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Want to know more about Strawberry Shortcake and her friends?

Strawberry Shortcake is a chef and owner of Berry Bitty Café. She has magenta-red hair with a strawberry hat with a pink flower clip underneath, bright green eyes, wears a white T-shirt over a pink polka dot dress with lime green and white striped leggings and red mary janes. Her icon is a strawberry. She is confident, considerate, optimistic, thoughtful, resourceful, enthusiastic and full of ideas. Her pets are Custard the kitten and Pupcake the puppy.

Orange Blossom is a store manager and owner of Orange Mart. She has black-brown hair, brown-orange eyes, wears an orange dress with light orange and white striped leggings, an orange boots, and a camille flower clip with an orange in the center on her hair. Her icon is an orange. She is clever, energetic, ingenious, sporty, adventurous, caring and always ready to lend a hand. Her pet is Marmalade the puppy.

Lemon Meringue is a hairstylist and owner of the Lemon Beauty Salon. She has light yellow hair, sky-blue eyes, wears a yellow sweater, a light blue skirt with light yellow and white striped leggings, yellow mary janes, and a lemon clip on her hair. Her icon is a lemon. She is creative, stylish, girly and a quick-thinker who can fix any hair problem, such as a bad hair day. Her pet is Henna the puppy.

Blueberry Muffin is a bookworm and owner of Blueberry Bookstore. She has navy-blue hair, azure blue eyes, wears a blue cardigan over a light blue shirt with deep blue dots, a blue skirt with emerald-green and white striped leggings, blue flats, and a blue headband with a blueberry on it on her hair. Her icon is a blueberry. She is smart, intelligent, diligent and is quick to think about a problem first. Her pet is Scouty the puppy.

Raspberry Torte is a fashion designer and owner of Raspberry Boutique. She has magenta-pink hair, lavender-pink eyes, wears a short purple jacket over a deep pink dress with a light green long sleeves with light pink and white striped leggings, dark pink mary janes with a light pink strap, a raspberry bracelet, and a headband with a raspberry on it on her hair. Her icon is a raspberry. She is fashionable, friendly, polite and cares a lot about her fashions as much as her friends. Her pet is Chiffon the puppy.

