Teen Vs. Adult: Pregnancy Belly Reactions

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Young woman touches belly of pregnant girlfriend
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I mean women running please be careful this is not good they were talking about me so this is kind of bringing up a lot of bad memories for me three people totally rejected me I need help I okay coming through [Applause] yeah so I was actually a team when I was pregnant so this experience is very personal for me I remember like going to Walmart or Target late at night just to avoid people because it was just like a shameful experience in middle school I had about two friends that actually had to leave school because they were pregnant they weren't treated very well kids made stories about them they weren't uplifted or supported in any way do you think people are going to treat you differently than they'll treat me now that I'm older I have a wedding ring on I'm kind of nervous I'm actually very nervous because I know the reality of the matter is it's not all kind and loving we have some fake bellies that'll make us both look seven months pregnant if people aren't into you you're gonna say you're seven months seven months first baby first baby and sadly I have a husband no barony waiter we're first gonna go into a baby clothing store and kind of see a if people talk to us see how the store associate treats us and just see if there's any differences or similarities and next we are going to go to a more higher-end maternity clothing store and we're going to see how the store associate treats us we'll be in there at the same time we are going to do a door challenge where we're gonna see if people like help us out are they gonna open the door for us are they gonna open the door more for one of us and then in general we're just gonna capture how people react to us strangers walking by and different things and kind of see know how it makes us feel putting on our spy vision goggles cheese that you said you're preggo crazy mayonnaise mayonnaise really good just keep rubbing my belly target women here leaked out so I just walked out of the store and I wasn't greeted at all I wasn't smiled at and it was kind of odd because normally I would be I would be I was pleasantly greeted like very friendly asafetida help or anything so I'm in another store and yet again I was not greeted and I even made eye contact with the people work here and they didn't smile we have different experiences yeah which I didn't expect they greet her right away and like Heidi kept readin and I made eye contact with those of the people that were working there and neither of them really acknowledged me or smiled at me at all so I mean was it a blink maybe but also yeah [Applause] so this is kind of bringing back all of those old feelings all of those old emotions that I experienced just kind of watching Avalon and I hate that I have to look back on my pregnancy and feel that way interesting experience I was pretty wild yeah no one went in first and she was greeted with in the second that I walked in she kind of left Avalon oh it was like tending to me she said she kept an eye on me she did it like so when you were walking I noticed like she kept going like that whenever I was getting ready to try on your fitting room she looked at you like maybe she was gonna help you but then she went she also mentioned the clearance rack to me she's like here's some items in the clearance rack which you might like might want to look at very condescending it was also like these are clothes from the more businesswoman more sleep I can be a businesswoman too now that I'm expecting the reveal tomorrow but just three people totally camera and someone literally like stepped out maybe I'm just getting a nicer person but somebody literally like opened the door and held it open for me so this is nugget so you just went makeup shopping in this store behind me and there are more like them employees than I have ever seen in my life I know how it goes people like rush up to you to help you not one person helped me and even if like I looked at them and smiled they just smiled back they didn't say how can I help you they kept buddy budding up and this is I don't overdramatize things but literally buddy budding up talking to each other and looking at me like they were talking about me what kind of reactions have you been very judgmental I feel like it's been a little different for me I don't know if it's me having a ring on that I ovulate look older but I feel like people are genuinely like in tonight sir I'm not getting any prude looks like those looks like experience ten years ago I'm not gonna now I learned a lot of interesting things absolutely more than expected so we went into the kids clothing store I thought it was a normal shopping experience until both of you guys went in and were automatically greeted when I was not greeted once at all and that happened in all the other stores too even me being a teen like I usually always get help so when we went into the maternity store I thought that was where we really started to see some like big differences you just had to walk yourself back to the fitting room and ask right yeah she was the one who initiated if you would you like to try things on let's go I'm just sensitive to it cuz I remember being in your shoes so the door experiment was very interesting it legitimately as people are just in their own world it is a thing to think about to maybe focus outward at times I think the main look that I got especially from women we're kind of like like sad poor thing be kind I feel like it's what it comes down to and you never know what someone's going through their teen or maybe they're older and they're going through a really tough time and some something else person will happen as we lift our bellies up lift those who hold the bellies up are you ready to take your belly off now

