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hi guys it's been such a long time since I made a study walk and today me I have a very very busy schedule I have to prepare for a presentation tomorrow morning and then I also have to study this km le I'm currently rotating pneumatology there are two other internal medicine department Rheumatology department doesn't really have that much to study there aren't that many patients at the hospital also there are like five patients at the rheumatologist department and the thing is even though Rheumatology study amount is not that much compared to others each patient has a long history and most of them doesn't have like a one specific autoimmune disease and they have so many like complications that's why it's hard to study Rheumatology and the professors and the residents and fellows there they ask questions a lot and today during rounds our professor told us that they do it like they pressure us to study in the access questions like difficult questions because the otology is a small department compared to others so we don't get a chance to rotate this department when we graduate school graduate med school so he said that you have to know exactly what these diseases are and you have to see the patients and see what symptoms they have so you can actually diagnose them and differentiate them when you actually become a doctor and if you own your own Hospital there are going to be autoimmune disease patients and you have to study them right now or else you're not going to be able to diagnose it so he said that's the reason and I totally agree the only real T to mythology department for one week and other departments like cardiovascular and gastrointestinal we rotate them like I think for two weeks actually those patients we see all the time but autoimmune diseases there are a lot of patients but we don't have the opportunity to actually see them for example like there are a lot of friends who have a stomachache or abdominal pain or appendicitis we get to see them all the time but autoimmune diseases like SLE we don't get to see it all the time even though it's a pretty common disease so that's why you said that we have to study hard so all right I'm gonna do that it's currently 10 o'clock right now when I came back from the pool it was about eight o'clock and then I just chilled and I had to do some other I'm Homer oh we had some extra homework to do so I did that and I chilled and now it's 10 o'clock and I have to finish this I already finished most of my presentation I just need to practice it it's been so long since I ever walked like this way when I'm studying I also have another log that I filled during last weekend but I didn't have time to edit it so I think this video will be up after that one but I did upload my what's in my schoolbag video so if you haven't checked it out um you can check it out by clicking that information link it's just going to be here or here you I went to a pneumatology conference yesterday and there were a lot of companies pharmaceutical companies and they gave us a bunch of stuff as you can see and now I don't know what to do with them and these aren't all of them I have another a bunch of stuff somewhere else and I'll show you what they are mostly these are posted and I have three of these and then these are posted as well the inside it looks like this it has these colorful posted and a medium size and a large size posted and I have two of these and then now I have three of these and another they post it and I have these notepads um I have a yellow one and a white one and I have so many and I also have a notebook burgundy color and then these pads are like larger yellow pads this one is a just a mouthwash and toothpaste and toothbrush so it's a travel size and I got like four of these and then I got a bunch of pen as well as you can see there are so many I don't even know where I should put all of these anyway now I'm going to get some sleep it's about one o'clock now and tomorrow is another early day so I have to get a lot of sleep but obviously I can't I need to get up at like 6 o clock tomorrow let me know in the comments if you also like these type of videos like just me studying and talking a little bit toe me on instagram for daily updates

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