Student Lorna talks about studying the Illustration Animation BA(Hons)

Lorna Scobie, a Kingston University student on the Illustration Animation BA(Hons), talks about her work on an interactive book about Bradley, a glow-in-the-dark bird. The accompanying app for the book has won Lorna the Macmillan Digital Prize 2012. Lorna also speaks about how the amount of tutor time, support from the print rooms and industry links have been key features of the course during her time at Kingston.

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my focus is on children specs and for my final project I did a book about a little bird called Bradley he's glaring the dark my name is honest Coby I do illustration and animation at Kingston University I came up with the idea on holiday to bridge when I was just talking to my dad about um his story ideas all the way through the book the other birds and the she don't discover he's there and then there's a darker threat that emerges and the child can take like an active role in discovering the bird on each page because he's actually glow-in-the-dark for real you can put the back under the covers and then see these Glen Doug it was always gonna be setting a tree because I really liked the the image of the tree I was interested in the idea of exclusion and children like not being involved in other children's games and that's why I wanted to have a single bird down at the bottom yeah the other bird something I really like the idea of children being like involved within the story so it was really important to me that it wasn't just like a passive experience of reading the book I wanted them to pick it up to turn the light turn the pages themselves and actually actively look for Bradley on each page because he's quite hard to find and yet interacting with you something I'm really interested in so I've also developed this book to be an app as well for the iPad which one the it one the Macmillan digital Prize 2012 this year and the Macmillan prize is it's a really big award it's it's what everyone who does children's but it's kind of wants to achieve I think at student level I chased the screen print purely because the technicality of it because I wanted to add the birds with mana print on top screen printing men I could mass-produce the images so I could make lots of Mis before I got to the final image I knew I wanted to do a children's book and then I also went into schools and spoke to the children and looked at the different ages as well and animals was something that kept cropping up that the kids like reading books about animals where's he in this picture the older children kind of understood that he was different and that's why the other birds weren't talking to him and that was really interesting to seeing the jump in their understanding between like a five year old and a seven year old the response was really good from children they really liked the fact it was grown in the dark and they would they're all like coming up to the front and like looking with their hands like looking at little Bradley this is the first one I've tried to rhyme as well and that was a challenge but I think it's worked out okay I think Kingston's really made it made me focus on what I want to do cuz when I came here I had no idea I knew I was interested in drawing and maybe animation but then throughout the three years I just just curled on being encouraged to focus in certain areas and that's when I discovered like digital children's books and this whole new area of publishing we got a lot of tutor time and I think that's really benefited the whole three years just the fact that I know that I can talk to my tutors about any problems I've got all our tutors work in the industry so you feel like everything all the information you're getting is current also I think the tutors have really helped by setting up industry talks so we've had like visits to studios and visits to publishers for me the biggest support and help has come from the print rooms is like really good print facilities here and the technicians know know about everything about print and so you can just got that and really kind of experiment I chose Kingston because um I came here on an open day and I saw like I saw how much tutor time there was and I saw that there was big studios and it for me it was only ever gonna be Kingston I didn't apply anywhere else I only wanted to come here which is good cuz I caught on and and then illustration advice don't try and be like anyone else just concentrate on having really good ideas really good concepts and then there I think the illustration will come out of that I think my next step is to head to all the publishers show them my back show them the way I work I'm taking my portfolio around studios at the moment it's just good just getting the feedback seeing like the areas I can work on and just building connections I think keeping in touch with everyone I want to see Bradley in the shop soon yeah you

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