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doing deputy guys my name is BC and welcome back to the channel and today we were turning on a game called best pot is still don't know if I'm saying that correctly or not passed power to pass part two whatever we're playing a game called passed part two and I me myself myself and I and me and all of us we are playing as a starving artist I'm out here selling my masterpieces at mere pennies trying to scrape by a living we need to upgrade our our Art Center place display whatever the hell it's called where do we sleep there as a matter of fact I don't know what we're trying to do is get enough money to become the greatest artists out there sorry I'll calm down alright so now last time we were playing this game we were trying to sell our masterpieces and we're living out of this little shack the full piece of shit and we need to make some of that move it off to upgrade wait a minute hold up uh I thought I thought I had already done all this how about it did I have any money last time to my game reset well apparently I guess my last progress didn't save so uh we have to start over maybe maybe not I don't know okay so let me go ahead and go to my canvas and we need to paint something extraordinary something that will get people talking about my artistic endeavors and this time I'm actually going to try and drop you know what I'm going to draw you guys I am going to draw you guys as I see it which would be a camera so uh let me see now we have a camera that's going to be very awkward me staring right at you but we have let me see now let me just shrink this all the way down hello MP sorry okay so we have the camera which looks something like this and then it has a little bump like so and then it comes down and then it's got a little part that comes out like this it's very hard to draw without and without a tablet you know I mean I'm using my mouse have you seen my mouse it's broken you know what that is it's a bad day and plate holding down the left mouse click er I got mad one day when I was playing a game and I threw it across the room and it broke alright so then we got the bottom piece down here and then we got to this piece I don't know why I'm doing this voice but it sounds very artistic Oh to stick autistics I don't know what I'm doing that looks like trash let me try this again hold up this is going to be perfect just hold on hold on and fill that part in like so all right that looks terrible simply terrible that this is like Bob Ross you know the toilet painting let's beat some settle out on it you know with this paintbrush have you guys ever seen that no all right well then you're missing out okay um we need to do the lens because like this is the lens you guys are the lens all right you're the lens of my camera so let's make this just huge Oh bills in bad code color can't be bills I haven't even made this month's red all right hold up okay there's the lens perfect and then a little bit smaller right there okay all right that was so bad I'm so bad at this art shit and then you guys are pretty shiny okay hold up right here right here is going to be like the lens element I know it looks bad you shut up hold up and then all god I'll now they're taking money away I haven't even made the payments this month God dang it I hold up there's the light reflecting on the lens I know it looks bad but there is a very limited color palette alright so just chill your titties down and then a little bit smaller right there and then a little bit darker like right there we're going to go down like this I know it doesn't it doesn't make sense I know alright yeah alright looks so bad why am I so bad at argh I told them let's do this let's go like this and then a dot there and there it's pulling for quick a shiny part of a lens I know it doesn't make much sense but this is about the best you're going to get from me and then there's another shiny part now looks like shit god dang it and of course we need to make sure to put the Lumix part because that's what this camera is called it's the Lumix gh4 there we go it looks simply terrible okay hold up and then we have the button right here you know the shutter button the button like that this looks absolutely atrocious like I should be shot for how bad this looks alright well that's about as good as I'm going to do it looks absolutely out Rochas but that's all I could do in the amount of time we have so there's painting of my camera 100% inaccurate $5,000,000 I got kids to feed okay gh4 no gh4 there we go aha Beth would you like to see my painting I call it the shitty camera sir please please buy buy it buy it Oh hundred fifty dollars for that masterpiece I will take it I am happy that you are happy sir show it to your friends and you'll never have friends ever again hello sir now if I remember you were the generous side the Juris bloke from before so what can we do to scan this guy aha I have an idea let's make let's make hold up I have an idea let's make the vegetable peanuts okay so here we have the carrot which will be the shaft of my Magnum dong which I know I have there we go oh look at that lovely how would you let's come around people I am making some fabulous art not you not not you at all spiky-haired look at this what are you left over from the 80s you weird