studying abroad in budapest, hungary vlog | baths, ruin bars, goulash and more

here is a vlog of my 12 day trip to Budapest, Hungary through Iu Kelley School of Business X272 program 🙂 amazing experience!

what we did (some are not in the vid):

Walking tour of buda (castle district)
Walking tour of pest (where we stayed: Mercure Hotel)
St. Stephen’s Basilica
Matthias Church
Lake Balaton
Danube River Cruise
Szechenyi thermal baths (went to a sparty on saturday night and during regular hours during the week)
Eating Goulash (I got tomato soup because I stayed vegetarian)
Parliament Building
Shoes on the Danube
Holocaust Museum
Szimpla ruin bar (went during the day and at night!)
Gellert hill hike
Corvinus University for lectures
Margaret Island for an afternoon
21 Magyar restaurant (on michelin star list)
Cheap Gelato + Chimney dessert
Harry Houdini Museum
Hungarian Symphony (no pictures or videos allowed!

we did A LOT in the 10 days I was there with my school program through my college (indiana university) plus the 2 days I stayed on my own! leave questions or extra recommendations below

p.s. I found Budapest very charming! Fairly inexpensive, super safe, with great food and tons of things to do just by walking around and exploring. A destination I would definitely recommend to others, especially if you want to travel to other places in Europe on weekends or before or after.


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alright guys after like freaking 12 plus hours traveling we have finally made it to Budapest so inside title the inside of this church is absolutely say everything to can paint what's up you guys sorry I've been a little niña but basically today it was day three in Budapest I'm here with a group from school just super fun so we've been spending the mornings at core niveus University probably saying that wrong but then we've been doing just like sightseeing around the city yesterday we did a walking tour the past Society of the city and say we did a tour of Buda which is like the other side of the city cuz there's the river that separates them it was so cool like the footage you probably saw earlier in the video like does not do it justice at all it's so beautiful here literally such a good time we were just at like this like rooftop bar there's just only so much to do so much to see I'm freaking loving it I'll show you guys the rest of the week I'm here for 10 days so it's pretty pretty exciting so also I haven't blogged in so long so that's why it's been rough but I'm gonna keep going at it because I really want to remember this trip because it's pretty ones a lifetime if you ask me also here is our hotz hello it's called a mark here it's pretty cool I'll put I'll put what else we're doing in the description do you love [Applause] [Applause] what's up you guys so today we are violating balance I think I'm saying that right it's absolutely gorgeous like this is not the prettiest places I've ever been and they're known for their lab and dirt farm so I just bought my mom and sister some lavender stuff yeah it's just the cutest area effort all the little houses my gorgeous lake and we had lavender ice cream I'm just really loving it really love with it so we're in the Hungarian national together it's absolutely amazing it's like huge old castle there's so many so many paintings what's up everybody its Marissa it's been a minute since I've talked to the camera but this is my last day in Budapest which is crazy kind of just brought the camera along for the ride wasn't really actually vlogging cuz I wanted to just enjoy enjoy the 10 days I hadn't Budapest with my classmates I go to IU and we have this program in Kelly where you can take an eight-week class and then go on 10 day trip kind of just exploring another country's economy and culture and seeing how that affects business it can make you a better student and then you know working professional so that's is what has been going on but I hope you guys kind of saw a little bit of how I've spent my time in the city you know I love watching these types of videos to kind of see what to do when I do my own it travels coming to Budapest was something I didn't really anticipate you actually gotta like rank a bunch of different trips and Budapest was like third or fourth on my list so I like didn't really think I would end up coming here but I actually loved this city so much I feel so comfortable here I'm in my hotel room right now but you can see there is actually a map on our wall and this is where I'm staying we were saying in the pest side I'm gonna pass which is super fun but we obviously went to Buda for a day we went to Lake Valentin which was awesome and just did so much so I'd love to do like a QA or some sort of video later maybe like give you my recommendations because I feel like I really know the city super well well not super well but like pretty well considering spent ten days and we've done just so much exploring so the rest of the people at my class are so sadly leaving tomorrow morning at like 3:00 a.m. which is awful but I am actually staying here and doing some extra exploring in Europe before my internship this summer I will see you guys in my next video and that's a wrap on Budapest so yeah you

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