Thrift Store Haul 2017 MEN'S Clothing & Vintage RE-SELLING on eBay to Make MONEY Part 2

PART 2 of a typical Men’s Thrift Store Haul from April 2017. Men’s Clothing and Vintage Clothing that I resell on eBay every day, as I have for over 15 years. I will be talking about some of the articles of clothing as well as How much I paid for them and how much I can expect to get for them when I resell them on eBay.

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what's up everybody King a thrift here welcome back for all my subscribers for those who've never been here before my channel is devoted to helping you succeed in your journey on eBay so I'm telling you what's worked for me I've been a reseller on eBay for about 20 years and this channel is devoted to everything that I've learned in that time and basically going to give back and show you guys how I've done what I've done and hopefully it can help you guys along the way along the path to success make sure you like this video don't forget to smash that subscribe button if you want learn how to work from home be your own boss and create the life you left family makes panel goblets quick David's a total item up for bids we have here a Levi's this is a vintage Levi's cowpoke shirt this is a pearl snap as you can see and we got the gold school button I mean these own school up pockets there and it's white piping working that's very nice purple purple pearl snack now this is data a little worn of course but that's how they like them and this right here I'll probably get $50 for it because it's a nice pearl Smasher if you did here you're paying attention to what's going on in the vintage world then you know that pearl snaps or hot right now so Pro snaps go with everything so and I guarantee just about every guy out there the pearl snap in it wardrobe they do here to Texas next item up we have let's see ah Pokemon Pokemon in the house now that makes your typical Pokemon number one that's Pokemon brand name right there that makes it better number two this is from the year 2000 made by Nintendo so that makes this thing worth more I mean you look at it 17 years old I'm taking years old Pokemon is blew up over the last few years everything pokemon is highly collectible so this show right here is going to do nothing but go up in value what I will do is I will put it on auction and I'll do a little research and see what they're going for personally if I don't think it's going for enough I always hold on to it this is going to my collection and I have a huge collection of vintage clothing that I keep that I've been holding on to basically if I don't think that it's going for the price but I know that it's worth that I was holding on to it a few years it'll probably double triple in price who knows it could go up slightly football cute so but the thing is to give it away right now for say 14 or 15 dollars and I'll hold on to it even though I only paid I think a buck or two bucks for it to celebrate 15 or 20 dollars if a man has a great profit margin you know why would you hold on to it why would you take that money and run well because I can just take this shirt fold it and put it in a box I mean look at it it doesn't take up any credit I don't have to feed it all have to close it you know I'll have to take care of it in other words didn't sits there and just goes up in value it's like money in the bank is for some concern so putting your money collectibles there at eight that's one of the parks one of the fringe benefits of going into this business so I'll put it in for only $29 now maybe four we had that spot where they told worth likes $49 off the top of my head but it's not others hold on to it I can see it will go up in value infinite or the worst case scenario hold on to a couple of years and we build up a few bucks hey I still sell it it's still worth money so it still just money back next item up for bids we have a dentist Pepsi this is the Pepsi from the Daytona 400 and this is Richard Petty and this is may year 1992 fourth of July abetted Independence Day so this consider you worth money obviously collectible and it's collectible in two rights number one it's collectible as far as so top goes you know people will bear people who collect you know soda pop memorabilia so you pop up adverts advertisements and that's what this would be considered as and also people who collect auto racing and then third actually you know take it even a step further is this guy penny where everything was I don't know I'm not into that even though I have successes hands with Explorer game I'm not really into a yeah today coming nothing against it I think it's cool but anyway so this collectible of three rights number one is collectibles if you collect pesky or so top memorabilia number two if you're into day counter you're into the racing and race cars a number three if you're into this particular racing racer which was a petty gear whatever probably get emails next we have very nice vintage and this is campus acrylic and wool and as you can see you got this multicolored tweed going on there very nice this right here I believe the clothes cable knit that pattern going on the front playing in the back Kaitlyn on the front this is nice I'll probably just put it in my store for a feel like it's worth it there will fit until the winter months roll around till it starts to cool off again and you might sell there I'm gonna get rid of it I can get rid of it tomorrow for 19 or Quiros just depends that's a good thing about the business any kind of really need money to always lower the price in my clinic next we have a Lenin big man inside this is XXL looks like Banana Republic very nice that should go for no less than twenty nine dollars twenty four if you know it goes for cheap price on gets one for four but no less than $19 on I think about fifty so next we have here is really