weird bastard alright so here we have the little Leafs that are on the carrots at least not big carrots that leaves I don't know I haven't seen a raw carrot ages alright so just shut up I don't need fruit and vegetables that stuff's disgusting alright I ate candy I need candy and sugar and all sorts of disgusting unhealthy food there we go there's the shadow and then we have a little bit of a shadow action over here you know I actually have like a pen tablet system I need to break that bad boy out all right there we go let's get a little bit of it all what there's not a darker orange alright well this is unfortunate let's do this let's go like this I know it's yellow but this is about the best I could do it's supposed to look like the accent of the you know the Sun the glare whatever you want to call it there we go Oh build something with someone buying something for a minute you guys are freaking me out walking around like that I know you're expecting a masterpiece but it's your boy I can't do stuff like that okay and for the testicles we are going to have two big red apples there we go there's one Apple and then there's the other Apple they look more like red stress balls and apples but listen your boys struggling over here okay I can't help you and then the spins sort of like a little brown is that right yeah like a little brown there we go there's the apple stem there's another Apple stem and then we need a nice dark red there we go alright that's looking a little bit like an apple what do you mean it's not yes it is alright no it's not but you know it's about the best I could do there's the bottom part like a little shadow action there we go and then we need some white sort of like as a an accent you know there's there's a shiny waxy part of the outside of the Apple and then there's a little tip right there all right there we go I call it the fruit vegetable penis all right I want you guys to buy it there we go we're going to call it natural penis that doesn't make sense we're going to call it a what are we going to call this Benji penis all right we would like to buy a veggie penis I spent five minutes on it the veggie penis would you shut you sir I know you're a pervert I saw you eyeballing that kid I've thrown a rule I think it's going for the sale bad colors what do you mean bad colors it's the actual colors of fruit vegetable are you blowing oh god here comes emo it's unnatural this fella has no energy barring how much you suck it you're the guy that looks like a scarecrow a gothic scarecrow does your mom know you smoke animal feces now I don't think so get out of here these bastards think they could tell me what to do this guy over here is your G here we go through good just in it for the cash what do you mean it looks gorgeous how is this not worthy of your money pal I have kids that are starving 52,000 kids but the killer you think you're bad guy that's what I'm about to do all right well apparently my previous drawing is that worthy of their cash so uh what are we going to draw I'm not going to draw that actually hold up that's a good idea you're smart I like your ID hold up where you're going to draw that oh where is the energy mate it's so bland does this game orangie paintings and decide this one's trash and this one's good you know what you know what hold up I'll do your ID in a minute let's do this let's paint let's paint a guy squatting down taking a shit okay hold up let's do this actually no no no no no cowboy squatting down taking a shit now you're probably wondering how is this going to work well I have no idea either but I'm going to give it a shot just hang on there we go my masterpiece is done I don't really even know what that is it's the cowboy taking a shit but you know what I gotta pay bills we have $30 left so uh there we go you know what it is impossible to draw with this piece of trash mouth Jesus all right cowboy taking aid I'm not going to say is I go going taking a dump there we go hello sir by the way nobody wants to buy the veggie penis they do know what I buy I have tried to sell it and everyone at home it looks like shit the colors are bad oh are you Keaney are you kidding me they bought the painting of a cowboy taking a shit but they won't buy a picture of a harmless vegetable next to two fruits what the hell what's wrong with these grandpa asses you know what we need to paint a masterpiece I'm taking my artistic abilities to the next level look at this shit look at this shit this is called a rubberband ball that has exploded you know the rubberband balls because ever seen those this is a rubberband ball that has exploded on itself due to too much tension on the elastic band there we go there we go my masterpiece the rubberband ball that has exploded and that is exactly what the title is going to be hold up hey listen you hippie dirty bitch come here rubber band I don't know if it's all one word a rubber band ball that exploded there we go alright ladies and gentlemen step right up step right up rubber band ball that is resplendent yes sir I do sir on the top hat would you like to coming by the rubber band actually said top hat so will cabby hat but uh would you like to buy the rubber band that has exploded sir it appeals to your artistic nature I'm sure you would love to use rubber bands to pull your