The Lynn Fashion Show – Shore Couture

This student-produced fashion show, titled “Shore Couture,” highlights beachside ensembles appropriate from sun-up to sun-down. Twelve students in Lisa Dandeo’s 300-level fashion events management class were charged with producing, directing, staging and marketing the show.
this year's fashion show was Shore couture we decided to showcase the summer trends of 2013 this year for the short couture fashion show my role was to serve as a liaison to the class to help with the major aspects such as product development casting vendor relations and fundraising our fundraising efforts were used towards the staging the light the cocktail reception where we worked with the hospitality club to make it the best reception ever for the fashion show production class you really learn a lot you learn how to set up a fashion show from start to finish you learn how to work with other members of your class and if you don't have teamwork the show will never happen but it's a great experience because you learn so many different aspects that by the time the show is over you could go the next weekend in your own fashion show the model casting is a really important part for the show we do a two day Casting on campus that includes teachers and students Lynn offers you so much and it's right there you can just reach out and grab it and attend any trip fashion show sports event whatever your major is they have it for you you

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