The Caretaker Who Found Versace’s Killer

18 thoughts on “The Caretaker Who Found Versace’s Killer”

  1. This must have been "America's worst serial killer police hunt"..the fact that Cunanan even heard about Lee Miglin's
    Car transmitter in the news is just a mind did this information licked to the news? Somebody got paid for the story-that is why!! I hope the victims families sued the Chicago PD for this! What a neglect! Miniapolis, Miami police and the FBI, Also have blood on their hands.

  2. This old guy is absolutely right. The police had his car registration, they knew which hotel he was at, they had his picture, his fingerprint, he had killed 4 men, one was very wealthy…. And they still didn't catch him until it was too late

  3. This man and his wife were to consider themselves EXTREMELY EXTREMELY lucky Andrew didn't run down to go shoot and kill the old man and his wife once they entered into Andrew's "hideout," and Andrew could of perfectly had done so, and instantly, nor Andrew wouldn't have had a problem doing so either, since Andrew had already killed 5 people, including the famous Versace and was already a big fugitive of the law, so what's to think that Andrew would of cared about sparing this couple's life? especially to protect his hideout and not be discovered, and since it was in a houseboat, nobody would of immediately heard nor taken notice if the old man and his wife would of been gunned down by Andrew, and they would of been long dead by the time the police or anyone else for that matter would of taken notice, and Andrew would of also been long gone to another hideout
    to who knows where, and the couple would of made it to Andrew's list of victims, so this man and his wife shouldn't be criticizing anything, especially the police because like I said, this couple could of been added to Andrew's death list had Andrew chosen to. Senor, be lucky Andrew didn't even think about hurting you or your wife and on top of that, earned you the reward money.

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