balls off colors too crazy for me oh how is it so hard being an artist colors too crazy for me I understand you're a geezer and you like black-and-white photos at black-and-white movies I can deal with this hold up I can deal with this I understand what this bloke once he wants a black-and-white photograph I got you now see you guys don't know this but your boy has extensive extensive knowledge in the area of drawing bowls and penises why be okay no joking because I literally used to draw this oh shit well I guess the tips really big because I used to draw these just to gross people I'll be like yeah look at this I just you know flash a penis pick my mom be like you know dirty bitches she just beat me you know it was just fun it was awesome milky to hold up this is going to be the most realistic oh my goodness this is one giant Magnum dong holy God oh my goodness look at the tip of this thing I keep screwing it up why is there not in a race tool why I don't understand I realized in art you need in a rate instant eraser nope alright son of a bitch I'm going to calm down I'm going to calm down let's start out by drawing the balls there's one ball and there's another ball okay there we go – beautiful testicles and then we have the giant shaft okay well that's a little cartoonish but I'll take that and then we have the two areas over here and then over here and it looks more like a dog bone you know oh god this is so this is so difficult I know colors are too crazy for you guys I understand it realism is not your not your thing right of course and just like that there we go not the best I've ever done although I'm just joking i've never really drawn penises that much but uh there we go a black and white penis with the bushiest pair of balls I've ever seen maybe this old pedophile will be like huh under Nikki dinki and he buys it all right let's call this black and a black and white Falls and dick because you know these geezers were around you know back in the 50 to 60s when black and white films were very prevalent so maybe they were into black and white you know prawn and they want to buy one of these bad boys so uh you serve baguettes would you like to prime it but I can white penis painting actually please don't please don't bad colors uh-huh I like you before you were cool all right you liked me before I was cool right okay I'm not cool what that's fine I like that you can appreciate that I'm a cool person no skillful craft I told you I told you these old geezers were in the black and white penises I told you thank you sir I'm a jerk I mean hang it up on your mantle that'll be great thank you so much lacks energy you know what you can suck a cock you weird pointy headed bitch cut your hair off and use that to stab yourself I have an idea I have an idea let's paint some rolling hills there we go and what I'm going to paint is a factory that has pollution so here we go and then you know some lower areas down here like so if they added a couple more tools to this this game would be amazing there's the sky like so alright let's look at pretty good let's go ahead and make a factory on a hill there's the factory like so it's kind of hard to paint this game I'm not going to lie there's very limited stuff to paint with and then we have lacked energy LULAC Energy bitch you're the one that needs to frickin drink a monster energy drink even to wake up you stupid pointy-haired bitch sorry you know as an artist sometimes I get very offended by the things people say and then we have a little piece coming off like so like that I don't even know what I'm doing and then another piece like this there we go even you even you see even you can't see the beautiful artistic work that I've put into this I have baked in you but you're not to more than a dumbass is copping everybody else you're a poser you don't know about art here to see you're just copying what everyone else says alright the final touch is to have some smoke coming out from the smokestack so a little smoke like that a couple puffs in the sky not to shoddy at all not to shoddy you know I'm kind of proud of this I think your boys learning how to paint bad colors right alright remind me to shoot you in the spine when I'm done with this painting alright there we go it's about as good as I could do some pollution and then we have a couple crows flying into this I don't know why they'd be flying into it there we go factory all of pollution I like it a lot it looks amazing extra hold up let's give it a little accent like so okay that was way more than accent but whatever I just ruined the painting incredible you know what I don't even care at this point there we go low bye no matter what it's supposed to be shadows but since you only have two options of gray well actually one gray that's all you pretty much get so there we go a painting of a factory spilling out pollution and I'm going to call it a bye this shit so I can eat okay you sir Chandu sir would you like to buy this painting of factories and pollution I know how your emo and you like that dark shit you're all about the ecosystem so how about you buy it sir I knew he was going to go forward I'm an expert salesmen okay I am an expert salesman alright you know what we're going to do I'm going to paint a pair of limp now you're probably like why ellipse