Suit the City – Bespoke Garment Manufacturers

Looking for a new handmade suit, dress or garment? Then you’ll need to seek out one of a shrinking number of tailors creating bespoke items.

We met one such company Suit The City and spoke to them about why people are still keen to buy unique items of handmade clothing.

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so the next feature is about suit the city and they offer a bespoke tailoring service now you may be wondering why you would want to pay a premium for a bespoke suit when you sing you know we have loads of choice on the high street that you could go at but actually the difference lies in the quality the cut the tailoring and all those together with the feel of it gives you an incredible sense of confidence and the thing is that we've all got our own unique body shape we all suit different colors and if you have that extra special service you end up with a unique garment that feels amazing you behave differently when you're wearing something in which you feel supremely confident and so that's why you might want to consider investing in something like a bespoke suit so let's have a look and hear how they do it we started the business in 2007 to supply women with made-to-measure suits and separates so jackets skirts trousers that sort of thing because basically we couldn't find anything that fitted as in the shops so we decided any way to deal with it was to start business offered that service to women it's an idea I had 30 years previously when I worked in the city and I find it even more difficult then than I do now we started servicing men as well a couple of years later because the ladies that we were working with said could we actually supply their husbands with suits as well so we now have fifty fifty fifty percent women 50 cent men in Our client base and we have to franchisees who service men as well I've been working in corporate life for many many years working 60 70 hours a week I have a young son and I wanted to spend some more time with him and the family we've made enough money to be able to make a decision to be able to choose something that I want to do for myself and having had a lot of experience in the fashion trade the reg trade suit the city was perfect for me the idea came to fruition when the technology caught up with the idea so what happened in 2006 was Sally Belton came to work with me she's now our technical director we got the idea down again and said let's do it because the computerized pattern generation all that sort of thing had caught up with the idea so we could actually launch the business at a price that people could afford offering a product that was infinitely flexible and what people wanted we did our research and people wanted it so we went for it it was established for women because we are women but men are equally happy to be measured by as ladies because we use master models so there's no touchy feely suits you sir the ladies are very relaxed because they don't have to get undressed in front of anybody they put on a garment and we measure them from that and that means that our mail franchises could actually also measure women we take a couple of basic measurements from the client which guy just towards one of our master models which is a fully made ready-made suit we can put them in what that basically means is we go through what in the old fashioned tempter would be call the second fit so we've already got a suit we can put on the client we can see how it hangs on them how the drape is but more importantly the client can tell us you know are like it it's bit tight under the arms or I like the jacket a little bit shorter so we can take missions from that it's a farm on one way of doing cabling to be honest that way there's none of this old fashioned suits you sir inside leg measurement the clients already in a suit and they can tell it exactly where the touch points are and what they like about it and what they don't like about it so it's very relaxed very informal but we take those measurements off an individual and there's a hundred adjustments we can make to a standard garment so if you look at ladies they're all different shapes sizes Heights widths some have got big bottoms some have got big boobs they're all different and the fact is we can fit anybody and it goes from a size four right up to a size 34 ladies and for men from a 32 to a 72 inch chest as a basic size range and obviously your average person will have ten adjustments to a standard garmin which is why nothing fits in the shops because most people will have ten adjustments to make it fit them there are thousands of options that we can offer our clients in many cases they don't even realize how many options that are available to them it can be anything from colored buttonholes colored linings a little bit of treatment on the cuffs through to how many belt loops they have whether they have belt loops at all whether they have turnips what kind of pockets they want really the list is endless and what we do with the clan is try and guide them through the myriad of options but at the same time give them advice on what sort of things would be best for them and of course they needed you to take that advice or not we don't want with what mental not grinning feel good in what they're wearing I have a really strong view on this but a lot of women don't get promoted because they don't look the part so they go into the office having read an article in vogue or wherever and the magazines are fab but they tell you to wear leather and lace in the boardroom and I'm afraid it just doesn't cut the mustard anybody who's been in a boardroom will know that you have to look the part now that doesn't mean dressing like a man but it does mean looking smart you can wear color but it has to be smart garments I wouldn't wear this linen jacket in a boardroom because it's not suitable for that occasion but I will wear it in the office as we are today in our studio so it's about dressing the part and looking the part and being taken seriously and I think women do themselves a massive disservice when they dressed for work in an unsuitable way men are getting more and more aware of their parents and whether it be using a moisturizer to having a decent haircut not that that's a problem for me anymore but it's through their their clothing make it up they can grow their confidence I think having something that fits properly looks good gives them a confidence whether they're going to a business meeting in to an interview or even on a date it gives them an extra confidence that perhaps you wouldn't get the peg

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