Streetsnaps Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018

We scoured the sweltering streets of Paris during Fashion Week this past week on the hunt for well-constructed outfits and vibrant pieces. The streets were filled with fashion standouts including Jerry Lorenzo, Virgil Abloh, A$AP Bari, amongst others. The weather brought out a playful pairing of tees and loose button downs alongside shorts and an abundance of distinctive socks.

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42 thoughts on “Streetsnaps Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018”

  1. To me fashion is about matching all the elements for your outfit like colors, style, wheater etc to look good in you, its not about how expensive or cheap your clothes is.

  2. Well jealous people are funny. Go to work, then you will have money for brands like that. And stop hating cuz someone have more money then you, stop being like an animal. They wear cuz THEY CAN wear this brands.

  3. This video production was wavy beyond belief! Wasn't a huge fan of the brand heaviness though. Tell me why this Oshi song is not on Spotify though! FRAUD

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