Softwear Automation – How can automation in the fashion industry be a force for good?

SoftWear Automation has created Sewbots™ — autonomous robots that use patented robotics and revolutionary machine vision to move fabric to and through the needle quickly and efficiently, without the need for human hands. How quick? Sewbots™ can sew a new shirt every 22 seconds, allowing for on-demand manufacturing that cuts back on inventory and waste.

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take a look at the labels in your clothes you'll see they come from China Bangladesh or maybe even Ethiopia Oris from factory to store can easily take up to six months way too long to keep up with the latest fashion trends so brands and retailers have huge amounts of stock and aren't always sure they can sell it and to prevent cheap reselling they even burn clothing that isn't sold this is what US based software automation aims to fix they have developed a very precise autonomous robot that sews new high-quality shirts every 22 seconds producing clothes locally and on demand saves time and lets brands and retailers respond to trans quicker overproduction and large inventories become a thing of the past while brands become even more responsive to the people and our planet

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  1. Video published on Sep 4, 2017:'Sewbot' makes T-shirts said 1,142 in 8 hours; which is 2.38 min or 143 seconds. In December 2018 it came down to 22 Seconds.

    In 2020 how many?

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