nice you pay a fee I pay markdown half-price day two dollars and 12 cents or whatever that is approximately it's a small size so it's a slim fit and this is a cowboy westerns money by what's been weird Fort Worth Texas this is a pearl snap and it's got the little buckle back snaps very nice this I wish was a little bit bigger but still 36 which is very small could end up going overseas you know a lot of a lot of the vintage items that I still doing this one receive this it is much bigger over there than it is over here even though you know now it's much bigger than it used to be but even if itself in the States it will go for no less than forty nine nose upwards around 69 possibly even $89 now would have no problem getting 69 $200 it was justified larger into work size 38 but it's 36 little smaller size does matter and it makes two dollars in 250 no problem very nice property here we have a Ralph Lauren button-down long-sleeve shirt got saponin Tony brought it right there logo going on and it's a classic fit and these are good for no less than $29 $19 19 to 29 all day next let's try to get to just a few more here guys here we have a pair of obviously polo little vintage polos here little button pocket on the back metal buttons and these are just your basic walking shorts or you know whatever just casual shorts cool elastic waistband and you know this is nothing to write home about but just because it's vintage I sent problems no problem getting 19 and 25 dollars for those all day you have a pair of McGregor's couch shorts now back in my dad's what they wore anyway so if they're still wearing that but is what the coach is we're back in my days they were these all the way up to the 90s but these particular ones look like they're probably from the 70s or possibly to be angry with a little tangent yeah these are definitely straight into 80s babies have no problem $35 for those next item up for bid is we have another pair in the house McGregor's again with the short shorts another 25 $35 pair of Dickies red Dickies old school is my guess on these I haven't come across a reappeared Dickies like this I don't think ever but actually I have no idea what these will go for you get to those Dickies logo right there accents everyone's gonna like that and you know if you're if you're into the 90s you're gonna love these so these I'm guessing all going for twenty nine to forty nine dollars actually I really have no idea what they will go for now listen nineteen knows I can guarantee today and I didn't pay any more than almost everything you see here guys I'm not paying any more than $2 $5 ready $10 for almost everything you see here now we do probably have an exception here I put a $19 to these as you can see these are very nice what these are looks to put these more in see that Prada baby I know you've all heard of products and these will be good for up a clock instead of a $20 for them and they will go for no less than $100 129 150 you know I mean it's it's you know there's a ring they're really clean you don't got a whole they've got not too much we're going on so you know $20 into 100 I'll take that all day let's get a couple more and we will wrap up here we have a pair of O'Neill board shorts just in time for summer O'Neill sighs very good for $19 here we have another pair they look like Bachmann shorts actually definitely look like maybe adidas we'll see we have here what brand do we have extra large odd annual Dimmick removes basically you know there you go then from you and this hard to believe that's how I said Daniel commutes and these are Macy's I believe you can get 50 dozen basis so that means these are here and probably run you thirty five forty five dollars that makes these retail which means I can expect to get no less than $15 leaves now that sounds like she'll change and normally I try to stay away from things like that but you can't just lets you know 50 $100 items all day you need some lower end items also for $15 $25 items you know I actually stay away from anything under about 15 dollars if I can get $15 worth I'm an adjusted my time line but you know you know if you $15 on a dress for five bucks 350 nothing so you know it adds up quickly you would have to take you know if you pay into those an item you get three dollars you know $2 on you got three items you got six dollars invested you make 45 that's your best bet and that's just on 15 all right so they better expect to get any more than 15 $20 so as I promised you guys something special at either this video actually at the be doing no it's called one time this short haul but what we have here is a Sir Thomas jacket and this is a jacket from an organization who helps communities they help them outreach as far as helping people with hearing loss and you know basically they volunteer work and accept special organizations and things like that it's a a club it's over 100 years old but what's so special about this jacket is the buttons or the buttons on this jacket and these buttons are made by none other than Ben silver what's so special about them silver buttons are that they make them from goals some of these can be solid 18 karat gold I will have to actually have these buttons tested to see what their work but as far as I can tell from my research they could be worth in upwards of 200 to possibly five you know $2,500 so pretty good score there for that gold pumping tank now it's time to take it home with gemstone ring my pain Rebecca shot so previously the game pain

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  1. Hi. You said something important and valuable in this Vid; Holding in to collectible items such as the spokesman Tshirt! Hummmm Can you do a vid talking about holding on to things you thrift for their life of value; is it worth it? You explain thing so clear! Thanks. 🤗👍

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