Spent $1,400 on a VETEMENTS x Tommy Hilfiger Hoodie and Vetements DHL Socks


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Oh what up guys and welcome back to my channel today I wasn't actually gonna do a video but you know what since I copped a new lens I copped it last week and it arrived today I figured I should do one since I do have new pickups this one is a much wider lens than the one that I was actually using before and I know people were complaining about like the lighting but this one seems to kinda like solve most of those issues it is a lot sharper and the autofocus does work a little bit faster I think this one is gonna really like make these videos a lot more smoother than before and plus it will probably be easier to see most of the items a lot better anyways I did cop some brand new gear I have the vet mont tommy hilfiger collapse socks right here all of this stuff is pretty damn pricey at the same time I thought it was like pretty fire so I ended up buying most of these things it's actually not that many items this is the DHL collab vet Mont Sox right here you could see the front logo right there that mah Tommy Hilfiger hoodie in a size medium this thing was really really expensive it retails at 1190 dollars you know with the thousand bucks you could probably do much more with it but since I was actually shopping online I was like you know what I really liked it so I was like yeah take it I'll just work no this isn't like an exclusive item but it is brand new so you could still find this on some websites and some locations that do carry vet mah and they would still have this it was a thousand bucks so a thousand bucks you could buy a lot of dope supreme gear you can buy a lot of dope everything or you could probably do some traveling or buy you know whatever you need instead of copying a hoodie but at the same time you know it looked pretty cool to me so I ended up copying it before we get into all that let's get into some b-roll shots to get everything started so let's get into the socks before we actually get into the hoodie because like the socks is a lot easier to go over can simply just slide them out like that these socks are fiery they look good with triple s or like any other sneaker that you guys could rock it would be pretty sick if you're wearing it with a pair of Yeezys or something or even Nike so it wouldn't be too bad basically it's just a good two-tone color I like that it just has like the Tommy Hilfiger colorways but it also reminds me of like the French flag too it's a pretty dope combination blue and red with white so it's pretty fiery and now let's get into the DHL sauce isn't printed double-sided so it's just opening on one side I think is both of the left side but I do like that it says DHL vet mont right there nice and clear really easy to see and all it says is Reebok right here alright so now let's get into the hoodie here is the Tommy Hilfiger hoodie that is really really cool about this hoodie that it says vet Mart on the top bet Mont 2018 and it does have a super nice nice print right there I'm about to throw this on for you guys right now so now that I have the hoodie on it actually fits pretty good the only real disappointment is that it has like no front pocket that's the only complaint that I really have on this hoodie normally I would just prefer like if I was like one of shorts and my pockets weren't really big I would like put my wallet or something in there when it's like need it kind of a bummer that it doesn't have that I figured like the print was so big they probably didn't include the front pocket for a reason and plus I was looking at some of like the newest hoodies that they're dropping or that they dropped already to Zurich ones also were seamless and I had no pockets they were going for this look on the 2018 line at the same time this hoodie fits pretty good if it's like most my hoodies a lot of my hoodies are from large to extra large and they fit almost the same like this I typically want like the length to be kind of longer so that's why I normally wear extra-large the hoodie that was previously wearing the bait one is actually a size extra large and it fits me about the same I just want the arm length to be a little bit longer the length itself to be like a little bit longer so this is how it looks like on the bottom I slept pretty hard on the exclusive hoodie that dropped in Hong Kong last year it would have been cool to have the two-tone but you know having the Allred one this red one is pretty clean it's still a pretty dope hoodie normally I like more exclusive stuff over just like the standard stuff but it is what it is I'm kind of late to the party but still this is a pretty dope piece that's for sure I just wanted to show you guys my pickups also I actually showed most people this earlier on my Instagram if you guys want to check out my stuff kind of early I always post content on there right away I will link that in my description thank you guys so much for watching my channel as always last but not least don't forget to follow like and subscribe I'll show you guys the full fit before we leave catch you guys on the next one

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  1. I would say you wasted your money on a brand that seems to relish taking a piss on its customers with those prices, but you do you.

    Honestly, is there no other high end streetwear brand worth copping besides falling back to Vetements?

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