Stranger Things Cast Reviews 80s Fads | Teen Vogue

“Stranger Things” stars Natalia Dyer, Joe Keery, and Dacre Montgomery review some of the most popular fads from the 80s. The cast takes a look at Cabbage Patch Kids, Transformers, Walkmen, the Atari 2600 and more!

“Stranger Things” season 2 hits Netflix on Oct. 27.

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Stranger Things Cast Reviews 80s Fads | Teen Vogue
Oh Jeffrey the caster's I'm Joe Curie hi I'm Debbie Marie and I'm retired iron we're gonna be deciding which IDs things rad all bad that's pretty rad oh it's juicy it's not rad it's juicy video computer system right palm right oh let's see if we have the right coaxial cable we could just plug it in right now but I doubt we have a TV with that sort of power boys yeah I think it's a look serious yeah see what's under the bucket hats like fishermen sheep where does this go and when is this card oh this is definitely read look Devo see that's pretty rad he's gonna try on the other pair I look like that guy from Star Trek who did a Reading Rainbow you know what I'm talking about oh that's rad Wow that's what perm is that the idea of perms are perms rat or bad I don't know this is bad bad I don't know that's looking pretty rad over there though I feel like I'm in like a white snake I'm gonna say that's honest we got shoes for the cabbage welfare oh wait oh my gosh that's a diaper these are the creepiest man all huh you see how bad that is do you want to go to bed with that next to you I remember the smell of this night does that did you that's like high school yeah to keep your hair wet if you want to look like you live in LA you use that stuff now it's racks that's gone he walks himself that's rad see you later tonight Mikey bug

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