Timeless, classic men's style is bull$#*+ (how guys should dress instead)


While classic clothing items (jeans, t-shirts, suits) exist, a general timeless, classic style DOESN’T.

The way we wear our clothes will change slightly over the years and decades, even with basic stuff like denim and suits.

So instead of worrying about if your clothing is 100% classic and will look relevant in 10 years, start dressing for TODAY.

Here’s everything you need to put together a sharp look with a bit of personality.



what's up fellas welcome to effortless gent in today's video I want to talk a little bit about classic timeless style and why I think it's bull so for a long time I told my readers that effortless gent to always strive for a classic lean wardrobe now the problem with that I realized over the years is that there is no one classic wardrobe there's no one classic style that you can buy because well style changes throughout the years throughout the decades there's no one classic style that makes sense throughout time that will always look relevant however classic pieces do exist so if you take a look at denim your basic t-shirt even suits those things have existed for quite a long time so I would say that those are pretty classic but even if you take a look at how suits were once a 95 years ago in the 20s and you compare that to how suits are worn today it's very very different the Mad Men era yes that may look modern to us today but that's only because we were reintroduced to these Styles back in 2008 relatively recently when Mad Men came out in general as you look at suits throughout the decades it's all styled differently and you can't say that your Grandpa's suit from the 1930s is going to look how it should look today so what are we supposed to do if we want a classic wardrobe that is going to stand the test of time well one I don't think you can do that but what you can do is to get as close as possible by buying a classic wardrobe that is very middle-of-the-road let's say for example you take denim if you buy denim that is a straight-leg standard rise nothing too skinny nothing too low and nothing too wide essentially that's going to be a pretty standard pair of denim that will stand the test of time or or what you could do and I'm totally contradicting myself right now what you could do is dress for the moment just for today dress how you want to look right now and not worry about what your wardrobe or what your style will be like in 20 years don't buy denim for 20 years from now hoping that it's still going to be relevant by what you like to so if you like something that's a little bit slimmer a little bit more tapered by that you want to like how you dress now today if you enjoy the clothes that you own today right now you're going to love how you look you're going to feel super confident in what you wear and that confidence is going to shine through and there's nothing wrong with striving for a lean wardrobe that you hope will make sense for you and still be relevant in 10 or 20 years but just know that through my own experience preferences tend to change and so you might not even like what you have in your closet a year from now but that's okay another tip I have when it comes to dressing for the moment after you sort of build that base level of classic pieces in your wardrobe like you have your denim you have your t-shirts you have your button-up shirts once you have all that basic stuff covered start adding in things that have a little bit of personality that kind of show off who you are and what you like you want to add things that are unique to you and your style so for example if there's a fedora that you love maybe really like jewelry and rings and bracelets or watches maybe there's like a leather jacket that you could wear every single day life is too short to take clothing too seriously now don't worry you're not going to break anything when you experiment with your style there's a good chance that someone's gonna look at you and not like what you're wearing but you know what so what personal style is just that it's personal it's subjective what looks good to one person doesn't look good to everybody and that doesn't matter you just want to wear what makes you feel good in what you like it's all about the story that you want to tell and how you want to represent yourself to the world alright guys that's all I got for you today please I'd love to hear what you think about this leave a comment below and let me know hit that like button and also before you head out of here please subscribe and I will see you in the next video

18 thoughts on “Timeless, classic men's style is bull$#*+ (how guys should dress instead)”

  1. This is a brilliant video. Almost every word was spot on. And all while you’re basically saying “it’s relative, bro. Don’t worry about it. Wear what you like’” etc. Shout out to the modest man for sending me here.

  2. Less than a year ago i wore tight jeans and cowboyboots all the time (17 at that time) and now i only wear extremely baggy sweatpants. It happened because i started doing parkour with a friend and the jeans and boots holded me back. My friend who always wore sweatpants started wearing jeans and tight dress shirts but not boots yet

  3. In my own style journey, I have come to realize that the lean/interchangeable wardrobe is great for not making your life too complicated, but not all the pieces you invest in will take you through every change in fashion. Some items will, like shoes (just bought some Allen Edmonds Fifth Avenues, and I know I'll be able to wear them for at least the next 10 years with proper care), but others won't (like the suit I just had made – looks great with modern styling but who knows what will happen in the next 5 years with suiting style).

  4. Keep up with your effortlessness personality in these videos Baron! You write very well so it's great to see that personality bleed onto video. I think your channel will resonate with a lot of viewers since it tackles more than just the surface of style.

    I'd like to hear more what you have to say other than the lean waredrobe. I've learned tons from building my personal lean waredrobe.

  5. Thanks for coming back to youtube brotha, i feel you and tanner truly resonate with me and what i'm trying to achieve, thank you so much for your time, knowledge and wisdom. In my opinion, i think its important to 'lean' on trending pieces whilst embodying style of what was relevant within the last couple years, to help build a 'modern timeless wardrobe'. Is it possible to get an autograph? i could give you my number, you'll just have to send a pic of it please 🙂
    Regards Shane (Trinidad).

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