25 thoughts on “Teen Vs. Adult: Pregnancy Belly Reactions”

  1. I'm 20 but very small (5'1 nd 46kg prepregnancy) and I hate the looks i get so I've been hiding my bump in public ): 25w now and its getting harder but im so scared of judgement since everyone thinks im 16 haha

  2. Im 12 and i have a doll its called a reborn and its super realistic and i take her everywhere with me because she is super special i just moved country's and am new to the town whenever i go out people stare whisper laugh point and talk to me and its super hurtful even though its a doll but whats wrong with a 12 yr old carrying a doll like srsly people need to move on in life its super hurtful and people guess what i actually want to be a teen mum i have always wanted to be a mum and by the time im 50 have a life to live with all of my babies grown up and moved out and i will walk arpund like a proud 18 yr old mother because that is who i want to be

  3. I’m 14 and I was on vacation in Las Vegas and I was to pushing my 3-4 month old cousin in his stroller. My parents and aunt and uncle were with me but the were walking in front of me so people thought that my cousin and I were alone. They would look at me and give me weird looks… it was so awkward then I told my mom to push the stroller and nobody gave her weird looks. I just hate how people judge so easily.

  4. I remember when I was 13 and the cashier asked me how old my kids were and my sister are 4 and 6 years younger than me so I have no idea how she thought they were mine but other than that it didn’t sound mean

  5. I went for a walk with my boyfriend and his little sister (he was 19 and i was 17 while his sister was almost 1) oh the dirty looks we got ,people talking about it on our backs WAY to obviously

  6. I’m 22 and literally look 12. People rn ask me where my parent is so that I can have a FREE SAMPLE… of food. People are deff going to treat me like I’m too young to have a baby once I have one no matter how old I am lol.

  7. I was 19 when I got pregnant but looked about 16 and I got dirty looks all the time. Especially when I had to wear tank tops and stuff in the middle of the summer. I was so HOT! And everyone acted like I should be wearing layers. No one ever helped me either. I actually traveled trans-Atlantic in my second trimester. I struggled to put my carry-on luggage in the overhead bin and people just watched me. In fact someone even said, "Oh, look at her putting up her own luggage." And I thought, Look at you, looking at me putting up my own luggage. And the guy in front of me, a very tall man, was aggravated that he didn't have enough room. (Sorry, planes just aren't comfortable!) He thrust himself back in his seat so hard, it broke and was stuck in the reclining position the whole flight. I couldn't put my tray table down because it just rested on my belly. I couldn't change seats because the flight was full and no one offered to switch with me, seeing what happened. But it didn't stop there. Being out with a baby, toddler, child looking as young as I did I was always treated like they were expecting me to steal or my child to break something. They assume you don't know what you're doing and you're a bad mom with an unruly child. People visibly sighed when we walked into stores and didn't help. I traveled trans-Atlantic twice a year in college (studied in the US, but my parents were in Europe.) I traveled with a child, diaper bags, carry-on bags, a stroller that had to be collapsed at security. And once – ONCE someone helped me in 5 years. I often carried my sleeping son off the plane with three bags on my shoulders and then had to pick up the stroller at the gate and maneuver on my own. People would just watch me, they couldn't say they didn't notice! So, now I rush to help any mom struggling with bags and babies, etc.

  8. I don't get society and hate it when people judge!! Its not their business if that said person is pregnant whether they're adult or teens if they're not hurting you mind your own business and respect them, they don't need your approval to do what they want with their lives..
    (these days I wear a ring when Im outside doin whatever with my son. be it in the groceries or mall shoppin. just so people stop givin me the looks because its gettin really really old.)

    I was also a teen mom (at 18 and Im 27 now) and I also have a cousin who is 7 years younger than me and people also gave me that "how did you not learn after the first one?" its like I don't need your permission to live my life.. yes I had the choice to give up my son 9 years ago just like what my father had wanted but I didn't I don't believe in abortion only sick people do that. whether your child is an accident or planned every single one of them is a gift. (my son was from a failed relationship, do I regret having him? the answer NO! I'd be more miserable without him now. he's my life, my everything..)

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