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what's up Internet let's give a warm welcome to my plants this is Emily Rose a Jennifer gardener and mr. basil jr. so in this video I am going to crush your soul and your dreams by revealing how much Photoshop has changed our lives now Photoshop used to be only a tool for the major magazines and your fashion designers to to recreate a person's face or body and it was a taboo topic where people were just like looking in the magnifying glass and be like mm mm hmm I can see some shades of blue er here but you know with the Instagram that became such a widespread thing that they know they do it we know they do it and I think we all just came to terms that this is how the world is now everybody's face tuning everybody's photoshopping their hips everybody's making their boobies and their ass is bigger and we're just like going with it I guess now Instagram is actually a cool place to start your career you can even become an overnight sensation based on how many alcoholic beverages you put in your photos and then boom you have numerous articles speculating if you are maybe this damaged person that is screaming for help when in reality that was just a campaign that was created to spread awareness about alcoholism but you know it kind of succeeded in its job so hooray but there's also another way to use Instagram and it's called being an Instagram model which kind of came to life a few years ago years years ago years what even is English yes years anyway back on track so Instagram model is pretty much anyone with the phone nowadays and some marketing skills and you can make a bajillion amount of money on this ransom charge up to $5,000 for one pose now I think the most famous one is ten among goose and she is known to photoshop her body a lot I mean in reality she looks like this but then the outcome is this and everybody is just like huh I mean her hands next example is the textbook example of face tuning your body when in reality it looks like this this girl is actually called Russian Kim Kardashian or something like that and she accumulated 9 million followers on Instagram one particular that I found is this thickness Instagram inspiration no account there's no need for you to Photoshop your booty around her waist and but there's always a blurred area which means that it's you know photoshopped a little bit and the stones in that wall they like just just keep on changing their shape it's like a magical wall you see it's just like oh here just becomes a little different right here it just goes back to where it was and here we have another another blurred area and same here and here and here and here and here and here and here hair hair here I don't know if this was a parody I don't know if it was meant to be a meme or a joke but her face just looks like it's put on on on her actual face and her legs are like missing a thigh like where is your thigh girl what happened to it and what is the proportion like half of her body is like 7 the other half is like 30 in thursday's probably a nipple on her hand or whatever it might just be a bowl it's probably a bubble I mean nipple is a bubble if you look at it that way they're like shape the same what am I talking about if you're scrolling through your Instagram feed wishing you were like these girls just know that a lot of it is Photoshop but luckily for you a lot of it can be achieved through exercise and healthy diet anyway this was it for this video make sure you subscribe to my channel and click the bell next to the subscribe button so you get notifications when I upload I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you have a good day stay awesome stay positive I love you all and I'll see you next video


  1. Probably the most overused amount of USELESS information I've ever witnessed. what's amazing is how many people subscribe to such useless information. What kind of moron would ever want to be an 'intagram model' to begin with? You'd have to be devoid of any soul to think you're model. She's such a loon. Does she think Americans are interested in her nonsense?

  2. Reminds me of guys lying about the size of their pocket rockets. At some point the truth comes out. The pigtails and camouflage motif made me think you were about to shoot a movie about hunting or maybe another remake of Red Dawn.

  3. I like and use Instagram but to be honest I don't think I even use it properly lol I just post pictures of me and my kids, my cats or metal gigs I've attended lol I don't even put hash tags on them πŸ˜‚

  4. This is all news to me but in all the photos they look weird like they have had implants, or a bee has stung them, I can't understand why would anyone be attracted to these people?
    but then I don't use Instagram, shitter, etc.

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