing on kids clothes. As well as showing you why screen printing on infant garments is not as easy as screen printing on any other wholesale t shirts on the market. Keep in mind that there are regulations and certifications needed when selling the best blank apparel for kids, youth and infants. You can track our CPSIA certificates on our website.
Hey guys I'm Victoria with Bella+Canvas.
As you may have heard by now we recently launched a kid's collection. Where we
took some of our top-selling styles in the adult line and made them available
for the whole family. There are a few important things for you to keep in mind
when decorating on kids apparel. So today we're at Shirt Agency again to go
through a list of do's and don'ts for printing on kids apparel. So we're here
with Cole, can you tell me the first tip that our customers should keep in
mind? Yeah well I think the most obvious thing is you want the best print
possible. So I think screen printing is the way to go on any nice garment. One
thing to keep in mind with screen printing is that you're gonna have a lot
of different sizes when you're dealing with kids. So for today we're actually
going to print it at four and a half inches and at nine inches so that it
looks good on each kids size. So what's the next thing to keep in mind? Well I
think something that people need to be aware of is that discharge inks are
awesome and they look fantastic but kids because of their sensitive skin you need
to be a little bit more aware of some of the issues from the activator. So we
definitely suggest that anyone who's going to discharge on a kid's shirt they
launder and then press it before it ever goes to retail to ensure that the kids
are completely safe. So essentially don't discharge unless you're gonna do it
right, exactly. I think a big thing with kid shirts is
you want to make sure that you have the proper pallet boards for the proper
sides of the shirt. A big mistake that I see is people will stretch a kid's shirt
on to an adult forward. And they just ruin it basically instantly. And how many
different sizes do you guys have? So right now at Shirt Agency we have five
inch wide ten inch wide and then we have a 16 inch wide adult board and we do
that on every press. And are those pretty standard sizes? Yeah,
that's very common the 5-inch one we actually use a lot for sleeves also. So
you can use them for things that aren't specifically kids. And we actually have
all of our specs on our website to go through the different sizing of our
onesies our youth and our adult sizes so that might be a good resource for people
to check out. Yeah, that's perfect because then you can check online before you
even sell the job. Obviously another big deal when you're dealing with kids
products is they all need to be CPSIA certified and that's just mandatory for
all kids retail. And of course all of our kids products are up to those standards
but the cool thing about each unit is that they actually have with inside the
tag we have a PO number where you can go under our website and track that
specific unit and see when it was tested and download a certificate to prove that
it's actually up to those standards. Yeah that's awesome! So just like with our adult collection we
only offer 100% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton garments. But we also
have our tri-blend and our flowy and all these different colors. And our sizing it
ranges from babies to toddlers and youth. Yeah it's so cool to see this kind of
stuff finally be available because the market was so limited. It was just cheap
kid shirts and it's so awesome to see something that you'd actually want to
wear yourself be available for your child. A lot of our customers have been
waiting for something like this because they're already doing a premium adult
brand. And so this fits in perfectly to offer it to children. Great, will you show me some prints please some of these? yeah let's do it! We hope this video inspires you!
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