Steps in Fashion Illustration

This exercise has been crafted with very simple basic techniques and materials available to enable an absolute beginner to try and gain some confidence in the drawing process.

Following these steps to draw a Fashion figure in about 30 minutes, will give you the confidence to try to explore the drawing process on your own.

The learning process in this video has been made as short and as quick as possible.
the items you will need for this project are for people Arisa lip pencil blender fine tip Ariza sharpener brush colored pencils and set of pencils the first thing we are going to do is to draw the skeletal structure of the model this starts with the head which is in a circular form a spinal cord just straight down to show the line choosing this form the hip line this way the leg straight down turn a leg this way the arm this way and the other arm under you the next step is to trace the skeletal structure of the model on a light board to trace the skeletal structure of the model you will need a light box an a4 paper the drawn structure of the model now if you do not have a light box you can always get the same effect by using the window in your room all you need to do is to put off the light in your room and make sure the light in the room is darker than the one on the outside I simply place your paper over the window and you'll get the same effect or you use a glass table and place the ball under the table it would still give you the same effect now you place a clean sheet of the a4 paper over John model and begin to trace stop addition the line um hands hit line spine upward no hands the head blegh and the other day the next step is to draw the body form over the skeletal structure of the model – três body form of a de skeletal structure we first start with neck um the hand and your side connect the arm Mahan and then the boss to waste to make you decide to posts to waste the him blegh complete slang and any completes this leg you complete is armed hand and then you do the same thing we do the slide the next step is to clean out the skeleton line from the body form in this way show you the line on line spinal cord Hiep mines and then you'd retrace the lines the same in this way the next step is to trace the body form on the lightbox to put the model first at the shoulder style the drips on the waist area and the lower part about the dress next step is to clean up parts of body which no one to be visible on address start with the leg area the posterior and upon we will then draw back the lines that cleaned off by mistake sign of the dress lastly mojo defaults on the lower part of the dress the next step is to draw the models hair to draw the hair first outline the flow of the hair and the upper parts the other side and the upper part and then clean out the parts of the headlines we do not want to be visible on your hair next step is to fill in the hairline following the direction of the flow of the hair you would end up in the pots of the hair that I in shadow leaving the parts of the head at a catching the lights in this way for example the shoulder area neck area and then we're ready to draw the facial features of the model to draw the facial features if I start by dividing the face into two parts and then drawed a level knows level and the market level then you start drawing the eyebrow and the other side the eyes knows and the lips you put in the lashes I ball next step is to clean out the lines on the face you now redraw the lines they have cleaned up a mystic you for coloring and shading your outfit the items you need are skin tone pencil any chosen complexion like 4b pencil for creating the shadows in the outreach blender for spreading the pencil please note if you do not have a blender to get the same effect simply use a tissue paper to cover the tip of the pencil the harder the tissue paper the better to call the skin we will first start by applying our chosen skin color gradually and softly until the desired skin tone is achieved starting with the arm area apply the color in one direction to give even consistency to the coloring in this way we keep to one direction remember to keep it softly you add more colors as we go and if you want it to get darker you just come over and color it go by again but for now keep with the light soft look one direction and then we would come this way adding shades to the sides of the skin leaving the center of the skin to reflect light like I said you can actually add more color to your coloring if you do not like a light-colored skin and then move to the neck area using the same technique one direction once that is achieved we begin to create the shadows at the side of the skin another neck we then move to the other side of the arm stop in one direction softly and then we are the shadows they move to the face seem technical avoid coloring the eyes one direction and then we begin to shade the sides of the face I like to add brown tone to my head you can choose what you like so I add a little bit of brown tone same thing here and then we are now ready to shoot the outfits we will start by using the 4p pencil applied softly to the lines same thing on this side softly then beside remember you are graduating to the drapes posterior the other side multiples besides creating shadows on the are twins and then with a blender you wouldn't blend in the pencil even a smoother texture remember to only blend when you are done because once you blend and come back you would not be able to add more pencils to your walk if you do not have a blender remember to use the tip of your pencil cover it with the tissue paper this will give you the same effect of blending the head just to give it a smoother finishing so the face would I use a pencil to redraw lines that may have been blended out I'm going to define them again this now brings us to the end of the skin coloring and the blending of the outfit remember practice makes perfect

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  1. Maravillosa ilustración… Voy y muy buena explicación, entiendo un poquito de inglés pero estoy aprendiendo el idioma aunque viendo y con el conocimiento que traigo de base entendí perfectamente todo..GRACIAS mil gracias

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