The Good And The Sad. My Fashion Hair Final Review. This video is my final review on the My Fashion Hair that I introduced to you all on December 3, 2014. Since it has been close to three months of me wearing this hair, I feel confident in giving you a final review.

My Fashion Hair is a good solid company offering you quality hair at an affordable price. I have had a good experience with them so far, but my only critique is that the initial hair texture did not last and that was a complete bummer for me. I feel if you decided to purchase from this hair company then my suggestion would be to purchase a body wave or straight texture.

*Disclaimer : The thoughts and opinions expressed in this video is that of my own. I was in no way lead to give a specific type of review; good or bad. As I always suggest, please be sure to do research on any potential company before making a final decision.

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  1. Purchased from this company, Peruvian bodywave was good but the deep wave tangles and sheds bad. Have to cowash and put a mixture of water,conditioner and oil to maintain throughout the day or it looks like a bird nest. Would purchase bodywave again but never again for deep wave. Thanks for sources of affordable hair.

  2. Hey Jaz, I'm new to your channel and noticed you didn't  have any recent skincare videos. What do you do to keep it looking so good? If you have any recommendations that would be amazing because I'm putting together a shopping list and hitting Sephora up in the coming weeks. Thanks for your advice and keep posting these awesome videos!!

  3. Hi!! love what you do, OK so I just got my bundles of peruvian loose wave today, I love the feel and everything but I have one question for you, did you have a lot of short hair's throughout all of your bundles?? because I have short hair's throughout all of my bundles and It's a lot. This Is the first time this has happen to any of my hair that i order.

  4. You should try jnktresses nubian line. It's not on aliexpress, but it's really good virgin hair and the pattern you order is the pattern it stays even when washed. I swear by their hair in every texture.

  5. I actually purchased this hair after watching your initial review. I was so sold! The hair arrived quickly for me, great customer service, but mines had red strings on the wefts. That threw me off a lot. And as stated the curl pattern does drop instantly, but it does have such a soft feel to it. Besides the red strings I'm in love with the hair, especially considering the price I paid for four bundles. The review was heaven sent!

  6. This is the review i really wanted before I ordered my birthday hair : / I ended up ordering from an aliexpress store and now Im having issues getting a proper closure ( because they sent me a matted ass mess ). Either way thank you for the video I'm glad you really liked it, hopefully I'll be able to order it soon. 

  7. Jaz! I bought hair from this company as soon as you did that initial review and I'm in love. Unfortunately, just like u said, the original curl pattern doesn't hold up (I bought bodywave). But I am obsessed with this hair cuz it processes SOOO well! I color a majority of my wigs and this hair by far stays soft and tangle free even after 3 bleaches!(made a blue unit and I LOVE IT) anyway, love your channel and HONEST reviews. You haven't steered me wrong yet. Lots of luv

  8. Hey loves! Good morning! LOL, you already know… when I should be sleeping, I'm wide awake! This video is my update and final review for the My Fashion Hair that I showed you guys close to two months ago. I tell you all the tea in the video, so sit back and enjoy. And as always, if I didn't answer a question for you in the video please be sure to leave it in the comments section below for me so that I can give you a solid answer. 

    Much love, 

    – Jackson 

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