Plum Pudding is a dancer and owner of Plum Dance Studio. She has purple-violet hair in a ponytail worn with a plum clip, deep purple eyes, wears a violet cardigan over a light purple and light blue dance dress, green and white striped leggings (in the TV show, one of her striped patterns is lavender), and purple ballet slippers with a violet legwarmers. Her icon is a plum. She is active, charming, quirky, humorous, kind-hearted, agile and believes there’s something to dance about. Her pet is Pitterpatch the puppy.
that's the most incredible miniature ever but there's more I call them Glenn hears they're the greatest very creative Solana beautification great Bank thank you thank you very very much this is the greatest thing since raspberry lip gloss oh my goodness this is the greatest thing ever it is the greatest thing I've ever seen and here you go lemon and thank you for the wonderful glamicure this is the greatest beautification success strawberry what is it I've got a problem pupcake you better wait here take care of the package okay lemon are you okay I sure his shirt what is it something's wrong isn't it here there's a great article on two-tone toenail polish I would like to see how my hair looks hold on I use the new hair mousse and it's not exactly working out and scared she's gonna I don't want to think what you'll do when she sees it's too terrible to let me see okay but please keep your cool as always yeah okay come on oh it's coming along nicely wow that's a hairstyle all right now lemon I've got to deliver a package for the postman stir I'd love to stay but oh no no no no no you can't read me please strawberry please think of something I don't know what to do I'd like to keep blueberries my friend but okay where's the bottle hmm you know I had a cake recipe that kept coming out just like that too hard so I added playing to the mix woody try washing her hair with some vanilla pudding then rinse it then add stay in conditioner with a little um avocado oil that should smooth it all down mmm you think worth a try and don't worry blueberry always comes around huh thanks strawberry you calmed me down she was just so flustered I couldn't think yeah you're very welcome strawberry it's beautiful what's it called Oh lolli berry rhubarb surprise well go ahead dig in let me know what you think it's great mm-hmm it's wonderful your best yet your reputation as the best dessert chef in the berry bitty world has just gone up another notch no thanks Apple this beats any dessert that my sister and I have ever created in our lives times 10 well what do you think you don't like it no it's just the agony of agreeing with my sister thank you everyone this dessert shouldn't just be for us your reputation should be known around the berry bitty world I second what Apple said and I third it oh thank you but just knowing you guys like my desserts that did come out all right didn't it all right it's perfect and I'll function in the juice pipe Junction Oberon berry bitty city we'll have to go over there to start the repair let me keep the baby berrykins here until we get the power back on have no fear I am here ready to take charge and fix this problem now everyone follow me I was going to suggest we check there too I can't tell what I can't see I think we should head outside and see what the trouble is the berrykins might need some help fixing the power out outside um maybe we should just wait in here what's wrong orange is something bothering you I guess I guess I'm just a little bit scared you but you're at least the very last one of us to be scared of anything oh well yes remember the time you pick the fruit from the superhot branch and you were only one and then you were the one that tightrope across you're not scared of anything well I'm scared now and I think we should stay inside are you saying you're afraid of the dark I am absolutely not afraid of the dark I didn't think you were I'm afraid of the things that might be out there in the dark things what things Oh like the moon and stars things like okay guys stop she's serious I'm sorry orange are you really afraid of galumphalots from that cute story I was just reading to the baby berrykins the other day but they aren't afraid of it well I am but galumphalots aren't real they're just a silly story but how do you know galumphalots are just a story because because well Boo Berry well it must be just a made-up story because I got it from the fiction section you know the make-believe section in my book store but don't people who make up stories sometimes base them on real things oh I'm sorry mr. longface I'm so sorry everyone um I better go do something somewhere else I'm not sure how this is gonna work out maybe a little quiet will help me think of an answer hi oh hi they're just having a little swim the weather's so nice oh well it was nice weather berry bitty city post-office we do the very best we can jadeybug speaking no yes sir I'll tell him right away that's strawberry gone yet yeah uh why the postmaster just heard that the storm we had the other night it blocked the road to acorn acres she won't be able to get through let's make a friend do now what'll I do very good pupcake but even if we could clear the road it'd take us too long oh I think the only thing to do is keep going without the scooter ha I've tried to be a good leader custard but things haven't gone well I assigned tasks to my friends and then followed up with them and motivated them but somehow nothing got finished custard custard that's exactly right you got distracted by something and then so did my friends it's easy to do I just wish they could be more helpful to each other seems like everybody is so stressed and I don't know how I'm supposed to do each and everything on this list right down to the last task and what's this coaster did you find something it's the very last task oh no not another one it says I wrote this so fast I put this task last but it's rule number one make the parade fun everyone knows that no wait that's what I'm doing wrong I've assigned so many tasks that no one is having fun hmm maybe I'm expecting too much of everyone from now on I'll just have to work harder Oh almost forgot new cake recipe I made last night for you to taste test take absitively posolutely love cake well I hope you like this one I know I will oh pretty frosting Very Berry spice royal how do you like it well let me just say that I never had anything like it it's totally and completely new different even great will you review it on your very best bits page sure why not certainly thanks like you always say you call him like you taste it yes I say that that's exactly what I say be right back what do you think the galumphalot will do next what if it's hungry for food I've never read anywhere that galumph a lot to eat something like us but I've also never read that they need something like I'm sure you're wondering why I asked you here I need your help with something where'd they come what happened to your glamicure oh it wasn't working out for me it was a little too bright and distracting I know I can't dance with it I can't set my shelves I can't sleep how did you get rid of it we tried everything soap and water catcher and peanut butter I just told lemon how I felt and she removed it you told her but is she all right did it break her heart strawberry how could you I just figured that part of being a good friend is having the courage to give constructive criticism you know telling them the truth about something so they can do better the next time and the other part is taking that criticism in a friendly way which lemon did she's fine oh it was driving me crazy I couldn't think straight I wanted to hide my head under a pillow I tried that it didn't work but we've been putting up with it because well so we wouldn't have to tell lemon we avoided it completely we even kind of avoided lemon I know she told me she was worried you might be upset with her oh no that's just awful and she even dropped by today to make sure everything was okay between us and I didn't tell her the truth well there's only one thing to do you'll just have to tell her good we we will make her feel you can't make her feel worse than you did by hiding from her mind yes yes we should we definitely better I agree we really ought to tell and in the truth so what are you waiting for you go hi wow do you all need a point that's right now come on it's what friends do it's the glamicures we kind of think they sort of aren't right for us not right I never realized how bothersome these glamicures could be we didn't hurt your feelings well I'm disappointed they didn't work out but I really wish you'd told me sooner I mean you're my friends I'd rather you were honest with me I'm sorry we weren't I've got a great idea new and improved super glamicures don't worry I'll listen to any suggestions you have controllable colors and the way to change the to Oh a way to change the beat way to turn off switch now how am I gonna get the mail delivered today is there a problem postmaster well the problem is Oh my delivery bees are on vacation which wouldn't be a problem cuz they still have one left no the problem is he's it oh so now the only one left to get the mail delivered it's me oh dear mmm but even that wouldn't be a problem I can deliver the mail to berry bitty city myself but but not this what's that special delivery for Clement cricket clear out an acorn acres label says it's for his birthday when's his birthday today no no you should be delivering the mail guess you're right Clem looks like his birthday present will be late but we can only do our very best wait what if I helped you deliver this package I need and that's mighty kind of you miss shortcake but all the way to eat corn acres is not exactly a hop skip and a jump you know yeah it's cross the bridge way on the other side of the river I have a scooter I'm sure I can get it there in time and I have the day off from the cafe so I am at your service well now that's about the nicest thing I've heard in quite a while are you sure you'll want to give it a try berry sure alrighty good raise your right hand please repeat after me i strawberry shortcake i strawberry shortcake through snow rain heat oh very gloomy night through snow rain heat or very gloomy nights do promise to do my very best to deliver the mail on time do you promise to do my very best to deliver the mail on time you are now an official delivery person of the berry bitty city post-office strawberry that looks great on you thanks Orange Thank You strawberry this means a lot to me in the post office in expect mr. Cricut jadeybug will stamp the package and get you on your way okay no you should be delivering the mail hey I can help a million questions be the very best you can be sounds like she needs to get a bigger thesaurus before she runs out of words hi strawberry better flowers some cake pans the orders are going to be pouring in very very spicy oil another great review from Apple oh good I'm glad you liked it sassy allergy any better thanks the purple puff petals are almost finished blue bead I excuse me berry bitty cookery company desserts direct to your door strawberry speaky yes uh-huh yes this is strawberry shortcake well I'd be honored to of course certainly your majesty your majesty yes it'll arrive on time thank you your majesty that was the queen of berry Vania ah she saw apples review of my very berry spice royal cake she wants to order what for her inaugural balls big enough to feed a hundred well we'd better get busy Oh [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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