Time Travel History – Fashion Dreams 1800 – 2030: Creative Fun-Schooling Curriculum

Fun-Schooling Meets History!
SALE! Normal Price $32.50 A Homeschooling Curriculum for Creative Girls! Ideal for 5th to 12th Grade, but any student who loves fashion and drawing can use this book. It is not childish, even adults can enjoy the activities in this book. Young children can use the book with the help of a parent or older sibling.

180 Lessons! Use one page per day as a complete history and art curriculum that will last for the entire school year! The only problem is that your student might not want to put this book down. It is so much fun.

Girls will learn many things about history through this delightful fun-schooling handbook.

They will study 22 historic events.

They will read books and watch documentaries about the past.

They will study the fashions of the past, along with important women, such as the first ladies of the American presidents.

Students will have fun as they draw the clothing of the past, present and future!

They will study clothing and costumes from around the world.

They will design wedding dresses and ball gowns. They will not even realize that this is schoolwork!

Student Instructions: How to use this Book:

Go to the library and choose three books about fashion.

Get high quality drawing supplies, including colored pencils, professional liner pens, and a set of graphite pencils.

Use parent approved websites to help you discover more about the history of fashion.

Watch videos and documentaries about fashion, design, and history.

Watch a good movie from each era, look for musicals with high quality costumes.

Be ready to design clothing from each era!

Study and draw inaugural ball gowns of the American first ladies.

Learn about an important event from each era that you study.


If your daughter enjoys fashion and drawing, this is the perfect history book for her. It is designed for use by ages 9 to 17. Your student will be delighted to find out that the drawings in this book are drawn by a 16 year old homeschooler, with Dyslexia.

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hello there this is canvas this is thinking trees fashion dreams from year 1800 to the year 2030 this is time travel history so this is a great accompaniment to history or just even a history curriculum and itself fine fashion books learn about the era and what the fashion look like might probably we'll learn about life styles and things like that and writing about major events during that era drawing the first lady's inaugural down I really love this book and I'm not a super girly woman but and I probably wouldn't have been into this as a team but I can see our daughter's very very much girly so she probably would love us as a team she's a little young for it obviously but she's only three I don't know if you can see it it's kind of hard to see but over on the one side there is an outline so when you're to your child designing things there is an actual person are you drawn for them so that makes it easier if they don't have super advanced drawing skills to at least have a very shaded it's not shaped at the very face of a person to trace or not trace and your other clothes over and you can color over it and it will be covered very easily so there's always history and major events and stuff in each decade that's listed in here and you do inaugural ball gowns wedding dresses fancy gowns outfit so it's not just one area of fashion and my guess is this is largely American in nature so be cool to see something like this from different cultures if it doesn't exist I've been thinking tree I haven't gotten every single book so I've paid attention to most of what is released but that could be a really neat geography study is if you if there is a book like this for different cultures some pajamas beach dress on the back there's more when I'm wearing now farmgirl style wedding dress traditional essent there is some there's traditional african clothes hippie style boho wedding dress hippie wedding dress activewear California style Paris so there is some room in the back Asian clothing there in traditional clothing so there's some room in the back for a little bit of geography study and some culture social studies so like most thinking tree books this is multi subject approach and this was written by anna Brown who is 16 years old and this is a fun way to study history

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