THE 5 BEST FASHION SHOWS (ft. Dior, Chanel, and Balenciaga)

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hello everybody my name is Luke Marr and this is hot lamode and today I'm hot lamode we're gonna be discussing my top five favorite fashion shows in existence I love fashion shows if you guys couldn't tell from the whole vibe of my channel and so I wanted to talk about my favorite shows ones that are really really inspirational to me they give me a lot of enjoyment sometimes goosebumps maybe it's the soundtrack that I really love or just the clothes or just the whole vibe of the show nothing in any of these shows is perfectly to how I like it which means I might really really love the music and the styling and the hair but I might not like the actual clothes or the accessories each of these shows really speaks to me in a certain type of way number five Balenciaga spring 2017 menswear this was the first menswear collection presented by dem nicolas Aliyah for the house coming off a victory with his first women's wear collection this collection proved Emma's ability to cater to both men and women in a way that only he knows how this collection like most from domina seemed to knock myself in the other fashion industry critics off their feet with a collection that was beautiful and surprising I find that most of Denis collections reference LGBTQ and sexual kinks throughout his collections and this was no different with normal-looking Eastern European boys wearing knee-high square-toed heeled leather boots the show was sickening if I do say so myself I love this collection personally because it just represents me where the industry usually pushes its LGBT clientele backstage a gay man can be the creative genius behind a brand but could never sell what he imagines he should be wearing architecture was the basis of Balenciaga early designs and jemna had no problem interpreting and adding his own Eastern European Flair the collection also shows the mixture between cristóbal Balenciaga and dem nigga Vaz aleeah's styles by making boxy Blazers and bomber jackets that could barely fit through a doorway the cast lacked imagination as is common with jemna but the collection will always be a way that I see myself being highlighted in the industry number four Marc Jacobs fall 2016 Marc Jacobs is fall 2016 show was all about references not just the boring usual ones like Brigitte Bardot or then says Grace of Monaco but marc has this way of showing you his own references by allowing you to create your own references through his own references with your own references they remind you of his references that reference his references the show which alluded to Beetlejuice and ghost of New York gave off a gothic lolita vibe the music was non-existent except for a bell chime that rang throughout the whole show maybe the most amazing part of the show was the enlarged sweaters and skirts or the best pair of oversized boots I've ever fucking seen or the short little Lady Gaga cameo you can choose I live for the silhouettes more created in the show and the ability to see what you wanted in each of the girls you could say Game of Thrones meets Anime Expo meets Hot Topic realness and no one could say shit because it was fucking true number three christian dior spring 2003 oak couture John Galliano was problematic as fuck I'll be the first to admit that but his ability to over-exaggerate clothing to the point where they become costume is literally the most amazing thing this couture collection was never meant to be worn by real people the majority of his collections really aren't but Galliano's references to China Japan and Victorian England are mashed together in a way that only one could dream of to me this is the problem with Maria gratia do you or she wants to be a realist and create clothing for women to wear but every other brand in existence does that do your is not about creating clothing to be worn it's about creating clothing from the imagination the makeup and hair and the way the clothing swallows the girl's whole is amazing and Galliano really let the models express themselves on the runway with hoses and strutting but the fact that Galliano turned this show into pure theater proves that he wasn't only a designer or Dior but an entertainer number two Christian Dior fall 2012 oak couture Raph Simmons is a god when he first debuted to your collection I was not a believer but five years later I sit in the third row of the raff Simmons cult for fuckboys old women and fashion fags the best thing about this RAF Simmons collection for me is the way he knows how to tailor to a really beautiful woman let's be real no old-ass couture and aware that tuxedo pants and puffy pussy enhancer attached to a corset but it looks fucking amazing through this collection RAF demonstrated how to blend designers and heritage brands history into a cohesive and recognizable collection RAF took on door the new look and ability to cut for the modern woman and added his own minimalistic approach by adding small pleats or massive hip pads he also uses fur in the most beautiful way creating complete dresses out of the amazing fucking fabric the dresses are so beautiful you have to watch the show hole it's magnificent and let's not forget the wall of flowers in each and every room and let's be real Diane von Furstenberg has a Dean Alya all the other grades don't fucking come to your show because you're shit they come because you're good as fuck RAF Simmons created grandiosity through minimalism and no one has done it since and number one Chanel fall 2014 this show holds a special place in my heart because it was like the first show that ever made me fall in love with the idea of fashion at this period and Karl Lagerfeld Chanel he really had the world by the balls he still does but more people know he's just shit now now as for the show Chanel post grocery store equals me losing my goddamn fucking mind the show was in the Grand Palais typical but it was home to a Coco Chanel grocery store and so much more the clothing was beautiful it was athleisure and comfortability mixed with fun tweed boiler suits that accentuated the waist and knee-high tweed sneakers were among some of the best pieces that came down the runway and the accessories were amazing tweed line shopping baskets and Chanel flat bags covered and packed meat wrapping who could ask for more the show goes all or nothing and Karl Lagerfeld and his team butt out every single detail from Chanel chainsaws to chanel bath mats they were there the music was fantastic and I to this day still listen to the illegally downloaded coffee on my phone as I walk down the street feeling – baddest bitch to grace the streets of New York and now London Carl you're trash now but a bitch couldn't hold a candle to you back then but thank you guys so much for watching please tell me what your favorite fashion shows are in the comments below I want to find out all about your eyeses favorite shows and if you guys are new please give this video a like and subscribe if you want to see more content like this I promise as soon as Fashion Week starts it's gonna be like every single day bro so thank you guys again for watching thank you all for supporting me so much you're all so fucking wonderful and I love you so thanks and ttyl

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