because these old geezers listen you know they're they're into lips alright they're into those luscious red giant lips and you know they're like oh yes imagine if I could get in there and do some dangers lips because they're old you know they never got any action since like the 1942 back then you couldn't do anything without a chaperon so you know they're into this type of stuff and then we're going to go ahead and give him like a little Shing little shingle on them and then a little a little shadow that does not look like a shadow there we go and then we're going to just paint X o o XO X o X I'll make it look really explicit there we go and then we're going to put this here and we're going to say we're going to say hold up we're going to say buy this and get some old stitches there we go there we go these old guys going to be all over this hold up let's let's lure them in so would you like to get some action tonight how about you buy my painting of lips I don't know what I'm doing I should just shut up loser would you like to buy my painting it's a free pass to get some just did it for the cash he can see right past me can see uh-huh all right well let's wait for an old geezer and we're going to you know throw the fishing rod out lure him in you know the young guy I don't think the young guys going to go for it but these old guys they go for those paintings hold up if he buys this painting I'm actually going to be pissed is he gonna is he going to buy it where's the energy made it's so bland well you don't understand art bitch there's your guy hello there old man would you like to buy my painting a free pass to get some action would you like to buy it I prom prom promise you you go if I had a machine gun I would straight up line them up against the wall and kill them you know I've done with this we're painting space and then I'm calling this episode quit there's some space and then we're going to have a little twinkle action and the Stars you know so a couple stars here and there in the in the galaxies far away I'm just going to say this once if they can't appreciate my wonderful artworks they're not true artists at all not at all like they do not understand art if they can't appreciate what I'm drawing right here there's no way I will sell this for anything less than $100 because it's just it's too magnificent it's too amazing if they don't buy it for at least a million dollars then I am not selling it I'm sorry it's not happening this represents Earth it represents life it represents all the struggles humanity faces you know this is the pinnacle of my creation this is the very essence of my being and if they don't buy it that's on them I refuse to sell this bad boy for anything less than a million bucks oh that's actually not too bad I'm kind of proud of that and then we got to go good black and then kind of finish the edge up just to make it look really nice to clean I think this is this is honestly one of my best works I've done if they if they can't see the artistic qualities in this then honestly I just I don't even know why I'm here I need to leave and go somewhere else where people will appreciate my art well it looks like someone took a bite out of the earth yep that's exactly what it looks like and you know what they did godzilla came along with a bit half the planet off that's what happened there we go this this signifies the earth and it struggles and a giant Godzilla that's apparently as big a space that somehow bit the earth there we go there and there's like a little piece that's sort of drifting off into space and then hold I have an idea oh this is getting cooler and then we have another piece down here that's sort of like chunks and then you know just like the earth was broken up broken up into little pieces all right that's about the best I could do and then we're going to give it a little beam like it's sort of beaming down to earth as it were like so please don't mess up please don't mess up there we go it's sort of like hitting the ocean with like a laser and then maybe a little bit less I wish there was an opacity tool in this oh that looks absolutely terrible but that's about as goes on I'm going to be able to get at there we go there's the laser sort of hitting earth I don't know whatever buy that painting you know what that's actually legit my favorite painting I'm going to call this my best work that's actually my best work all right and with that we're calling a quiz I am a starving artist and nobody wants to buy my paintings especially the veggie penis don't understand it how much $1,000 oh my god you know what I could do with that I could go on vacation I can get some new painting equipment I can hire a hitman to kill the damn hippies Brill though hope you guys enjoyed the video it was a lot of fun to play this game for whatever reason no one wanted to buy this painting can I move it back at what's this hold up tonight what is this download what does that even mean what if I change the names you blew it a little out there we go let's see if somebody buys it now hold up let's see if someone buys my painting now that I changed the name nope no one's going to buy it all the guys during the video leave a comment down below if I should play this game again and peace out

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